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Back in August singer/songwriter Melanie Fiona announced her new label home at UAA. The two-time Grammy Award winner has been working hard on her new album “Next Train,” due in stores next year.

To kick things off Melanie Fiona has unleashed her brand new emotional record Remember U. Keeping up with her signature sound, Melanie Fiona pours her heart out on the new track as she remembers all the things she went to in her past relationship. “And I say that you’ve got some nerve just to come back and say that you’re sorry”. Check out Remember U below.

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After giving birth to her son Melanie Fiona has spent a lot of time away from music. Just this week the singer has announced her return to music. With her new deal with UAA, Melanie has set her new album Next Train to be released early 2018 the follow up to her 2012 LP The MF Life.

Just like powerful music itself, the two-time Grammy Award winner Melanie Fiona exudes soulful charm, wit, and a genuine story-telling ability that expresses both vulnerability and strength.

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Early last month singer/songwriter Melanie Fiona announced to the world that she is currently pregnant, sharing a video on her official instagram. But Melanie does not let her pregnancy slow her down, just a few minutes ago the singer released the full version of her new song “I Want It All,” from her forthcoming album Awake.

The new track was written by Melanie Fiona herself and produced by Andre “Dre” Harris. A video for the new song was also released on Melanie’s official YouTube Page. Check out the new song below.

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melanie-i-triedAfter releasing “Bite The Bullet” in the Summer, R&B songstress Melanie Fiona is keeping up the momentum going for her forthcoming independent album, by premiering her latest visual for her new single called “I Tried”. The Carmen Murray-directed music video focuses on domestic violence to racial inequality and also features human trafficking.

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Last month two-time Grammy award winner, Melanie Fiona touched down in London to headline a show at the O2 Academy Islington. This concert marked her first on British soil in over 5 years. So before she delivered a highly engaging, interactive and marvellous show we caught up with Melanie to discuss why it’s been so long since she’s been in the UK, the new album ‘Awake’ and much more.

Read all about it below:

Sope: It’s been 5 years since you last headlined a London show, so why the hold up? And what do you love in particular about London crowds and the city in general?

Melanie: Well yeah it’s been awhile since I’ve been back after touring and exploring other territories. I think one of the big reasons I never came back is because my second project was never worked in the UK. I was going through a lot of label changes at the time so I think that caused the 5 year void. But what I love is that from The Bridge to this 3rd album Awake which is almost finished is that I have the same fans, I’ve grown more fans and I’m able to come back here with such a strong presence after all this time. And it’s one of the reasons why I love London because it makes me feel like I’m at home. People here are true, they’re loyal, they’re music lovers and they understand where I come from.

Sope: What can we expect from the new album, what influenced it sonically and lyrically and are there any songs in particular you can’t wait for the fans to hear?

Melanie: Awake was inspired by personal events. Even before I started making the album – the word ‘Awake’ was something that I started to live by. I felt like I was going through an awakening, I was changing, transitioning and evolving. And that only came from pretty much my whole world being rocked from personal to professional – everything changing at once. It was a real test – and that’s where the term ‘Awake’ came from. I’ve been doing this project mainly with one producer Andre Harris and we decided we wanted to do this project together because we were both in a space of awakening and wanted to do something identifiable to both of us. The songs on this album range; some of them are very typically big ballads that people know me for, some are very relaxed chill vibe records. I didn’t want to limit myself on this album. I wanted a collection of feel good songs – and that can feel good on lows and highs.

Some of the songs I can’t wait for fans to hear is ‘I Tried’ which is the next single and it was also the first song I recorded for the album. I feel like that song was the catalyst because the song was about being in a dark place to being where you go from here so that was the awakening, I always feel like it’s darkest before dawn. There’s another song I love called ‘I Need That’ and another one called ‘Killing Time’. Also there’s a song called ‘I Want It All’ which is really special to me because I feel like it personifies the entire album.

Sope: You recently revealed that you worked with Stevie Wonder for the project, what was that like? And will that song be on the album?

