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196344_184471901597275_100001033994280_459944_335893_n-e1334901828449We got the chance to chat with Grammy award wining Singer/Songwriter Eric Bellinger, Eric has worked with everybody from Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Ashanti Jennifer Hudson and more. Eric recently released his new mixtape Born To Sing Vol 2, which we spoke to him about Eric has also let us on his recent work with Usher for his forthcoming Album Looking for my self.

YMMW: You Just released new mixtape born to sing Vol. II what was your inspiration when making this project?

Eric Bellinger: My inspiration with this project was to really give R&B some new flavor, some young cool hip flavor try to mix some hip-hop in it and add come catchy hooks and things that people could relate to and most importantly to get my self out there

YMMW: You worked with a lot of great artists as a songwriter but what did you want people to learn about Eric Bellinger the singer?

Eric Bellinger: Mainly I just want them to look at me as a positive influence when they hear the song its not something they have to hide or keep away when their parents are around, it all wholesome good quality music classic everything is a positive message its something that relates to me its something you can play while your driving and really enjoy listing to it.

YMMW: As a songwriter you worked with artist like Tank, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber and more who did you enjoy working with the most?

Eric Bellinger: I defiantly like working with all of them I really learned a lot with working with people like Usher and Justin Bieber its just a blessing to be in that condition to really show off my artistry.

YMMW: When artists call you up wanting to work with you do you already have a song in mind that would be perfect for them or do you go in the studio and collaborate together?

Eric Bellinger: It’s a little bit of both its sometimes when I write a song I will call up a certain artists and say hey I wrote this song just for you come check it out to see if you like it, either they will love it or say I like it but I want to cater it more to myself we would get together in a room and a lot of times that’s a great way because they can connect more to the song and carry it out from the first verse to the end.

YMMW: You won your first Grammy for writing on Chris Brown’s album FAME what was your thought when you heard that album won a Grammy?

Eric Bellinger: I was defiantly excited looking forward to the Grammy awards it was a couple months once we found out we were nominated and I was really excited and happy to be nominated and to be apart of a Grammy nominated album I know a lot of people don’t have that so once we actually won I was like WOW that was the first time I was apart f something that got nominated and won and after that I can’t go backwards I got to make sure every time we gotta win , I don’t like losing I worked so hard and I’m starting to see the fruits of my labor.


YMMW: You just released your new video for the song “Green Eggs and Ham” can fans expect more video from you?

Eric Bellinger: Yea I want to do one more video from Vol. II I did Love & Lust first and Sarcastic featuring Chipmuk and now Green Eggs and Ham I want to do one more and after that I want to push out the records for Vol. III I did Vol I and 2 and now Vol 3 is the ultimate project they said 3rd times the charms so I’m defiantly going to try my best to make it happen with this next joint right here.

YMMW: Now that you have Born To Sing Vol. 2 out and your working on Vol 3. What else can fans expect to see from you are you working on a deubt album?

Eric Bellinger: Yes Defiantly music video and doing remixes to the hot songs that are out the next one you can expect more records that are more commercial I did a lot of urban stuff on Vol 1 & 2 It’s still going to be urban but more commercial joints getting some features from the top people in the game so look out for that.

YMMW: Who were you most influenced by in music when growing up?

Eric Bellinger: I grew up in church so I was influenced by people like Fred Hammon, Bebe and Cece Winans Kim Burell, Micheal Jackson Stevie Wonder and I was influenced by a lot of voice harmonies and concepts.

YMMW: With all the artists you have worked with who is some artist you would like to get in the studio with that you haven’t yet?

Eric Bellinger: I would say Beyonce , Rihanna, Drake those are my top pick

YMMW: So who are you currently in the studio working with now?

Eric Bellinger: I’m currently in the studio right now with Usher and finishing up his project I’m working with Justin Bieber the week before last and Kelly Rowland.

YMMW: Can you give us a little insight on the type of sound Usher is going for on his new album?

Eric Bellinger: I would say this one of his best releases yet you its kind of how confessions was where he really let people into his life with that records and people really adapted to that and he’s going back to that formula he’s really going to let you in his life with productions from the biggest names in music. You can expect to hear a lot of songs on the level as climax like that how he has the full voice and he jumps into that falsetto and the beat is crazy so you will hear a lot of that.

YMMW: You have been releasing remixes to songs like Sean Garrett’s Gripping on the Bed and Jay-z and KayneWest What You Need can you tell us more about these remixes you are putting out every month.

