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Your Music My World loves to introduce the world to new artist. We recently sat down with up and coming crooner Terry Bright to discuss his new project, OWLS, his love for Dawn Richard and more.

YourMusicMyWorld: Hello Terry, thank you for taking the time to sit down and speak with us.
Terry Bright: Thank you for this opportunity and letting me share this moment with you thank you!

YMMW: We have been following you for quite some time now, but for those who do not know you, tell us exactly who Terry Bright is.
TB: Terry is a over all entertainer on the rise. I feel like I get better with time that’s one of my reasons why I title my first project owls ! I believe you will get to know more about me when you hear my music!

YMMW: Atlanta is home to some of the biggest talents in the music industry. Is this what prompted your move?
TB: I have a “mentor” by the name of Sean Bankhead who really advises me to really take that risk to move from Houston, TX to Atlanta! But way before that I always wanted to move there because of Laface Records all my favorite artist was sign to that label but ATL felt too small so I moved to LA from Pensacola FL then to Houston, TX.

YMMW: The new single ‘I…’ is definitely a masterpiece! What was your motivation behind the song?
TB: THANK YOU! I represent the Roman numeral for one. Also of nouns adopted from Latin ending in which represents “us”. Also I is how I feel .. I represent what I want to say but I’m afraid to say it ! The song is a narrative at the end the song the character finally reveals what he always wanted to say!

YMMW: Do you write and produce all of your own music or have a team?
TB: I write all my songs no co-writes ! Myself and best friend Rick Rose work well together for vocal arrangements! But other than that I’m just one band man ! And I would love to have like a manger and big team behind me but I know every artist have to show and prove themselves so I’m putting in my work a team will come!

YMMW: When listening to your music, I definitely hear one of my favorites Dawn Richard. What artist would you say are your biggest inspiration?
TB: YOU SAID IT !!!! A lot of artist such as Usher, Aaliyah, Brandy , Paramore, TLC, Ray Charles to name a few ! But Dawn watching her story on MTV… I related to her I been a fan since then ! She is one of favorite artist that inspires me the most and that I wanna make the most proud!! I met her before were kinda like friends in a way . She even saw my music video that I shot my myself she loved it but I wanna have that impact on someone like she been to me!

YMMW: What is the most difficult thing about being an independent artist?
TB: Trying be heard but not trying to follow the same sound! I just wanna be something that people would love to experience! I will always wanna give some kinda lesson is my music and live shows.

YMMW: What is the significance of owls?
TB: The mystery behind it and owls are lowkey just like me I’m very shy lol! Owls were used for sending messages and that what I’m going to do!

YMMW: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
TB: Hopefully with a son! Lol or twins. Alive and healthy working on being the next Will Smith and THE better Terry Bright from 5 years ago.

Let’s have a little fun.

YMMW: Salad or burger?
TB: BURGERS ! But i don’t I think about to go vegan

YMMW: You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
TB: Orange because I love oranges

YMMW: What’s your favorite ’90s jam?
TB: Everything TLC

YMMW: If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?
TB: A GATOR! Just because they been around since the Dino age and a Owl ” no rules lol”

YMMW: We have a new single, what’s in the works for you?
TB: visuals and I about to get back to acting and I wanna get on a tour i working on doing festivals.

OWLS will arrive February 16,2017
Stay connected with Terry and follow him on all of his social media oulets

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Last week we had the opportunity to catch up with June’s Diary as they kicked off their 5 city tour in Philadelphia last week. During the interview we talked to the ladies of BET hit show Chasing Destiny about the new music they have been working on and what fans can expect, the second season of the hit docu-series, and the lessons they have learned from Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson. Check out the interview below.

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A few weeks ago we caught up with Grammy award winning singer Mya as she released her new EP Smooth Jones. In the new interview we talked to Mya about her latest EP entitled Smooth Jones, which she called the last appetizer in her EP series before unleashing a new album.

