Beyonce Was Robbed Again At The Grammys

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Written by Khalil (@kbyrd2)
It’s so much deeper than “Beyoncé didn’t win.” and that’s what I wish people could understand. I was going to remain silent, I was going to not say what it really is, but I have to speak on this because I feel so strongly.  It’s not about Beyoncé losing “Album of the Year” again. It’s about is Black Excellence consistently neglected in the MAJOR categories. Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” topped more publications’ Year End List and had more universal critical acclaim than ANY album released last year.

 If an album can get the acclaim, have the impact and do what “Lemonade” did critically and STILL lose “Album of the Year,” tell me what else it is? Tell me what else it is if it isnt RACE. If ADELE or TAYLOR SWIFT released “Lemonade” and garnered the acclaim she got, I GUARANTEE they`d win.  But when it comes to the Black artists, it doesn’t matter what type of excellence we deliver, the Grammys snub us in the Major categories.
It’s a deeper issue. Stop letting your distaste for the stardom and fanbase of Beyoncé turn you off. This is about rewarding Black Excellence. This is about WHY when we’re just as great or better do we STILL get treated like we’re beneath ? Why can’t we collect our flowers too?  See, what the Grammys does is they give the Black artists smaller sub-categories to silence any claims of “racism.”When it comes to Record of the Year? Song of the Year? ALBUM of the Year? forget about it. Do your homework. Go and look up those major category nominations/wins over the Years. Notice the overwhelmingly obvious snub of Black artists
Adele is an impeccable artist “25” was a phenomenal album. But it’s critical acclaim and her impact was inferior to “Lemonade”. It just was. I would never be angry at Adele though, she’s a beautiful spirit and even she recognises the injustice of this entire situation. She’s remarkable.  I just want people to understand the deeper issue of this situation. It’s about giving Black Excellence the flowers it deserves.
It’s about how an album like 1989 can win Album of the Year but an album like Lemonade just isn’t good enough. It’s about how White Artists can collect awards in the major categories but our Black artists can only have the sub-categories.  Don’t come at me with your examples trying to prove my point wrong. My opinions stand. I’m well researched on music/Grammy history. This is a true, deep rooted issue. The lack of appreciation for Black Excellence.  I’m Sickened by you all tonight, Recording Academy.


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