Eric Bellinger: Besides the mixtapes I just wanted to give people songs they are more familiar with or more top 40 songs that they already heard and I just wanted to jump in on them to showcase my talent on a song that they already love as apposed to win them over on a song that they never heard I recently did they I miss you song by Beyonce and the Monica & Brandy song It All Belongs to me so its fun as well I get to let lose as well its really no limits on what you can do on those covers

YMMW: Can fans see you doing any promo shows soon in different areas?

Eric Bellinger: Yes im going to be the next Vol is going to be nation wide so im going to hit all the major cities like New York Atlanta Miami LA and then after that hitting up the more smaller cities.

Make sure you all follow Eric Bellinger on Twitter and Facebook and make sure you download his new mixtape Born To Sing Vol 2.

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192-e1328551402783We Spoke to Grammy Nominated producer Clinton Sparks a few weeks ago about his Grammy nomination for his work on Lady gaga’s Born This Way album, we also talked to the DJ about his up and coming projects that he has lined up for this year as well as his new mixtape and upcoming album. Check out our 2 part interview below and leave me your thoughts.
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IMG_0047-e1326792286364Last Thursday Lauriana Mae headlined her first show at SOB’s night club in NYC, We got the chance to talk to the Atlantic Records songstress backstage after her show. We talked to Lauriana about life after being on Diddy’s starmaker and her current EP Love Mae her 3 track EP which she collaborated with producer Kawmae. Check out as we talked to this rising singer about her unique Jazz style of music and more.

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Kalenna-Harper-SoloA couple of weeks ago we chatted with one half of Diddy Dirty Money Kalenna Harper who recently premiered her new solo single “Go To Work” in November. We talked to Kalenna about what we should expect on her solo album which she is in the process of making, Kalenna also talked about her upbringing in music and how she started her career as a singer/ songwriter, the future Of Diddy Dirty Money and more.
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51b8a63a-efd6-4f81-bb12-4add18f6e474-e1324283970955This past Tuesday Jaiden The Cure performed a live set at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn NYC Jaiden transitioned the mood of the club into a classic mini concert of feel good music, suitably fitting his title of ‘The Cure’ given to him by legend Quincy Jones. Jaiden started off the show singing his song Paradise then transitioned to Homeless Hearts and Work Of Art from his new mixtape Shades of Grey. During the show Jaiden also gave a tribute to Micheal Jackson by singing his song Butterflies. Check out the clips below and leave me your thoughts.

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LIL_MO_PS_I_LOVE_ME_CD_COVER1-e1320643581501A couple of weeks ago we chatted with singer Lil Mo who just released her brand new album “P.S I Love Me” which hits stores November 1st, In this interview we talked about some of the things she has in store for this album such as guest features some of the producers she worked with and the message she wanted fans to know when making this album. We also talked a little more about Mo’s life such as her hiatus from music and what an underrated artists really means to her.
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Jaiden-Picture-1-600x400I got the opportunity to talk to Singer/Songwriter Jaiden he has worked with almost everybody in the industry from Jay-z, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Chris Brown, John Legend and more. A while back he released his mixtape “The Cure Suite 1 and has been on tour for BET’s Music Matter’s tour, With Jay-z and he is right now currently on the road with Chris Brown’s FAME tour, during our interview we got to learn more about Jaiden and his musical upbringing and even talked about his new project which is now available for download “The Cure Suite II.” Check out the interview below and leave me your thoughts

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lI caught up with Houston rapper Lil play the man behind Ludacris hit “My Chick Bad” since then the world is now knowing more about Lil Playy with his new single “Birthday Dress” which has been getting great reviews and his recent mixtape “Tour Bus Musik” Lil playy is not stopping with his recent feature on Kelly Rowland’s Work It Man Lil Playy is setting up his feature showing the world a different side of Houston rappers.

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5508634014_8ce86b7068We chatted with Interscope Zone 4 new R&B sensation Timothy Bloom a day after his massive BMI showcase show, during our interview we talked to Timothy about his musical influences, his upbringing in music and his inspiration about his debut song “Till The End Of Time” featuring V Bozeman. We also got some information about his debut album and EP The Budding Rose. Check out the interview and leave me your thoughts

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Crystal-Nicole-Record-Deal-NewsYou may be familiar with her writing skills she is the woman creating hits for Rihanna, Monica,Mary J. Blige, Beyonce and more her name is Crystal Nicole and she’s here to show the world what she is made of. Unlike other songwriters turned singer’s Crystal Nicole started her career off as a singer and then songwriter now shes back where it all began as a singer with her debut single “Pinch Me” and her signing to Blackground/ Interscope records the world will now exactly who Crystal Nicole is.