Melanie: It’s a dream come true, I still relive that moment thinking did that really happen? And it happened with so much magic because it was just so random but so genuine. I don’t know if that song is going on the album but if it never sees the light of the day I’ll always have it for myself *laughs*. I would love to build a whole world album campaign around that song – it needs an official release for respect purposes. He’s amazing and that experience was truly incredible.

Sope: Do you have a release date for the album?

Melanie: I don’t have a confirmed release date yet. We’re looking at late fall in time for Christmas and the holidays. But up until then I’m going to be releasing music anyway, some may go to radio, some may not. I’m really okay because this album in this independent space is about the fans so I wanna get the music to them in any way possible.

Sope: How do you feel about being independent as opposed to being on a major label? And are you open to signing another major deal in future?

Melanie: I’m open to wherever the wind takes me, this current venture with a company like Primary Wave and being able to have major distribution from BMG as an independent artist is a good lesson and good test for me. It’s also a reward and a blessing knowing I’m responsible for my choices and knowing that I have a great team around me is a blessing. But sure if the right situation presented itself with a major label I would be open to that but it has to be right. For now I’m cool.

Sope: Since you are now an independent artist who no longer has pressure from a record label, what will define success to you in regards to this new album? Especially since you’ve had Grammy nominations, hit songs in the past etc?

Melanie: I think releasing Awake will be a successful thing, just to know I released an independent project. Also some marker of success would be visiting other countries and seeing fans I’ve never performed for before. But ultimately happiness, when this is all said and done if I feel I’m happier than I’ve been before then that’s the ultimate success.

Sope: When you were on a major were there any songs from your previous albums which you felt deserved more shine and attention? Me personally I would say ‘Priceless’ from the first album and ‘Bones’ from the 2nd album.

Melanie Fiona: I feel like on The MF Life, ‘Change the Record’ with B.o.B. should’ve been a massive record. That song is one of my favourites, I love performing it. I feel like it’s a fan favourite and everytime I perform it, I can see it’s a fan favourite so I know if more people heard it, it would’ve gone a little bit further. That’s the difficulty being in a big building, you have to play by the rules a little bit and whatever song they want to put the money behind you kinda just have to go with. But I don’t knock the songs that they chose because ‘4AM’ was a great success for me. I think on the first album ‘Ay Yo’ also had the potential to be great had there been a bigger push behind it.

Sope: Before your first album arrived, you put out a brilliant remix and covers EP with The Illadelphonics, which housed an amazing stripped down version of Monday Morning. Would you be open to doing a sequel to that EP and working with The Illadelphonics again in general?

Melanie: Yeah I would love to do that again, it was a lot of fun working with Questlove and the Illadelphonics. I always feel like performing stripped down is best for me. I actually did an acoustic version of The MF Life songs too. I just love the raw instrumentation of live music and the voice so I would definitely love to do it again. Infact what I probably will do with this album Awake is more intimate venues with just a guitar because I feel this is an album that garners conversation.

Sope: I’ve noticed in a lot of your interviews people bring up the Drake connection pnly in relation to the group you had back in the day The Renaissance. But they seem to forget he wrote ‘I Been That Girl’ which was one of my favourites from the last album, so my question is when are we getting Melanie and Drake duet?

Melanie: I would love to do that, the good thing is that we’re still so young and early in our careers. It’s all love, we talk about it everytime we see each other but we both never find the time to get around to doing it. He’s so talented and so sweet so I would love to see what we could do.

Sope: What’s your take on the state of R&B today and what R&B artists are you listening to at the moment?

Melanie: My take on R&B today is that R&B is changing a lot, not to say that there isn’t classic R&B but there’s a division between what R&B is and what R&B isn’t. At the end of the day, R&B is the foundation of a lot of music, it’s very important. So this whole debate about whether R&B is dead, do people still love R&B – I feel like people are changing what their perception of what R&B is but there is still a lot of great R&B out there but you just have to find it. I’ve been listening to Emily King who’s a friend of mine. I just love her project from start to finish – it’s a true real body of work. It’s definitely soulful but some people would call it Pop yet she has a smoky jazz voice. I love her, she’s such a sweet person and her project ‘The Switch’ is truly excellent.

