Bridget Kelly Announces Split from Roc Nation

Bridget Kelly Announces Split from Roc Nation

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One of my favorite up and coming singers Bridget Kelly hit up the 2014 ASCAP awards as they celebrate it’s 100th anniversary during the red carpet arrivals Bridget Kelly stopped to talked to Rap-up. During the interview Bridget Kelly made the surprise announcement that she has officially split from Roc Nation.

“Honestly we needed to part ways,” she said. “You outgrow situations sometimes. I still feel their love. They’re still people I confide in and people that I have a really strong personal relationship with, so in order to keep that intact we needed to just go our separate ways.” – Bridget Kelly

Bridget Kelly has not announced that she is with another label this time the NYC singer is doing things the independent way, Bk is still moving forward with the September release of her long-awaited debut album. Check out the interview below


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