Also spoke about her decision to go independent after being singed to a major label for so many years,her favorite songs from her new EP, and taking a stab at rapping on her album cut Elevator. Mya get’s very candied with us as she talked about what she misses from today’s music and the industry it’s self and what new artist she would love to work in the studio with. Check out the new interview below.

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Last month two-time Grammy award winner, Melanie Fiona touched down in London to headline a show at the O2 Academy Islington. This concert marked her first on British soil in over 5 years. So before she delivered a highly engaging, interactive and marvellous show we caught up with Melanie to discuss why it’s been so long since she’s been in the UK, the new album ‘Awake’ and much more.

Read all about it below:

Sope: It’s been 5 years since you last headlined a London show, so why the hold up? And what do you love in particular about London crowds and the city in general?

Melanie: Well yeah it’s been awhile since I’ve been back after touring and exploring other territories. I think one of the big reasons I never came back is because my second project was never worked in the UK. I was going through a lot of label changes at the time so I think that caused the 5 year void. But what I love is that from The Bridge to this 3rd album Awake which is almost finished is that I have the same fans, I’ve grown more fans and I’m able to come back here with such a strong presence after all this time. And it’s one of the reasons why I love London because it makes me feel like I’m at home. People here are true, they’re loyal, they’re music lovers and they understand where I come from.

Sope: What can we expect from the new album, what influenced it sonically and lyrically and are there any songs in particular you can’t wait for the fans to hear?

Melanie: Awake was inspired by personal events. Even before I started making the album – the word ‘Awake’ was something that I started to live by. I felt like I was going through an awakening, I was changing, transitioning and evolving. And that only came from pretty much my whole world being rocked from personal to professional – everything changing at once. It was a real test – and that’s where the term ‘Awake’ came from. I’ve been doing this project mainly with one producer Andre Harris and we decided we wanted to do this project together because we were both in a space of awakening and wanted to do something identifiable to both of us. The songs on this album range; some of them are very typically big ballads that people know me for, some are very relaxed chill vibe records. I didn’t want to limit myself on this album. I wanted a collection of feel good songs – and that can feel good on lows and highs.

Some of the songs I can’t wait for fans to hear is ‘I Tried’ which is the next single and it was also the first song I recorded for the album. I feel like that song was the catalyst because the song was about being in a dark place to being where you go from here so that was the awakening, I always feel like it’s darkest before dawn. There’s another song I love called ‘I Need That’ and another one called ‘Killing Time’. Also there’s a song called ‘I Want It All’ which is really special to me because I feel like it personifies the entire album.

Sope: You recently revealed that you worked with Stevie Wonder for the project, what was that like? And will that song be on the album?

Melanie: It’s a dream come true, I still relive that moment thinking did that really happen? And it happened with so much magic because it was just so random but so genuine. I don’t know if that song is going on the album but if it never sees the light of the day I’ll always have it for myself *laughs*. I would love to build a whole world album campaign around that song – it needs an official release for respect purposes. He’s amazing and that experience was truly incredible.

Sope: Do you have a release date for the album?

Melanie: I don’t have a confirmed release date yet. We’re looking at late fall in time for Christmas and the holidays. But up until then I’m going to be releasing music anyway, some may go to radio, some may not. I’m really okay because this album in this independent space is about the fans so I wanna get the music to them in any way possible.

Sope: How do you feel about being independent as opposed to being on a major label? And are you open to signing another major deal in future?

Melanie: I’m open to wherever the wind takes me, this current venture with a company like Primary Wave and being able to have major distribution from BMG as an independent artist is a good lesson and good test for me. It’s also a reward and a blessing knowing I’m responsible for my choices and knowing that I have a great team around me is a blessing. But sure if the right situation presented itself with a major label I would be open to that but it has to be right. For now I’m cool.

Sope: Since you are now an independent artist who no longer has pressure from a record label, what will define success to you in regards to this new album? Especially since you’ve had Grammy nominations, hit songs in the past etc?

