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7-550x3661This interview has truly been a dream come true to me anybody that knows me knows how much I love me some Brandy Norwood, in this new interview I asked Brandy a lot of questions about her much anticipated new album Two Eleven we talked about some of the songwriters and producers she worked with and more not only did we discuses her new album but we also talked about her return to the new season of the game along with the premiere date of her new video for Put It Down and more. This was a really great interview that I know the Starz and viewers will enjoy check it out below.

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Drew InterviewHe is the man behind all the hot songs that we have heard from Dawn Richard so it was only right that we got the chance to interview producer/songwriter Drew Scott who is helping change the sound of R&B one track at a time. In this new interview we asked the Drew about his upbringing in music from what influenced him when it came to making such a new sound in music and his work with Dawn Richard debut album Goldenheart. Check out the very interesting interview below.

YMMW:For some who may be new to you how long have you been songwriting and producing.

Drew:My life has been one big song (lol). But I have been professionally songwriting and producing for 6-7 years now. I’ve been playing the piano since I was 5 and was classically trained until the age of 17. I’m 26 now so, music has been in my life for a very long time.

YMMW: A lot of people are familiar with you from your work with Dawn Richard, but before you two started working together who else did you work with?

Drew:Keyshia Cole, Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child, Day26, From Above (UK Girl Group), Letoya Luckett, Lil’ B and Electrik Red to name a few.

YMMW:What would you say was your biggest break during your career

Drew:Last year, when I was nominated for a Grammy working on Trinitee 5:7’s Angel & Chanelle project. I wrote and produced a song on their album called “Some Kind of Amazing”. It was my first major placement as a writer & producer COMBINED and for it to happen the way that it happened was nothing but God.

YMMW:You worked with Dawn on her EP and her debut solo what is the difference in the sound the fans will hear?

Drew:The EP was the introduction to the sound – the prologue if you will. We wanted to introduce the fans to her voice over experimental and progressive sounding music and get them comfortable with her in this lane. It’s funny because when I tell people that she’s SANGING on the Goldenheart album they ask me what was she doing on Armor On? Trust me, this girl is SANGING for her LIFE on this debut album. It’s Armor On to the 10th Power. The sound is more aggressive, more epic, more cinematic…it’s a movie!

YMMW:What music inspired you when growing up that helped you create your unique sound?

Drew:Honestly, classical music did. I was around it a lot playing the piano from an early age. I think you can hear the classical influence in my records. I thought I was going to be a concert pianist growing up (lol). I looked up to contemporary pianists such as Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Burt Bacharach, John Williams and Brian May to name a few. Aside from classical music, it was a Gumbo of sounds invading my headphones. I am a BEATLES fanatic, I loved the stories they told. Rolling Stones, No Doubt, The Neptunes, Aaliyah, Timbaland, Ginuwine, Magoo, Missy era, Brandy…I grew up in church so the John P. Kee’s, Sheard sisters, Richard Smallwood, Hezekiah Walker – those were the alarm clock in my house on Sunday mornings. If you heard Gospel music come on, you knew you were going to church. lol.

YMMW: A lot of songwriters and producers eventually become artists after a while, will we see you taking that route or no?

Drew:You know…I get asked that question a lot. I demo a lot of my records that I shop around and managers/publishers/a&rs always ask who’s singing the records. When I tell them it’s me, they say, “are you interested in being an artist?” I have come from another side of the business, working for record labels and owning my own PR/Marketing business, so I know what it takes to break an artist and it is HARD WORK and little pay!!! I commend artists for continuing the fight but it’s a fight that is NOT in me. I’m content with being in the background and collecting checks. I might put out something one day just to put it out there but don’t go looking for me on a stage or touring anytime soon.

YMMW:With the sound you and Dawn are creating do you think you are creating your own lane in R&B?

Drew:I think so. I think we haven’t had an artist approach R&B the way that Dawn is approaching the genre. That girl is a quadruple threat. Dancer, writer, singer, vocal arranger, sometimes even producer. She helped produce December Sky. It’s a blessing working with her because there are no boundaries. She came to me with an idea for the album but we discovered the sound together. I love the fact that we are working like they did when it was one or two producers working with the artist. Aaliyah had her sound with Tim, Brandy had her sound with Rodney, Janet had her sound with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, even Amerie and Rich Harrison. The integrity of the sound is not compromised by a million producers which isn’t a bad thing but when artists chase every producer to be on their project, it rarely is ever cohesive.