Sope: Anything you want to say to your fans?

Melanie: I love you, I cannot thank you enough for your support here in the UK and worldwide for my life and my living, supporting and growing with me. I make this music for you and that’s what this project is about it’s from me to you directly and I hope you enjoy it

Check out the video for Melanie’s latest single ‘Bite the Bullet’ below:

Interview by Sope Soetan (@SopeSoetan)

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Melanie Fiona returns with a bang in her new visual for Bite The Bullet, the first single from Melanie’s upcoming 3rd album Awake. Directed by her manager Carmen Murray, dressed in a dramatic black hat and a flowing  dress designed by Michael Costello the video shows a side of Melanie that we never saw before. Check out the new clips below and look out for Melanie new LP due this fall.

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It’s been a minute since we heard any new music from Melanie Fiona after she left Universal Motown Records. Now the singer/songwriter is back with an brand new song titled “Bite The Bullet,” in the heavy Caribbean influenced single Melanie sings about falling victim to a dangerous love. Melanie Fiona is currently working on her third album Awake, which will be released on Title 9 Productions/Primary Wave Music/BMG.

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Even though Melanie Fiona officially split from her label Universal the singer is not letting that stop her from making moves in her career. Melanie Fiona is taking the words from her wise boss Jay-z  and making the new rules apart of her music career, last week Melanie Fiona debuted her new video for “Cold Piece” which was funded by Pepsi and Complex. In a new interview with The Coveteur, magazine Melanie discuses her new projects in the works and her career highlights.

On signing her record deal:
“One of the most memorable experiences, absolutely, has to be signing my record deal. Not only for the reason that it was what I had been working towards all the years prior, but the story that came along with having to fly to New York to make it happen. What was supposed to be a quick hour and a half flight from Toronto, turned into a 13 hour re-route through Atlanta, an emergency medical landing because someone had a seizure on the plane, and arriving in the middle of the night without my suitcase (that the airline had lost), with no clothes to meet the President of Universal Motown Records in the morning. What started out as a disaster, turned out to be such a beautiful, life-changing moment. It always happens that way for me.”
On what’s next:
“Right now I’m in such a great place. The motto is ‘If it doesn’t make me happy, healthy, or creative, I’m not involved’. Staying on that path, I’ve been working on putting out free music for my fans, while I work on my third album. It’s a great way for me to work my inner artist and service the fans with music. I’m about to put a mini bundle of music called ‘Free Love’. I have a song out right now off that compilation called ‘Cold Piece’. In July, I was approached by Nike to be a part of their Women’s Marathon in San Francisco, this October. I was completely honored. It’s a great way for me to challenge myself in such a positive way, for such a important reason. I will be running for friend of mine who is battling cancer right now.”
On career highlights:
“Touring with Kanye West and then touring with Alicia Keys, two of my FAVORITE artists. I also got to be a part of the new ‘We Are The World’ tribute for Haiti, which was so surreal. I was singing chorus lines with Barbara Streisand, being directed by Quincy Jones!”

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Just a day after premiering her new video for “Cold Piece” Melanie Fiona announced her brand new college tour with special guest Bridget Kelly and Elijah Blake. The 5-city trek, presented by EOS Products, kicks off on Oct. 24 in Atlanta wraps  on Nov. 13 in New York City. The rumors I heard about Melanie Fiona were true, the singer has officially parted ways with her label Universal Motown she is still being manged by Roc Nation but she is working on her 3rd album independently.

Oct. 24 – Atlanta, GA
Nov. 6 – Ann Arbor, MI
Nov. 11 – Washington, D.C.
Nov. 12 – Happy Valley, PA
Nov. 13 – New York City

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Last week we showed you all some behind the scenes footage of Melanie Fiona recording her brand new video “Cold Piece” with the help of Pepsi Pulse, the Grammy award winning singer brought some of her celebrity  friends on set with her including Mateo, Luke James, and Ro James. Check out the official video below.