Melanie: I think releasing Awake will be a successful thing, just to know I released an independent project. Also some marker of success would be visiting other countries and seeing fans I’ve never performed for before. But ultimately happiness, when this is all said and done if I feel I’m happier than I’ve been before then that’s the ultimate success.

Sope: When you were on a major were there any songs from your previous albums which you felt deserved more shine and attention? Me personally I would say ‘Priceless’ from the first album and ‘Bones’ from the 2nd album.

Melanie Fiona: I feel like on The MF Life, ‘Change the Record’ with B.o.B. should’ve been a massive record. That song is one of my favourites, I love performing it. I feel like it’s a fan favourite and everytime I perform it, I can see it’s a fan favourite so I know if more people heard it, it would’ve gone a little bit further. That’s the difficulty being in a big building, you have to play by the rules a little bit and whatever song they want to put the money behind you kinda just have to go with. But I don’t knock the songs that they chose because ‘4AM’ was a great success for me. I think on the first album ‘Ay Yo’ also had the potential to be great had there been a bigger push behind it.

Sope: Before your first album arrived, you put out a brilliant remix and covers EP with The Illadelphonics, which housed an amazing stripped down version of Monday Morning. Would you be open to doing a sequel to that EP and working with The Illadelphonics again in general?

Melanie: Yeah I would love to do that again, it was a lot of fun working with Questlove and the Illadelphonics. I always feel like performing stripped down is best for me. I actually did an acoustic version of The MF Life songs too. I just love the raw instrumentation of live music and the voice so I would definitely love to do it again. Infact what I probably will do with this album Awake is more intimate venues with just a guitar because I feel this is an album that garners conversation.

Sope: I’ve noticed in a lot of your interviews people bring up the Drake connection pnly in relation to the group you had back in the day The Renaissance. But they seem to forget he wrote ‘I Been That Girl’ which was one of my favourites from the last album, so my question is when are we getting Melanie and Drake duet?

Melanie: I would love to do that, the good thing is that we’re still so young and early in our careers. It’s all love, we talk about it everytime we see each other but we both never find the time to get around to doing it. He’s so talented and so sweet so I would love to see what we could do.

Sope: What’s your take on the state of R&B today and what R&B artists are you listening to at the moment?

Melanie: My take on R&B today is that R&B is changing a lot, not to say that there isn’t classic R&B but there’s a division between what R&B is and what R&B isn’t. At the end of the day, R&B is the foundation of a lot of music, it’s very important. So this whole debate about whether R&B is dead, do people still love R&B – I feel like people are changing what their perception of what R&B is but there is still a lot of great R&B out there but you just have to find it. I’ve been listening to Emily King who’s a friend of mine. I just love her project from start to finish – it’s a true real body of work. It’s definitely soulful but some people would call it Pop yet she has a smoky jazz voice. I love her, she’s such a sweet person and her project ‘The Switch’ is truly excellent.

Sope: Anything you want to say to your fans?

Melanie: I love you, I cannot thank you enough for your support here in the UK and worldwide for my life and my living, supporting and growing with me. I make this music for you and that’s what this project is about it’s from me to you directly and I hope you enjoy it

Check out the video for Melanie’s latest single ‘Bite the Bullet’ below:

Interview by Sope Soetan (@SopeSoetan)

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Last week Sinster 2 opened up in theaters, before the movie hit the big screen we caught up with the films lead actress Shannyn Sossamon to talk about her role in the movie and her experience with working on FOX summer hit Wayward Pines.

YMMW:Your new movie Sinsiter 2 is hitting theaters this Friday; tell us a little more about this movie and the character you play Courtney Collins.

Shannyn Sossamon: The Sinster 2 picks up where the first Sinster left off, with the deputy is obsessed to figure out the mystery of the ghoul and who his next victim will be. I’m playing Courtney who is a mother with two twin boys and I’m on the run from their very abusive father, and we end up in a little house in a creepy remote location which also includes a little church, and this is a great place for the ghoul to plant himself next. We also get to meet some of the past ghost children who the ghoul has taken and we also get a little more into the lane of the ghoul and a little more back story of him.