YMMW: You and Dawn seem that have great relationship for a singer and producer such like Aaliyah and timberland and Brandy and darkchild had, was it an instant connection between you both when first meeting?

Drew:It was. I actually met her when I was working with Que on his solo project. She came to the studio to pick him up and her and I were meaning to work together for a while but she was caught up in the Dirty Money project. She told me that she finally moved to LA and I told her to come back to the studio the next day. The first record we did was with her, myself and my partner in crime Carla Carter. We wrote “Save Me From U” and the rest was history. We knew we had a sound that we wanted to explore.

YMMW:.Besides working on Golden Heart what other projects in the works do you have coming out?

Drew:I’m working on Michelle Williams upcoming album, Kelly Rowland and I are going to be working soon, Kelis, Omarion, Bridget Kelly, Luke James…I’m also working on a couple of Rock/Country projects that have turned out to be a very comfortable creative space for me. I want to get into scoring more for films/video games…I have a couple of indie films I’m scoring right now. You’ll have to stay tuned!

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Empire-girls2-e1340919714841A few weeks back I had the opportunity to talk to Empire Girls Adrienne and Julissa about their new reality show on Style network we talked about how they plan on keeping the show positive and interesting and Adrienne’s new deal with Compound Entertainment and more. Check out what the ladies had to say in the interview.

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1120-e1338440643929This past week I spoke to multi-platinum producer Amadeus who has worked with everybody from Trey Songz Keyshia Cole, Trina, Diddy, Danity Kane and more. During the interview I spoke to Amadeus about his upbringing in producing and being one of Trey Songz to go to producers as well as being apart of Diddy’s Bad Boy team and more. Check out the interview below.

1.You played drums and the piano in a school band and at your church, when did you first get your big break into music?

I was about 15 years old when I got my first break, it was with an artist by the name of Nucci Reyo who was signed to MCA records at the time. Don Pooh was his A&R and he was also management for Foxy Brown. He selected a few of my tracks he liked in an A&R meeting and sent them to Nucci. He chose one which we recorded & mixed in the studio. It was that night I got a chance to meet one of my mentors & BadBoy/Hitmen producer Deric”D-Dot”Angelettie, Manny Halley who managed Keyshia Cole and a few other executives. That was the start of my career as a professional music producer. Unfortunately the album was never released so the world never got a chance to check out the masterpiece we created so I credit the 2 placements I had with Foxy Brown as my big break. Foxy recorded 2 songs to my tracks one titled “Get Off Me” which was a record dissing female rapper Eve and the other record titled “Cradle 2 The Grave”, which was the titled track featured in the DMX & Jet Li’ movie “Cradle 2 The Grave” and soundtrack. This being my 1st release. The soundtrack sold over 500,000 copies which allowed me to receive my 1st Gold Plaque.

2. You are apart of Diddy’s production team The Hitmen how did that opportunity come about?

I was always an extended member of the BadBoy family being that one of the original BadBoy/Hitmen producers Deric”D-Dot”Angelettie was one of my mentors. He put me direct contact to the Director of A&R Bobby Springsteen who for 2 months put me in the studio producing alongside the late great HeavyD. It was in those sessions I got the chance to meet the boss Sean”Diddy”Combs, Harve Pierre and the rest of the BadBoy family. A few years passed by and I became more of an accomplished & established sort after record producer, producing for over 50 major recording artists. Adding BadBoy recording artists Cheri Dennis, Danity Kane & Donnie Klang to my production resume brought awareness to BadBoyManagement. At that time I was looking for new management so we sat down at the round table & came up with a plan & an agreement that everyone was comfortable with. Here I am today, an official BadBoy/Hitmen producer.

3. You’ve produced for artists such as The Game, T.I, Trey Songz and Keyshia Cole to name a few, who has been your favorite working with so far?

I appreciate working with all the artists I’ve had the chance to work with. It’s pretty hard keeping track being that I’ve produced for over 50 artists. God has been great to me and I value & appreciate every minute of what I do & every opportunity that comes my way.


4. When growing up who inspired you when it came to music to want to start producing?

Growing up I was privileged to be introduced to various artists and genres of music so I had an appreciation for it all. The moment I was of age to listen to hip hop music I gravitated towards the style & sound of Diddy & The Hitmen producers they had a unique style & sound flipping samples & playing various musical instruments on top of the samples, I thought that was genius. I was also inspired by producers such as Dr.Dre, The Neptunes, Rodney Jerkins, Scott Storch, Timbaland, Kanye West and Just Blaze to name a few. I must add that I’m always inspired to create great music even with some of my colleagues such as Hit-Boy, Boi-1da, T-Minus, Pop Wansel & Lex Luger to name a few. They’re on fire right now & we are the future.

