Impactful Women Of Music: Missy Elliott And Beyonce

Impactful Women Of Music: Missy Elliott And Beyonce

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 I`ve decided to use this platform to celebrating some of the most impactful females of all time, so every month I`ll be putting post up a post on two females, talking about the impact they have had on me and the music industry and culture.
I want to start off the post celebrating Missy Elliott, who is truly one of the most amazing on the face of the world as she has displayed unshakable commitment to her craft and to her own truth. She fearlessly throws herself into her music allowing her listeners to connect her even more, holding nothing back. Her delivery is so sassy, soulful and raw – showcasing so much passion and personality. She is so fierce and a rare breed .

I was about 12/13 years old when I first heard a Missy Elliott song, it was “Pass That Dutch” which was accompanied by a crazy visual. I remember sitting there, very taken by the sound of her voice – sassy delivery filled a colourful personality, I quickly became a fan. I rushed to the nearest music store and brought her “This Is Not A Test” album introduced me into hip-hop music – expending my musical understanding.

I loved how she never limited herself from expressing each layer of herself and showcased all her talents from rapping to singing to producing and I loved her image:  she was the completely the opposite of the music industry thinks an should look like but that never made her less of as she completely owned her image and gave zero fucks as she is committed to her mission of changing the face of music, she has done over and over each album she has released.

She has influenced so many s to express individuality and creativity and also gave dancers a platform to showcase talents and shed light on female songwriters and female producers. Her work Timbaland is truly groundbreaking because together they are the most innovative production teams ever as they have expressed creativity so boldly and blessed us some of the most ground-breaking/timeless music especially in the late 90`s and early 2000`s . No wonder why people continue to hold Elliott and Tim in such high esteem, so I look forward to future projects as they will clearly be outstanding and impactful.

Beyonce is another great that has changed the face of music and is the most impactful of our generation as she pushed herself each album to presented a strong image for women all over the world and empower them to keep on evolving and powering through  tough situations. Her recent album “Beyonce” is her most impactful material to date as it is nothing short of a masterpiece finds her coming into her own so beautifully – showcasing so much growth as a vocalist and as an and as a woman. Owning her sexuality and displaying new layers of herself to the world and is so unapologetic about it, is so such a beautiful thing to see, especially in the music industry.

 We all were introduced to Beyonce as the lead singer of Destiny`s Child, she managed to change music from the get go her vocal delivery on “No, No, No Part 2” she was singing so fast “rap-singing” and still sounded clear enough for you to understand what she was saying. The group went on to make that trademark sound and alot of started to adapt the style into own music.

The group decided to branch out on own and had successful career but she managed to have the most successful solo career between saw her taking bold steps to achieving her musical goals and she has displayed what talented performer she is, she is so committed to giving her fans a one of kind experience – her shows are flawless.

As she continues to grow she will surely continue to make more impactful music and powerful visuals.


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