JoJo Plans On Releasing New Single By Summer

JoJo Plans On Releasing New Single By Summer

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Since joining the Atlantic Records team JoJo has been getting her career back on track after her battle with Blackground records, the singer recently sat down with ABC news to discuss her new music & album. In the new interview Jojo said she plans on releasing her first single by this summer.

“I just can’t wait to create a classic album and to work my ass off and I know they’ll [Atlantic Records] do the same,” she said. “They’ve been amazing.” “I want to continue putting out content” she said. “I don’t know whether it’ll be in the form of a mixtape or just a few one-off songs, but I just think content is content. So, I just want to keep releasing stuff and kind of having it all lend itself to my world that I’m creating. “I think our aim is to have a single out this summer,” she spilled. “I’m getting into the studio as soon as I get back to L.A…locking in and just creating.”

You can check out the full interview here, I think the world is ready to see JoJo finally shine the way she should have when she first came to fame back in 2004.




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