5. As a producer you have the opportunity to introduce artist and music listeners to a new sound, can you tell us how your sound has evolved since you first started producing ?

I pretty just do me when I create music. I definitely keep an ear to the streets & to the radio because music is always evolving, I don’t believe in copying anyones style or sound. I believe in being inspired by something or someone and basically adding my own twist to it. I’m a musician so that gives me an advantage to produce in all genres such as HipHop, R&B, Pop, Gospel and etc I’ve definitely grown as a music producer. When I started I was only producing hip hop tracks.


6. With being a Multi-platinum producer have you ever though of managing and producing your own artist or having your own label like a lot of other producer’s have done?

Yes, absolutely. I have Platinum Boy Music Inc., my production company. We have a female R&B artist by the name of Tiffany Mynon “The Angel of R&B” along with producers and songwriters. I’m in the process of finishing up Tiffany Mynon’s album right now as we speak. She has 2 singles out titled “Dance The Night Away” featuring Fred TheGodSon & “I Know How To Love You.Com” both produced by myself. Be on the look out for her project and be sure to follow her on twitter @TiffanyMynon

7.If you weren’t doing music, what would you be doing now?

Working extremely hard for someone at a major corporation by any means necessary, being sure to provide for my family.

8. Who have you been working in the studio with that we can expect to hear coming up soon?

I’ve been working on Fabolous, DJ Kayslay’s album which features my production with various artists such as Jadakiss, 2 Chainz, Trae The Truth, Vado, Joell Ortiz, Papoose, Nina B, Gail Gotti and many more. Chipmunk from UK, Platinum Boy Music’s own Tiffany Mynon “The Angel of R&B”, Dave Hollister, Universal Italy Artist Fabri FIbra and more. I’m always creating new music & sending it out to all the artists working on projects for possible placements, so definitely stay tuned. A lot more artists will be added to the list by the end of the year. Be sure to check out our website to stay updated on myself, Tiffany Mynon “The Angel of R&B” & the entire Platinum Boy Music team. Be sure to follow me on twitter as well its @ProducerAmadeus.

9. What advise would you give to an upcoming producers?

If you are not passionate about creating music this is not the career for you because the politics of the business is unbelievable. The only thing that will keep you in it is your passion to create music. I only speak from experience. Research is very important, along with getting an understanding of the artists you would like to someday produce for. You must know who you are producing for. Definitely take advantage of the social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Reverbnation & more. It allows you, as the producer, to connect with the artists and managers directly to possibly produce on projects. I would also recommend producing music for local artists which will build your name & brand as a producer wherever you are from. In regards to creativity do you its ok to be aware of the music thats on the radio & in the streets but never imitate what you hear. Always do your best to create music in your own way. I could go on & on but these are definitely a few good tips on how to get started & move forward in your career as a music producer.

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1116-e1337146493709As we continue to bring you all the hottest up and coming talent we recently talked to New Orleans singer August Alsina who recently released his brand new mixtape “The Product,” during this interview we talked to August about his upbringing in music along with what inspired him during making this mixtape. Check out the interview and leave me your thoughts.

1. For those who ma be new to you how Did you get your start in singing
At about 14-year-old, I discovered my passion for music with the help of Lauryn Hill’s “Sister Act 2”. I later started posting videos/clips of me singing on YouTube. Eventually they caught a buzz, & I’m at this point now…Just grinding.

2. We just listened to your new mixtape The Product which shows a lot about who you are as an artist, but how would you describe your sound as an artist?
I just do music & I don’t really like to give the “R&B” tag because there’s some shit that comes along with it that ain’t me (IE: manicured, Perfect Angels etc.). I just do what makes me feel good. I stay true to my background & where I come from and I speak real life stories that young niggas like myself actually go through.

3. What made you made your mixtape The Product?
Product: A substance that is produced during a natural process. This mixtape was more of tastemaker to the public for me. It allows people to get a feel for me, see if they fuck with it & either get hooked or say it’s wack! Real similar to the way you’d push some work in the streets. Thats the way my team and I are doing it.

