Album Review: Lyrica Anderson – “Adia”

Album Review: Lyrica Anderson – “Adia”

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Singer-songwriter Lyrica Anderson has finally released her long-awaited debut album “Adia” which is led by her current single “Don’t Take It Personal” and features Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign (Dolla Bills).

The album is named after her twin sister that passed away when she was three years old, she and her twin sister were born premature, her sister fell consistently ill and sadly passed away: “I came up with dedicating the album to my identical twin sister who passed away when we were three, I just want to keep her memory alive.”

She kicks off the album with a heartfelt mid-tempo number called “Don’t Take It Personal” which served as the lead single of the project, it sees Anderson apologising to her man for carrying baggage from past relationships – especially trust issues as she has been burnt in the past which left her insecure and guarded up: “I know you prolly hate me for always fucking with your head, I just don’t know if you want me or if you really after my bread.”

“Somebody” proves to be a great follow up as it serves as a warning to people who don`t appreciate what they have until it`s gone, losing them to someone else who willing to love them and honour their value: “You said your changin’, I don’t buy it and I won’t live a lie. All’em nights you made me cry, now you hurt me, boy. You tried it, yeah. Now, I do what I wanna do, I’ma shine like I want. You gon’ see me with somebody…”

“Company” is one of my favorite tracks as it`s so beautifully crafted from the production to her strong vocal delivery which backup by a sweet background vocals which all come together to create a emotional masterpiece about dealing with a lack of love in a relationship because you`ve never allowed yourself to love someone and you don`t even know how to love yourself to start with. “You don`t know how to trust me no, the more I think about it all you did was doubt me. Say what I needed ain`t what I wanted. Though we had it all but you were my only downfall. That must be why you know you`re the fucking man, don`t nobody need to understand what you do. The must be why you`re so comfortable being alone till I got you feeling comfortable, I don`t mind sharing time. And baby two is company but three is crowd, someone needs to go me, you or your pride.”

“Resist” is an house music bop, that sees her calling out her ex for his twisted ways even though she still loves him because she knows if they came to contact once again she would fall deeply in love with him again as she`s under his spell and she is fighting so hard to resist him. She follows it up “Curfew” a groovy laid-back number with 80`s inspired production that create a great foundation for her lay down lyrics about a one night stand that seems to want make things official but she ain`t about that life right there, she simply having fun not taking things seriously. “Are you still, I thought I told you good night boy, I got somebody coming, what don`t you get, why can`t you get it through your head feelings for you don’t exist, pimp shit. I can`t be seen out, I got to keep low, you`re gonna ruin my game….”

“Macaulay Culkin” is one I didn`t quite like it`s over the place but it serves as a great intrude to the following track that deals with the core reason why this track is on here as it addresses the sadness of a being caught in a situation that`s emotionally and mentally draining but you can`t leave as your heart is caught up in the mix.

“Unhealthy” paints such a sad reality of a codependent relationship that are caught in a very unhealthy cycle because they bring out the worse out of each other and as much as they want to break up they keep on coming back to together. It`s like struggling with a drug addiction as much as you want to get clean, the drugs have such a hold you that it`s hard to break free and developing a healthy relationship. “It’s funny how soulmates become control freaks and best friends turn into enemies but they are so codependent that they can’t seem to leave just like you and me. We say we’re going to break up but we just had make up sex, we are smashing again, stuck in fucking cycle. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting the damn thing to be different.”

“Who Is She” talks about being in a relationship with someone who you admire and adore and you put them on a pedestal but they seem to be slipping off because another individual is involving herself in your situation as she has her influence over him as seen a shift in the relationship which why she is questioning her man, who is this bitch Harpo???? “You are going to make me give you to somebody else because I`m feeling that really be somebody else, who’s got your attention, who`s all up in your mentions, who`s taking your time from me….I thought that you were down for me…”

“Dolla Bills (Ft. Ty Dolla $ign)” is a great summer jam that sees her addressing her ex who keeps on hitting her up to get back together but she ain`t here for him at all, she is focusing on her dreams and getting this money, I love it “My love speak a different language, guess you’ll never ever understand it. Boy I promise I ain’t budging, If I didn’t make it clear you messed up and that’s it from here, never goin’ back…”

“Mind Fucked” is a sultry number with a funky drum work in the mix which helps her capture the sexual mood that she is going for as she sings about turning out her man not physically but mentally : “You have never had something love, you don’t know how love feels. Oh baby my love is sexual and intellectual, I`m gonna mind fucking you. I`m mind fucking you, can you handle it ? me all up in your head.”

“All Me” is a upbeat number that sees her teaming up with Chris Brown and together they sing about representing their lovers at all times and holding them down through all the ups and downs: “You ain’t never gotta ask, for you I just do it. You’re one of a kind and I ain’t never tryna lose you, when they asking who that is, yeah, it’s all me. It’s all me, yeah, it’s all me. He gon’ pull on me, wine and dine, it’s all me. Put her in some Balmain designer, it’s all me, know I like it country, babe, you know it’s all me. Hit me when you want it, baby, call me…” This needs to be a single as the song features so many great elements within it from the production to their vocal delivery and is extremely catchy and current.

“Smartwater” is lovely sultry number but it sounds more like a demo for another artist as I feel like she is not feeling herself through this song to make it her but overall it`s a great song that talks about seducing your man to jump into your ocean “I’ma give it to you ’cause you work for it, we catchin’ waves tonight. I hope you got your surf board, this liquor got me too wavy. I might ride it like a Mercedes, you’re in my stomach like a baby, underwater, feelin’ wavy….”

“Late Night ” is a great sultry number that sees her hitting some smooth and soulful notes, especially as she enters into her second verse that was so beautiful and slick and the chorus is really addictive “I rather be with you at this time at night, cause you`re the only one that can get me right, you make me feel so good, like you should….” The only flaw about this track is the fact it`s far too short as I would`ve it to be a little longer so it could let the production ride out longer slowly as it closes.

“Moment” is a groovy dance number that features a solid production that makes me think of house music in the UK and her vocals blend in perfectly with it, creating a very nostalgic feeling. Which is something she did with the closing track “Dangerous”, which is a smooth, breezy track about opening yourself to a new love that might take out your comfort zone but it`s worth it if you can handle it; “I want you to love me but this love is dangerous…”

If you didn’t think much of Lyrica Anderson as an artist before, this is the album that will make you change your mind. “Adia” won`t disappoint at all as it sees her shine as a strong songwriter and also a dope vocalist, her vocal delivery is so powerful and very direct and she knows how to switch it up so the listeners feel her truth.



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