YMMW: For those who may have seen the first Sinister, what would you say is more different from the first one in the sequel?

 Shannyn Sossamon: Well, to be honest, I haven’t seen the entire first movie because I am not a huge fan of horror and I don’t like to be scared (Laughs). So I saw enough of the first Sinster to get the gist, and when it started to get really dark, I couldn’t handle it. So I’m just a bad horror film audience member, but there are differences for sure, what I’ve been hearing is there is differences in that it’s not the exact same formula as the first one it kind of does its own thing, and it goes a little further with the ghoul rather than just re-creating the same beat as the first one with the same family.


YMMW: What was it about the script of sinister 2 that made you want to sign on to do the sequel?

Shannyn Sossamon: I met with Ciaran Foy the director of this film and I really wanted to work with him weI met with Ciaran Foy the director of this film and I really wanted to work with him we talked for a long time about the story and I realized very quickly, how important it was for him to make the characters real and the story very grounded and that the horror was happening on top of that. I remember him, saying that the true villain of the story was the father, and I thought that was really smart. I was excited to work with him and I wanted to help him make the movie great. talked for a long time about the story and I realized very quickly, how important it was to him to make the characters real and the story very grounded and that the horror was happening on top of that. I remember him saying that the true villain of the story was the father, and I thought that was really smart. I was excited to work with him and I wanted to help him make the movie great.

YMMW: Along with working on this new movie sinister 2, you also played Theresa Burke on Fox’s mini series Wayward Pines, when you first signed on to do that show did you think it would have been an instant hit as it did with the viewers?

Shannyn Sossamon: We didn’t know that was a very nutty show and we all were pleasantly surprised at how much people liked it, not because we didn’t like it you just never know with a show like that. It was an odd show, but I thought all the actors did an incredible job and I’m really proud have been in it.  Did you like the way it ended?

YMMW: I did, but I’m hoping for a season 2 a lot of left unresolved and I would love to see how it got to that point.

Shannyn Sossamon: Yea, they could go for a second season because they definitely left it very open ended.  wayward-pines-hyden

YMMW: Besides working on Sinster 2 and now that Wayward Pines has wrapped what else are you working on that people should look out for?

Shannyn Sossamon: Well, I’m in Atlanta, GA right now doing a part for season 3 of Sleepy Hollow so we will see how that goes the first episode airs October 1st on FOX. It’s going to be fun the character I’m playing is a little different then what I’ve been doing lately so I’m excited about that.

Make sure you all check out Shannyn Sossamon in Sinster 2 which is in theaters now.

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Last week we spoke to rising singer Natasha Mosley who’s most known for singing on Jeremih smash hit “All The Time” along with Lil Wayne. Now with her own LP RoseHall which is now available on Itunes, Natasha spoke to us about the dual meaning of her LP,  working on new music with producer Zaytoven, and more. Check out the interview below.

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A couple of weeks back we chatted with  actor/ singer Tahj Mowry, Tahj who recently dropped his debut single Flirt,  spoke about  wanting to be different in the music industry when it comes to his music.  Tahj also talked about some of his musical inspirations growing up, the new diversity that Television is now showing on our screens again and his desire to one day dance with Janet Jackson.

YMMW: Before we start the interview I want to say congratulations on your new single dropping

Tahj Mowry: Oh, thank you so much it’s still crazy, I don’t think it hit me yet (Laughs)

YMMW: So tell us a little more about this record and the producer you worked with on it.

Tahj Mowry: This is my first single “Flirt” and we also dropped the video for it on Vevo and people really like it so I’m really excited about that and my producer’s name is Excel Beats and he’s like sort of the other half of my brain musically, we just get each other in the studio and he’s also like one of my close friends in life as well, so it’s a great musical partnership that we have and were all about being different and I wanted to have this future funk-ish sound and I wanted to make something new, fresh, unique and colorless and genre less and this is the sound I came up with. Flirt is just a flirty spring/summer record, I thought it was a perfect first single for me, it explains me to a T. People just love the vibe of it because it’s so different and it’s funky and it leaves you in a pretty good mood.