4. New Orleans is well known for being the hometown of Louis Armstrong, the Young Money record label and Lloyd – to name a few – is it a competitive place to start a music career?
Not at all…It’s never a competition thing for me. I do what I do & stay in my lane. It’s more so a motivation to me to surpass/reach the success that all of them have had. Knowing that we all come from the same place & background, they show me that it’s possible

5. You just released the video for Sucka which has been described as an “anti-love jam”, tell us a little bit more about the meaning of this song?
“Sucka” is simply a song that describes the ‘sucka’ ass niggas that are unfortunately apart of planet Earth. A situation happened that inspired it so I partnered up with my homey/writing partner, Sean-Pen of the Exclusives, and made it happen. Hoping to spread the awareness to the ladies of the Bitch-Ass-Ness that goes on with some of these dudes out here and hopefully inspiring these “SUCKAS” to change their character.

6. You released your mixtape ‘The Product’ which holds a personal significance to you since the departure of your brother who was gunned down in New Orleans in 2010. What do you think he would be most proud of you about this new project and what you are doing right now in your life?
He’d be proud of me being “Self Made” and staying true to myself through it all. As of now, I’m just working in order to reach the next level.

7. What was life like growing up in New Orleans and how do you think it influenced your music?
Growing up in New Orleans gives you a different feel/demeanor than anybody in the world has. I love my city and I hold it close to my heart. If it wasn’t for New Orleans, I wouldn’t be who I am now and my music wouldn’t sound the same. The culture, the way we do things, the negative & the positive, is all influential to myself and my music.

8. Now that your mixtape is out what can we expect to see next from you?
You can expect to see me in these streets, working 10 times harder than before. Working on new music, new ideas… My mind never stops! You gotta outwork these other dudes. I’m about to re-release The Product with no DJ too, because that’s what the fans are asking for. I might throw on a new track too. Plus, you’ll hear a collab with me and Juve droppin’ before Memorial Weekend. That will be the first single from the next mixtape.

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196344_184471901597275_100001033994280_459944_335893_n-e1334901828449We got the chance to chat with Grammy award wining Singer/Songwriter Eric Bellinger, Eric has worked with everybody from Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Ashanti Jennifer Hudson and more. Eric recently released his new mixtape Born To Sing Vol 2, which we spoke to him about Eric has also let us on his recent work with Usher for his forthcoming Album Looking for my self.

YMMW: You Just released new mixtape born to sing Vol. II what was your inspiration when making this project?

Eric Bellinger: My inspiration with this project was to really give R&B some new flavor, some young cool hip flavor try to mix some hip-hop in it and add come catchy hooks and things that people could relate to and most importantly to get my self out there

YMMW: You worked with a lot of great artists as a songwriter but what did you want people to learn about Eric Bellinger the singer?

Eric Bellinger: Mainly I just want them to look at me as a positive influence when they hear the song its not something they have to hide or keep away when their parents are around, it all wholesome good quality music classic everything is a positive message its something that relates to me its something you can play while your driving and really enjoy listing to it.

YMMW: As a songwriter you worked with artist like Tank, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber and more who did you enjoy working with the most?

Eric Bellinger: I defiantly like working with all of them I really learned a lot with working with people like Usher and Justin Bieber its just a blessing to be in that condition to really show off my artistry.

YMMW: When artists call you up wanting to work with you do you already have a song in mind that would be perfect for them or do you go in the studio and collaborate together?

Eric Bellinger: It’s a little bit of both its sometimes when I write a song I will call up a certain artists and say hey I wrote this song just for you come check it out to see if you like it, either they will love it or say I like it but I want to cater it more to myself we would get together in a room and a lot of times that’s a great way because they can connect more to the song and carry it out from the first verse to the end.

YMMW: You won your first Grammy for writing on Chris Brown’s album FAME what was your thought when you heard that album won a Grammy?

Eric Bellinger: I was defiantly excited looking forward to the Grammy awards it was a couple months once we found out we were nominated and I was really excited and happy to be nominated and to be apart of a Grammy nominated album I know a lot of people don’t have that so once we actually won I was like WOW that was the first time I was apart f something that got nominated and won and after that I can’t go backwards I got to make sure every time we gotta win , I don’t like losing I worked so hard and I’m starting to see the fruits of my labor.


YMMW: You just released your new video for the song “Green Eggs and Ham” can fans expect more video from you?

