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6a00d83548795069e2014e5f6de87b970c-800wiI had the pleasure of speaking to Jive records new recording artist K.Michelle who I am a big fan of, I talked to K about her new single “How Many Times” which I have been repeating over and over on my I pod, We also talked about her upcoming debut album “Pain Medicine” K also talked about how it feels being compared to other artists and more. During the interview K. Michelle also express the love she has for her fans, working with R.Kelly and more.Check out the interview and leave me your thoughts.

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Before the release of her highly anticipated mixtape “AtelltaleHeart” we caught up with the lovely Dawn Richard to talk about her new mixtape which has been getting rave reviews so far, We Dawn about some of the new things she has lined up with her Dirty Money crew we also asked Dawn the questions that all her fans submitted to us. Check out the interview and leave me your thoughts.

Alex: What is the story behind your new mixtape “a Tell Tale Heart?”

Dawn: I wanted people to experience a journey of the heart, something genuine and raw. If you were to fall in my heart for past 6 years this was what is sounded like . my heart is the “city” and I’m the guide through each heartbeat. Each song is an experience.
Alex: How many songs on the mixtape did you write or co-write on?

Dawn: All 15…as a songwriter, what better way to tell your story than with your own words.
Alex: Which song from the mixtape mean the most you and why?

Dawn: BulletProof just does it for me. I wrote it right after Katrina. It’s a conversation between God and I
Alex: We saw your YouTube video where you gave people a taste of this new song called “Broken Record” will that song be on the mixtape?

Dawn: Yes, it’s the record I’m shooting a video too. It’s such a great record. It’s the perspective of both woman and man..told by the woman. The battle between repeating the same issues but not being able to let go of the love. Both parties are wrong and right. I wanted to do a record that wasn’t just female driven. Like F men! Lol. I wanted Men to be able to have their side too.

Alex: Going into recording Last Train to Paris, what were Dawn’s expectations for the album? Have her expectations been met?


Dawn: I knew it would change music. The first tracks Puff gave me to start writing with I said this is what I’ve been waiting for. That’s why I said yes to the project.

Alex: A lot of your fans love your blog and your personal fashion style that you show on the blog; can we expect to see you venturing off into your own fashion or accessory line?


Dawn: I’m excited. I want to do a lot of custom pieces. I do want my own line. Its a lot of work. I have some surprises up my sleeve with the amazing accessory queen Melody Eshani

Alex: With there being so many shady characters in the entertainment industry what do you look for when wanting to work with a certain artist or producer?

Dawn: I like to work with people who want to work with me. I want the same passion I’m putting in from them. It can be the biggest producer, or a young new face. As long as its organic.

Alex: With so many artists resorting to gimmicks to gain popularity/build a fan base, how does Dawn remain true to her artistry?

Dawn: I’m just me… Take it or leave it… I understand the game.. But I understand who I am as well.
Alex: When Will Dirty Money start touring for Last Train to Paris?

Dawn: We start late March.. Go to to see dates and cities
Alex: Can fans expect to see any video supporting your new mixtape?

Dawn:yes. I’m shooting a video for Broken record and a couple more
The visual is one of my favorite processes. Adding choreography to the story with the fashion

Alex: What is your outlook on life and where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Dawn: Happy, Singing, and hopefully still changing the world one note at a time.

If you haven’t yet make sure you download your free copy of Dawn Richard’s hot new mixtape “AtelltaleHeart” by clicking here

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DSC_0296contrast1He has been writing songs for everybody from Tank, Kelly Rowland, Monica, Chris Brown and more now singer Lonny Bereal is making a name for himself as performer. We caught up with new singer Lonny Bereal about his new single “Don’t Play With it” featuring Chris Brown and his label mate Busta Rhymes, we also talked to Lonny about his new signing to conglomerate records, His mixtape series Love Games and his debut release Love Train. Lonny also talked about some of his new projects with Kelly Rowland, Pleasure P, Britney Spears and more. Check out the interview and leave me your thoughts.

YourMusicMyWorld Interviews: Lonny Bereal from YourMusic MyWorld on Vimeo.

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shawn-chrystopher1We recently caught up with new emerging rap artist Shawn Chrystopher, who just dropped his new album “You and Only You”, we talked to Shawn about the inspiration behind the album and more.Check out the interview and leave me your thoughts.