YMMW: Most people know you from hit TV shows such as Smart Guy and ABC Family Baby Daddy, when did you start singing and when did you want to take it seriously as a career?

Tahj Mowry: Well, first I’m a firm believer, it’s all about timing and God’s plan In my life I just leave everything up to God when stuff happens it happens. For a while I was working on Baby Daddy and I didn’t get the time to focus on my music and about a year ago during hiatus from the show I was like you know what I’m going to go to the studio put in the work I’m going to write these records and I wrote primarily wrote all the song on my project so that’s something I really proud about because I’m not just another actor trying to become a singer, this is something I’m really passionate about because I am a songwriter, singer, dancer and I am a musician and I want to showcase that and I think now is the time for me musically, I have a good chunk of time off from filming Baby Daddy so I’m just all about music right now.


YMMW: In your music we hear some prince influences, who were you inspired by musically growing up?

Tahj Mowry: Definitely Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Usher Brandy, I grew up listing to those guys and I wanted to take from all the genres and the artists I love and create something that was a definition of me musically, and I think that’s what my sound is and I think I have a very distinct sound, some people may not like the sound or the song but at least they can appreciate that it’s something new. I feel like a lot of the stuff on the radio tends to start to sound the same or they the same song over and over again. I’m trying to bring some real music back that’s why I like people like Bruno Mars, Jhene Aiko, Miguel and Lorde, people who aren’t afraid to do something new and go outside the box and that’s what I’m trying to do.

YMMW: You have a new EP arriving as well; tell us about this new EP and what fans can expect to hear when this new project drops.

Tahj Mowry: The EP is going to come out in the summer, and the album is primarily done as well, but I’m going to do the single first, then drop the EP in the summer and have a second single off of that EP. I’m really excited about that for people to really get a story of my songs, I’m riding this single wave right now it’s something really fun for me It’s new. So I can’t wait for people to hear more of my content because, like I said I am writing most of my stuff and it’s a new venture for me artistically and I can’t wait to share it with everybody.


YMMW: Do you find it difficult some people look at you as a singer after being known as a successful actor?

Tahj Mowry: Yeah, I feel like it’s starting to happen right now and I realize it might take time because people are used to one thing and now I’m jumping into something else, but overall I’m an entertainer and I am an artist and singing dancing and acting are all of the ways that complete me artistically. So I’m just doing another side of my artistic love and I think that’s what art is all about. People are realizing this is something I’m passionate about and they see that I’m making good music.

YMMW: Being a child actor who grew up when black sitcoms were on the air, and now we are beginning to see more black actors and shows on prime time TV do you think it’s more of a  trend for now or a change that’s here to stay?

Tahj Mowry: I would hope it’s a change that’s going to carry out for a long period of time. I hope it’s not just a trend, I think people realize what people do what to see and shows like Empire are things people what to see and that’s why shows like that are doing well and I think they should do more shows like that. So I think it’s a great time we are seeing a lot more African Americans on network television and it’s about time!



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V.Bozeman Shout-outs YMMW

A few weeks back we chatted with rising singer V.Bozeman. The singer who was first introduced to the world on Timothy Bloom’s Till The End Of Time song has been making a name for her self. After being seen on the first season of FOX groundbreaking show Empire V.Bozeman talks to us about the brand new music she has been working on with super-producer Timbaland as well as working on the hit show Empire and what else we can expect from the LA born singer this year. Check out our new interview with the singer below.

YMMW: Last time we had an interview with you, you were working with Cee-Lo Green. Tell us how you started working with Timbaland and what is it like working with him?

