Lil Kim

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Seems like it took forever and a day for Lil Kim to release her mixtape Hardcord 2K14 which was originally set to be released earlier this year, but better late than never. After having fans wait for it’s 9:11 p.m Lil Kim dropped her follow up to  Black Friday. This new mixtape features 12 original songs, with appearances from French Montana, Yo Gotti, Cassidy, and Jadakiss. Click here to download.

1. “Intro”
2. “Stadium Music” feat. Yo Gotti
3. “Identity Theft”
4. “Real Sick” feat. Jadakiss
5. “Trendsetter”
6. “Migo” feat. TLZ & Young Bonds
7. “Whenever You See Me” feat. Cassidy
8. “Work the Pole”
9. “Suicide” feat. French Montana
10. “Dead Gal Walking”
11. “Kimmie Blanco”
12. “Haters” feat. B Ford

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Now This is what I wanted to hear Lil Kim finally making a record that has nothing to do with Nicki Minaj, this time Kimmy did a 1 and a half minute freestyle to Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda’s single “Hot Nigga.” Check out the new song below.

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I can’t believe how mad Lil Kim is about Nicki Minaj after all these years, after everybody dropped trying to compare the two Lil Kin ignites the fire again. First Lil Kim hopped on the remix to Beyonce’s flawless basically coming at Nicki Minaj now she’s doing it again with her new single “Identity Theft” calling Nicki Minaj a “swagger jacker.” Now I do love and I do love Nicki Minaj but seriously Kim it’s time to let it go make great music and reclaim your throne the right now show us who is really the queen of rap instead of bringing back an old feud that nobody seems to really care about anymore.

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Y’all know I love Lil Kim to the death of me so when I heard she put her own spin to the newly remix Flawless which originally had her rival Nicki Minaj, while I will always root for my Kimmy I wish her verse was a little longer but also I wish she would just drop the whole Nicki vs Lil Kim thing it’s getting old now she just had a baby I wish she would just focus on getting her rap career back to where it used to be instead of still taking shots at Nicki.

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We all got one hell of a surprise when Lil Kim showed up at the 2014 The Blonds runway show during New York Fashion Week on Wednesday sporting a baby bump, which would explain why the Queen B has not released her long awaited mixtape Hardcore Part 2. Kim posed for photos backstage while holding her stomach, Kim confirmed her pregnancy to Us Weekly.

“I’m so excited! I’m a few months along, I can’t wait to be a mom! I’m a mom, but I can turn it up a little!”

Kim also told the  magazine that she has no plans of slowing down when it comes to working “I’m still going to be hardcore, the baby has made me even more of a beast!” said Kim. I’m happy that she is expecting she deserves that but I wish she would have already dropped her mixtape when it was supposed to come out on November 29th.

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Last night’s Power 105.1 was full with surprises last night when the Queen B Lil Kim showed up on stage during Kendrick Lamar’s set in Brooklyn last night. , Kim performed her verse on Junior Mafia’s 1995 hit “Get Money” with some assistance from  Kendrick. After performing Get Money the two continued with “It’s All About the Benjamins.” Lil Kim was supposed to hit the stage with Atlantic records K.Michelle but due to some  technical difficulties it didn’t happen.

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Lil Kim didn’t want to disappoint her fans too much after she made the announcement that her new mixtape has been pushed back till next month, so she decided to release her new song titled “Dead Gal Walking”  off her upcoming project Hardcord 2k13. Lil Kim described the dancehall included track as a very strong, serious record, but at the same time, feel-good. I’m glad she decided  to release a song since she did push back the mixtape but Kim could have released a strong track to at least get fans and non fans excited about her new mixtape.

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Before summer was over Lil Kim announced to her fans that she will be dropping her new mixtape Hard Core 2K13 very soon, well today the Queen B released an official release date for her mixtape which will see Lil Kim going back to her roots. While there will be some guest appearances, she has kept them to a minimum to reflect the “Hard Core Kim.” Big Mike will host, while Big Fendi serves as executive producer.