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teedra-moses-2010I had the honor to talk to one of the baddest females in music Teedra Moses, she captivated the world back in 2004 with her independent/ TVT release “Complex Simplicity” which has been one of the most solid albums ever released by an independent artist showing the world she is a force to be reckoned with. Now that it’s 2011 Teedra is finally coming out with her new album “The Lioness” and Teedra tells us about the few other things she has planned for this year.Check out the interview and leave me your thoughts.

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503147-keri-hilson-aloft-portrait-617-409Alex: You named your new album “No boys Allowed” what was your inspiration behind this new
album, and what can fans expect to hear on this that is different from “In a Perfect World”?

Keri:The inspiration behind the new album stemmed from stories my girlfriends as well as my personal instances I’ve had in relationships. What it basically means is no bullshit. No more games, drama, or excuses from boys and only wanting real men. After a while it became a compilation of everything women really want to say. In regards to differences, the main difference in this album is the maturity level; since “In a Perfect World,” I’ve grown personally and professionally and I think that’s apparent in this album.

Alex: Besides Ne-Yo,Timbaland and Polo Da Don who else have you collaborated with on this album?

Keri: So many talented people have collaborated with me on this album – to name only a few, everyone from Boi-1da, J. Cole and Chuck Harmony to Kanye West, Chris Brown, and Ester Dean.

Alex: How many of the songs did you write or co-write on?

Keri: I wrote or co-wrote on all of the songs.

Alex: With In a Perfect World going Gold and getting great reviews, did you feel as though there
was a lot of pressure of making your second album even better?

Keri: Not really – that kind of pressure doesn’t really make its way into my creative process and I’ve been able to keep the first album completely separate from this one.

Alex :Have you ever written a song for an artist that you wished you would have kept for yourself?

Keri: Not at all; all the songs that I’ve written for other artists we worked to create something that molded well with them. The music I keep for myself comes from a more personal place and everything is written from my own knowledge and experiences.

Alex: With 2 albums under your belt now, can fans expect to see Keri Hilson Headlining her own tour?

Keri: From your mouth to god’s ears, hopefully soon!

Alex: With your solo career going as good as it has been, are you still writing songs for other artists?

Keri:I love collaborating with other artists so I would never completely block off any songwriting opportunities.

Alex: In your video “the Way You Love Me” and in Trey Songz “Yo Side Of The Bed” we saw a little bit of your acting side, can fans expect to see Keri in any upcoming film projects?

Keri:I never rule out any exciting opportunities so you never know!

Alex: With a successful songwriting and singing career, Will we see Keri Hilson moving her brand into managing your own artists in the near future?

Keri:With so much going on right now as a singer/songwriter, I’m planning to focus all my energy on that right now as I build my career.

Alex: Are there any artists that you haven’t had the chance but would definitely love to collaborate with?

Keri: Lauryn Hill. She’s been such an inspiration to me and has played such a role in my singing career that it would be a complete honor to work with such a legend.

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lloyd-throne1We recently caught up with Lloyd to talk about his new album “King Of Hearts” and his new image since cutting off all his hair,The singer also talked about how this album will be the best album he has ever made and more.

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tank234We caught up with Tank to talk about the release of his new album “Now Or Never” due out in December, We also talked to the singer about some of the new projects that he has coming up as well as his hot new new video for Emergency, his acting and more .Check out the interview and leave me your thoughts.


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51CwUVva7JL._SS500_We caught up with singer/songwriter Kandi Brurruss on her tour stop in Philly to talk about her hot new song “Leave You” the first single off her upcoming album “Kandi Koated” due in stores december14th. Along with her album Kandi also talked to us about some of the upcoming projects she has in the works.Check out the interview and leave me your thoughts.


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up-Bilal_3___Eric_ColemanBilal first hit the scene back in 2001 with his debut album “1st Born Second” after his second LP was bootlegged online and being dropped from Interscope Bilal kept going strong with his career and fan base by collaborating with artist such as Beyonce,Jay-z,Common,Erykah Badu,Musiq, Solange and more. We recently caught up with with singer Bilal to discuss his upcoming album “Airtight’s Revenge” and more.Dont forget to get your copy of Airtight Revenge on September 14,you can also preorder here