V. Bozeman: It was great I met with Timbaland around the time I did Till the End of Time with Timothy Bloom and we’ve always been friends ever since then. He was working on a new project called opera Nior and he wanted somebody to be the other half as far as a singer on that project  and he said my named just popped up and he called me, and said I’m ready for you lets go, because initially he told me I’m going to come back for you I don’t know when I don’t know how but I’m going to come back for you and he did. And that’s how it all happened.

YMMW: we saw you on the hit TV show Empire, How did the opportunity come about?

V. Bozeman: Through Timbaland of course, he is executive producing the music and I did a piece with Cee-Lo called “Race Jones” that I have been sitting on for about a year, and I decided to show Timbaland that piece and he just loved it and he just shot it over to Lee Daniels, and said I think long called my manager I read for the part and here we are now (Laughs). It all happened authentically.

YMMW: What is love was a fan favorite on Empire, did you think the song or the show would receive such a huge response as it did?

V. Bozeman:  You know what I thought that Empire would be huge of course I did, one of my first interviews about Empire I said the show is going to be cultural phenomenon just wait, It was in my gut I just knew it. With everything that Lee Daniels and Danny strong had brought to the table with this series I knew it was going to be big. But I did not think What is Love would be this big I just really didn’t, you know I felt like it was another song about love, but I did forget that love is a universal language so I think that resonated with people. I just approached the song in an authentic way because the lyrics are real so I knew it was a good song, but did I think it would do all of this.. No (Laughs) absolutely not.


YMMW: With now having both what is love and Black & Blue out right now, are you working on a new EP that we can expect to hear soon?

V. Bozeman: Yeah, absolutely, Timbaland and I are working on this new project called opera Noir, it’s him and me, we did a collaborative effort and the first single will be released in May called Smile. This project is amazing, I’m so proud of it and to be alongside Timabland and to share with the world, it’s going to hit the industry really hard, it’s just an amazing body of work I’m really proud of it. Then, following Opera Noir will be my debut album called Music is My Boyfriend so it’s going to be a lot of music coming from me and a Mosley music group this year.

YMMW: With this project Opera Noir, what kind of music can we expect to hear will the vibe be the same as What is Love and Black & Blue or is it a different type of sound?

V. Bozeman: Its timeless sound,  the sound is a lot of old mixed with new because Timbaland brings those ism that he brings to music sonically and it’s just bringing feeling back into music and it’s just going to be one of those timeless records that will always be relevant. I don’t think you guys have ever heard sonically Timbaland like this and that’s why I’m so proud of it, and he’s actually singing a lot on this album that’s people aren’t used to hearing him this way, I’m just proud it, the content, the production is A1 Timbaland is never going to bring you anything that isn’t the best so it’s an amazing body of work.

YMMW: You were first introduced to the world on Timothy Blooms until the End of time and now being on such a huge show such as Empire how does it feel to finally have to world how great a vocalist V. Bozeman is?

V. Bozeman: I just think that empire and what is love, just the platform that it’s on in the first place is huge and thank god I executed that song and people get to see me in the best light on such a big platform. I just think the stars aligned when it came to the situation of Empire and What is love and my brand. My whole mission statement is to touch the heart and the soul of people that’s always what I want to do, when I’m on stage I don’t want people infatuated with how I look or what I’m doing I really want people to connect with the song, the words and the voice because that’s the gift. So I think that it all aligned with the perfect alignment with the Empire situation, for people to really take me seriously as an artist, I came in with Timothy Bloom and that had its run and then I went with Cee-Lo and I was just cultivating over time and to be brought back in such a big way, that’s an artist’s dream.


YMMW: How would you say your sound has changed from when you released Poison to the music you are working on now?

V. Bozeman: I feel like I’m forever evolving into a better singer and creative person every day, I’ve always been a little left-of-center, like you can think about poison and what my album is now it’s still left-of-center but it’s still cool, and that’s what is so special about me and Tim, because he’s a little left-of-center but he knows how to make it cool, and  think I have evolved as a songwriter, a performer, vocally I have become stronger. So with that, I think I’m the same I just evolved to become better.

