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One thing I can say about Ashanti she never gave up on this BraveHeart project, even after she experienced many push backs, different album covers the girl is still pushing to release her long awaited album Brave Heart. Last week Ashanti revealed the official cover art to her new album and this week she took the time out to show off the official tracklisting. Ashanti has finally claimed March 4, as the release date for her 5th album lets hope she does not push the album back again, the album has guest appearances from French Montana, Jeremih, and Beenie Man. Check out tracklisting below.

1. “Intro/Braveheart”
2. “Nowhere”
3. “Runaway”
4. “Count”
5. “Early in the Morning” feat. French Montana
6. “3 Words”
7. “Love Games” feat. Jeremih
8. “Scars”
9. “Never Should Have”
10. “She Can’t”
11. “Don’t Tell Me No”
12. “I Got It” feat. Rick Ross
13. “First Real Love” feat. Beenie Man/Outro
14. “Bonafide Survivor” (Target Exclusive)
15. “RIP” (Target Exclusive)

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Ashanti sure is showing a lot of album covers for her long delayed album with very little music out making a buzz, just yesterday the singer unleashed a brand new cover BraveHeart. Ashanti looks great in the picture I will say that I just hope the music matches the look of this album cover. Her video for her Rick Ross assisted single ‘I Got It’ is expected to be released any day now check out the 30 second preview clip below.

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Ashanti may have pushed her album back several times in the past 2 years, but the singer might actually put something out this year. After releasing some behind the scenes pictures on the set of her new video “I Got It” featuring Rick Ross. The video was directed by Eif Rivera and was shot earlier this month in Miami. Check out the sneak peak below.

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Ashanit is really serious about releasing her long awaited album BraveHeart this year, after releasing some of the album’s artwork a few weeks ago  the NYC singer has recently posted this brand new pictures of Rick Ross and herself on the set of her song “I Got It.” Sporting a brand new short hair cut Ashanit shot the new video at The Bank Lounge in downtown Miami on Thursday.

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Ashanti is really not gonna let her fans down for 2014 as the once chart topping singer has decided to debut a brand new album cover for her often pushed backed album “BraveHeart.” Just a few days after releasing some new promo pictures, Ashanti has given fans a taste of her brand new song titled First Real Love featuring Beenie  Man. Not only did Ashanti premiere a new song she has given February, 18th, 2014 as the official release date for her new album ( lets hope it doesn’t get pushed back again).

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Ashanti may actually release her 2 years late LP Braveheart next year, the singer has currently released her brand new single “I Got It” featuring Maybach Music Group Rick Ross. Along with working on her long delayed album Ashanti has a brand new movie on lifetime coming out called Christmas in the City, premiering December 7 at 8 p.m and her brand new Christmas EP.

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Seems as though Ashanit is not giving up on releasing her independent album “BraveHeart” which was supposed to be released last year but suffered many push backs. Now Ashanti is planning on releasing Braveheart for sometimes in 2014, with a new Christmas EP and television movie  on the way Ashanti took advantage of the situation and announced her new single ” I Got This” featuring Rick Ross. The new single will hit this Tuesday a previous version featuring Future leaked over the summer.

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Well it seems as though Ashanti has pressed pause on her forever pushed back album “BraveHeart” to bring her fans her newly released Christmas EP. Not only is Ashanit bringing a new Christmas EP she will also star in Lifetime new original movie titled Christmas In The City arriving December 7th. I think it would be Ashanit’s best bet to scrap that whole Braveheart LP and start working on a brand new project after releasing this Christmas album or at least give Braveheart out as a free EP because I don’t see anybody spending their money on BraveHeart.

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Thing are really not looking for Ashanti and this Braveheart album, her very long awaited new album was supposed to come out today but if you have been following Ashanit’s track record with the release of this album we all knew that this BraveHeart album was not coming out. Well today Ashanti took to her twitter to announce that the album has been pushed back once again to September along with a new promotional picture. With all these push back I’m not sure anybody is checking for this album anymore.

Hey y’all! So Braveheart is NOT coming out today we have clearances & legalities to take of… It costs to be the boss!!! This CEO sh#t is Not A Game! Lol looking like September

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While most of us have forgotten that Ashanti will be releasing her new album “BraveHeart” July 30th, the former Murder Inc singer gave us all a reminder when she released her new single “I Got It” featuring Ciara’s boyfriend Future.