Eric Bellinger: Yea I want to do one more video from Vol. II I did Love & Lust first and Sarcastic featuring Chipmuk and now Green Eggs and Ham I want to do one more and after that I want to push out the records for Vol. III I did Vol I and 2 and now Vol 3 is the ultimate project they said 3rd times the charms so I’m defiantly going to try my best to make it happen with this next joint right here.

YMMW: Now that you have Born To Sing Vol. 2 out and your working on Vol 3. What else can fans expect to see from you are you working on a deubt album?

Eric Bellinger: Yes Defiantly music video and doing remixes to the hot songs that are out the next one you can expect more records that are more commercial I did a lot of urban stuff on Vol 1 & 2 It’s still going to be urban but more commercial joints getting some features from the top people in the game so look out for that.

YMMW: Who were you most influenced by in music when growing up?

Eric Bellinger: I grew up in church so I was influenced by people like Fred Hammon, Bebe and Cece Winans Kim Burell, Micheal Jackson Stevie Wonder and I was influenced by a lot of voice harmonies and concepts.

YMMW: With all the artists you have worked with who is some artist you would like to get in the studio with that you haven’t yet?

Eric Bellinger: I would say Beyonce , Rihanna, Drake those are my top pick

YMMW: So who are you currently in the studio working with now?

Eric Bellinger: I’m currently in the studio right now with Usher and finishing up his project I’m working with Justin Bieber the week before last and Kelly Rowland.

YMMW: Can you give us a little insight on the type of sound Usher is going for on his new album?

Eric Bellinger: I would say this one of his best releases yet you its kind of how confessions was where he really let people into his life with that records and people really adapted to that and he’s going back to that formula he’s really going to let you in his life with productions from the biggest names in music. You can expect to hear a lot of songs on the level as climax like that how he has the full voice and he jumps into that falsetto and the beat is crazy so you will hear a lot of that.

YMMW: You have been releasing remixes to songs like Sean Garrett’s Gripping on the Bed and Jay-z and KayneWest What You Need can you tell us more about these remixes you are putting out every month.

Eric Bellinger: Besides the mixtapes I just wanted to give people songs they are more familiar with or more top 40 songs that they already heard and I just wanted to jump in on them to showcase my talent on a song that they already love as apposed to win them over on a song that they never heard I recently did they I miss you song by Beyonce and the Monica & Brandy song It All Belongs to me so its fun as well I get to let lose as well its really no limits on what you can do on those covers

YMMW: Can fans see you doing any promo shows soon in different areas?

Eric Bellinger: Yes im going to be the next Vol is going to be nation wide so im going to hit all the major cities like New York Atlanta Miami LA and then after that hitting up the more smaller cities.

Make sure you all follow Eric Bellinger on Twitter and Facebook and make sure you download his new mixtape Born To Sing Vol 2.

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192-e1328551402783We Spoke to Grammy Nominated producer Clinton Sparks a few weeks ago about his Grammy nomination for his work on Lady gaga’s Born This Way album, we also talked to the DJ about his up and coming projects that he has lined up for this year as well as his new mixtape and upcoming album. Check out our 2 part interview below and leave me your thoughts.
Part 1

Part 2

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IMG_0047-e1326792286364Last Thursday Lauriana Mae headlined her first show at SOB’s night club in NYC, We got the chance to talk to the Atlantic Records songstress backstage after her show. We talked to Lauriana about life after being on Diddy’s starmaker and her current EP Love Mae her 3 track EP which she collaborated with producer Kawmae. Check out as we talked to this rising singer about her unique Jazz style of music and more.

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Kalenna-Harper-SoloA couple of weeks ago we chatted with one half of Diddy Dirty Money Kalenna Harper who recently premiered her new solo single “Go To Work” in November. We talked to Kalenna about what we should expect on her solo album which she is in the process of making, Kalenna also talked about her upbringing in music and how she started her career as a singer/ songwriter, the future Of Diddy Dirty Money and more.
Part 1

Part 2

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51b8a63a-efd6-4f81-bb12-4add18f6e474-e1324283970955This past Tuesday Jaiden The Cure performed a live set at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn NYC Jaiden transitioned the mood of the club into a classic mini concert of feel good music, suitably fitting his title of ‘The Cure’ given to him by legend Quincy Jones. Jaiden started off the show singing his song Paradise then transitioned to Homeless Hearts and Work Of Art from his new mixtape Shades of Grey. During the show Jaiden also gave a tribute to Micheal Jackson by singing his song Butterflies. Check out the clips below and leave me your thoughts.