YMMW: What is your current label situation right now are you signed with Timbaland’s label or do you have another label you are signed to?

V. Bozeman: I’m signed to Mosley Music/Epic records, that’s the current situation; I’ve been signed to Tim for about a year now and Epic records for about 6 months or so. With Epic I’m fairly new, and to have two albums which is amazing.

YMMW: Earlier in the interview you said your debut album will be titled Music is My Boyfriend, do you have a potential release date for that album?

V. Bozeman: That should be out at the top of 2016, because we have to push out Opera Noir first. So you have Empire, then you have Opera Noir, then you have my album. And that’s the perfect set up for an up-and-coming artist, to finally be put out there. It’s just done in the right way; I love the fact that I’m not just being thrown out there prematurely or anything like that. Everyone’s going to be able to see the rose coming to bloom your going to see that happen.

YMMW: With Empire now being picked up for season two will you be a part of the new season?

V. Bozeman: Yes, I will be, I’ll have a much bigger role and we will start to film in august, I’m so excited I can’t wait to see what these writers are going to write about in the second season (Laughs), it’s going to be I’m sure full of drama.

YMMW: With your new albums and filming the second season of Empire, what else can we expect to see from V. Bozeman in 2016?

V. Bozeman: I’m doing a lot of modeling, I’m getting a lot of scripts coming in through CAA, so a lot of modeling and acting, I’m doing a lot of shows everywhere. I’m going to Canada, I’ll be going to Indonesia to do a couple of shows, so I’m doing a lot of shows in between time, just getting ready for this Opera Noir run with Timbaland.

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rico site

As he prepares to drop his debut album TTLO on May 19th, we caught up with producer/songwriter/artist Rico Love to talk about his upcoming project. In the new interview Rico Love talks about making quality music, how he knew his songs would be received well and what he think is missing from R&B music today. Check out the new interview below.

YMMW: Your album TTLO is due out on May 19th, with being a producer and songwriter for other artists how does it feel to have finally your own album coming out in stores?

Rico Love: I think it’s the most empowering feeling I ever had, when you write for other people you kind of leave your record in their hands, the record companies they decide when it goes and how hard they work at it, which single is the right single. But when you make your own record, your empowered enough to say this is when I want my album to come out, this is when I want this song to come out, this is the roll out that I have, and being in the game as long as I have  been in it I’ve been able to see how things work firsthand. How things go wrong, how things go right, how some things are left up to chance. So being in this place is the most comfortable I have been in a long time as an executive, an artist, songwriter and producer.

YMMW: Tell us about your thought process when going into recording your debut album

Rico Love:  Initially I was just picking songs, my thing was just writing a great song, but I think towards the end of September  was when I was getting around to a stride of thinking up a concept and consistent theme.  I think artists should be given that time to create a body of work that is consistent I don’t believe in rushing anything. So I’ve been working this record for the past two and a half years, it’s just that In September I started figuring out what songs made sense. A lot people make records and they just make songs and they’re just figuring out what song to put on the radio, I made an consistent body of work of great records that tell a story so it’s been a very strenuous process but I enjoyed it more than anything I have done creatively.

YMMW: With this new album can we expect to hear any guest features?

Rico Love: Not many guest features I got Raekon on the album and I got a new artist by the name of Armani Caesar she’s just a dope artist who I found on instagram I thought she was dope I asked her to put a verse on the record and she killed it, I got Waka Flocka on the album doing ad libs. It’s a great body of work I didn’t want to fill it up with features. I had an incredible record with Monica but I couldn’t get the sample to get cleared in time and that killed me because, I thought the song was an incredible part of the story but sometimes politics of the game happen, I couldn’t get the sample cleared, hopefully if we get it cleared we can get a repackage of the album.


YMMW: I saw an interview with Case where he was asked about the state of R&B today and he had stated that R&B has lost its Identity. Being a successful producer and songwriter for many R&B acts do you agree with that statement?

