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Today Dawn dropped her new album “New Breed,” to celebrate her new LP going number #1 in 5 countries Dawn decided to release the visual for her track Sauce, the previously-released title track that kicked off Dawn’s new era. Check out the Monty Marsh directed video below.

If you haven’t checked out Dawn’s new EP New Breed, stream the new project below.

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While touring with her bandmates of Danity Kane, Dawn hasn’t given up on her solo efforts. Today the NOLA singer announced her new project dropping Jan 25th. With the announcement made via Twitter, Dawn also surprised her fans as she released the project first single ” New Breed.”

While premiering the new song Dawn talked about the influence of her new LP, “it’s been 3 years since I’ve released the heart trilogy. I debated about putting out another project because being indie is not easy. I went back home to New Orleans and realized how much this city has shaped me into the woman I am and how much I missed the girl I was before the industry shit. New Orleans has been so much more than just a city for me. So here is a small project about what it means to be a ninth ward girl from jonlee before the industry shit.


new breed Tracklisting

1. “the nine (intro)”
2. “new breed”
3. “spaces”
4. “dreams and converse”
5. “shades”
6. “jealousy”
7. “sauce”
8. “vultures | wolves”
9. “we, diamonds”
10. “ketchup and po boys (outro)”


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After announcing the reunion of DK3 and their new tour ‘Universe Is Undefeated,’ of DK3 Dawn wasted no time in giving her fans some new music to rock out to during the tour. Getting back into her NOLA roots, Dawn shines a light on the Washitaw Nation, a group of black Americans that claim to be a sovereign Native American nation. In the new visual Dawn is seen wearing a traditional headdress sewn by tribe leader Chief Montana.

New Orleans isn’t just a city it’s a lifestyle it is my heritage. it is my roots. lemme take you to the beginning where it all started. how losing everything made me stronger… ninth ward bred. a new breed. and so the anthology begins. Said, Dawn, as she premiered her new video. Check out the new visual below.

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Dawn, Aubrey O’Day, and Shannon Bex have put their issues to the side and reunited as DK3. making the announcement on IG today the 3 remaining members of Danity Kane are set to embark on a 16-day trek tour.

“The conversations started because I think Aubrey and I wanted to touch base cause we hadn’t in a long time and I think we both had feelings of feeling like we needed to have that conversation,” Dawn tells É! News. “We’re sisters at the end of the day and I think if you go through life you still remember like I really want a relationship with these girls even though you go through things, you really want that comradery and so Aubrey and I had a great conversation.”

When talking about the tour, the ladies confirmed that they were doing a combination tour where Dumblonde will perform their music followed by a solo set from Dawn. The tour is set to kick off September 7th and will hit cities such as New York,Philly, Vegas, LA and more.

When asked about new music Aubrey said ,“You never know, they’d have to come to the show, but there will be new performances on the show.”

Tickets for “The Universe Is Undefeated Tour” are on sale now in select cities.

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D∆WN is already feeling summer vibes. Continuing to give her fans new music the NOLA native released her new song Bonfire. I’m loving the new songs D∆WN has been releasing lately my most favorite being WAVES. I hope D∆WN is planning to drop a new full length project soon showcasing the new sound she has created with her recently released tracks.

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DΔWN is taking a stand for whats right as she calls for gender equal pay on her new track WAVES.

“I promised that I would release new music when I had shit to say,” DAWN wrote. “This is for every woman underpaid, underappreciated, undervalued and undermined… the underdog. ‘get cocky wit yo wave.’” Said DΔWN as she released the track via Twitter.

I really enjoyed this song! DΔWN has always been that artists who continues to evelove musicallly and isn’t afraid to try new sounds. With this new song WAVES  I feel this is the lane she should continue to go with her music. It has everthing that we love about DΔWN’s sound yet, it also has that mainstram appeal that could take DΔWN’s Indie career to the next level.


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D∆WN goes full matrix mode as she debut’s a fashion story to her song “Renegade” off her 2016 LP Redemption. Directed by Randy D. Rosario, D∆WN shows more of her creative style as she took a different approach to the 2 minute clip.

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D∆WN keeps innovating herself when it comes to her videos, this week the singer/songwriter released her latest visual for Lazarus and Love Under Lights. Instead of just releasing another Youtube video, the New Orleans native collaborated with Monty Marsh again for her 3D video.

In the new 3D interactive clip that responds to your mouse cursor, D∆WN is seen dancing in front of a large window while the back half, scored by “Love Under Lights,” is glitchy 3D imagery. Check out the new clip below.