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Singer-songwriter Lyrica Anderson has finally released her long-awaited debut album “Adia” which is led by her current single “Don’t Take It Personal” and features Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign (Dolla Bills).

The album is named after her twin sister that passed away when she was three years old, she and her twin sister were born premature, her sister fell consistently ill and sadly passed away: “I came up with dedicating the album to my identical twin sister who passed away when we were three, I just want to keep her memory alive.”

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Nothing captures the intimacy of sex better than music as it adds to the mood and intensity of sex, especially if that passionate love making. So here’s a list of 55 songs to do it to, with a nice mixture of slow-tempos and some smooth mid-tempos jams for a slow and sultry sex session.
Now go forth and get it on tonight.

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R&B songstress Keyshia Cole is gearing up to releasing her forthcoming new album  “11:11 Reset” which is led by her current single “Incapable” and to build more momentum she has dropped a new track off the project , called “Vault”.

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One of my close friends Wyatt, recommended me to watch “Big Little Lies” months ago and I simply forgot about it and when I tried to watch it and I honestly got bored with the pace of the show so I put it on pause for a later day and that day arrived and I shut down the world outside my house and watch it fully, taking each scene in and bitch it was so good.

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“Attention is expensive to pay, I can’t get by on minimum wage. Been dealing with this venomous rage, since I was under the age, I’ve been under the influence of pain.”-Jhene Aiko

For most of my life I have dealt with depression but I hidden it deep down inside and never really accepted it until recently where things literally hit the fans and my depression surfaced in so many negative situations that could`ve seen me end my life. I have been burnt so many times this year that shit was too much, I could easily seen myself literally floating away and releasing all of this pain but I am blessed to have some good friends who have can I help me accept depression for what it is but not let it have so much power over me because when dealing with limiting situations those are nothing more than test, falling and passing doesn`t matter it`s about pushing forward and learning unseen lessons that show themselves later on in life. Depression won`t get the best of me again and destroy my reality and dreams I want to achieve and a life I want to live, I just need started living.



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artworks-000243390877-l0i4d6-t500x500It`s been a hot minute but I had to drop by and show new talent some shine, I recently crossed paths with LA singer-songwriter Aeriel who is gearing up to dropping her debut EP called “Sad Girls Club” which is due to be release sometime in October. The project is led by her current single called “Be Down” which is accompanied by a visual directed by Lex J.

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Rapper-model Sharaya J has just put her own spin on the hottest record out now Dj Khaled`s song “Wild Thoughts”, the remix is accompanied by a visual that was directed by Katie Paul and it sees her and her girls strutting their stuff in New York as she displays her amazing rap skills and a flow that is colourful and solid. Honestly y`all this girl is a beast and the world ain`t ready for her arrival yet and once she does, people will see so much creativity and passionate and drive to create something that changes the face of music for the better and showcase the world of dance beautifully.

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Fifth Harmony’s new self-titled album has arrived, it serves as the third album from the ladies and the first one without their former bandmate Camila Cabello, who parted ways with the band to pursue a solo career. And honestly her departure only made the band strong and saw them coming into their own as they crafted one hell of a great album. Check out Vaughn`s review below and also stream the album and head to iTunes and your nearest music store and support these extremely talented ladies.

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 Written By Vaughn(@BigVOC)

After years of solo singles, EPs, collabs, and songwriting for other artists, Sevyn Streeter’s long awaited debut album “Girl Disrupted” has finally arrived and it`s not disappointing at all, it sees her delivering a stunning album laced up with strong vocals and solid lyrics that are very transparent.