Rico Love: Absolutely you have R&B singers who are rapping on records, when I say rapping I don’t  mean rapping as rappers I mean sing rapping on everything talking about slap it up, bend it over, pop it all this twerk stuff all this turn up stuff, and I feel like they forgot that the essence of crooning, was to woo woman and to talk to them and was to show a different side of men to show a different type of aggression. Because people may say it’s sensitive but I think it’s a different type of aggression. We aggressively admit to who you are and how you feel about a woman. A lot of these guys are forgetting that and that’s why I was happy to do that with my single Somebody Else, I was man enough to say “Oh man I messed up” and a lot of guys want to be pimps and players and they forget that the strongest thing we can be is men. The strongest way we can relate is to approach in honesty and realness. So I agree with what he is saying wholeheartedly, I definitely don’t consider myself an R&B artist this is not an R&B album,  I’m singing on most of the songs when you listen to the records you will understand they’re not R&B songs they’re just songs I feel like they don’t have a genre, I borrowed from so many differnt things. There are a few records that have that R&B essence, but they are just good songs and I feel like the world and all cultures can relate it.

YMMW: When you first stepped out from behind the scenes and into the forefront as an artist, did you expect your songs such as They Don’t Know and Bitches Be Like did you expect the listeners to receive so well and become the success that they have?

Rico Love: Yeah I really did, I’ve been writing song so such a long time I really did believe in quality records and quality music. I’m shocked when certain records aren’t received, I’m more shocked when they don’t work, I really believe and still have faith in a really great song and a lot of people have given up and abandoned that, they’re so caught up in the fluff and the turn up With me I’m one of the few who still believe in a good and important song.

YMMW: We know that you were working with  Tiara Thomas and  was on your label, but now seems like that partnership has dissolved, what happened with that partnership and are you going to sign any up and coming acts that we should be on the lookout for?

Rico Love: Right now I’ve been so caught up in developing my brand, but this artist, Armani Caesar she’s not signed to me, but I think she’s incredible and I would love to be a part of her project going forward and she’s actually on the album like I said earlier. There are a few people I think that are really talented and really dope. There’s this one rap artist I was checking out earlier, that’s from Miami named Hoody and I just thought he was dope. So there are some people I look at that I think are really talented but now, I have tunnel vision I’m just focused on the album. I definitely love producing and writing records and being a leader and example to up-and-coming acts, but now I feel like you can’t be a jack of all trades and a master of none. I want to focus on this and win at this so everything else I do can fall in line.


YMMW: Do you find it hard running your own label while working on your album as well?

Rico Love: Yea worth doing is difficult though that never bothered me, I was always wearing multiple hats, when I did a Nelly’s album I did 7 songs on that album 5 songs on Beyonce’s 7 songs on Kelly Rowland’s 6 songs on Usher’s I never was the guy who ran from the hard work I did the work. Doing the work is the easiest part to me because I was comfortable doing multiple things so that was never the problem.

YMMW: What song do you feel is most personable to you on your debut album TTLO?

Rico love: Run from me and Day’s Go by, I just think those records embody how I was feeling at the time.

YMMW: With Somebody Else currently out do you have a follow-up single planned?

Rico Love: I have a choice between a few; I want to wait for the album to come out to see what people think. I have this song called Day’s Go By that’s a very incredible record and I also have a record called Happy Birthday that I think is going to be huge but, I want to see what happens.

YMMW: We saw on Monica’s instgram that you two were working together again and I know you said before  you two were working on a song for your album, will you be working on her Code Red album that is coming out soon?

Rico Love: I didn’t get a chance to work on it yet, but who knows what will happen.


“I just believe people don’t care to know until they know that you care. I sincerely wholeheartedly care about this project and about what I’m doing; this is not something that I take lightly this is not something that’s a game to me, these records I’m creating they really mean something to me and I know this album is a classic and I’ve been a part of classic albums and projects and I know this album has that. I can’t wait for people to hear it I just hope people really take the time out to really listen – Rico Love”.