In My Mind: Work In Progress

In My Mind: Work In Progress

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I can live with or without a relationship as I`ve over the years yet I know how they work because I`ve seen it all and know myself enough to not put myself in situations that don`t honor my worth nor reflect a future that I seek.
The first time I fall in love was in my late teens, I never treated it like gold nor understood it at that time but the aftermath of it hurt like a mutherfucker but I took the time to reflect and accept that kind of love was not for me and I tried to rebuild the wall around my heart only to see that it was nothing more than fear of loving again that locked me up inside those walls. Nowadays I know myself more than ever and know what love is and working hard on being open to love again, not per-judge myself as I`m an extremely strong and creative individual, I think it will take a very special person to handle me and the man that does will have a person of quality and strength.


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