Brandy Shares Details On Her New Album

Brandy Shares Details On Her New Album

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Two Eleven saw music  the return of Brandy but since then a lot of things have changed, after a poor promotion for the project Brandy has put all her efforts into her acting. Now that she is currently hitting up different promo spots to promote the new season of The Game, Brandy stopped by The Queen Latifah show to talk about the new direction of her upcoming album.

“I’m going deeper into my R&B roots. Deeper. Not back in the day cause I am still trying to be current. But deeper in terms of lyric and sound,
Even thought Two Eleven had some great single choices that were not used I’m hoping now that she is no longer with RCA that the next label she signs with really promotes this project the right way Brandy is way to talented music wise to be forgotten.



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