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Since signing to MMG singer Omarion has been on the roll with his musical comeback since the releasse of his EP Care Package Maybach O has been working hard on his new album. Today Omarion has released his brand new seductive single  titled “Paradise” produced by Young Fyre, this new single is set to appear on O’s MMG debut  Love and Other Drugs and a video for the song has already been recorded and will debut this Monday.

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Polow Da Don has been known a great producer working with artists such as Keyshia Cole, Mary J. Blige, Nelly, Keri Hilson and more, with his Zone 4 label growing Polow is ready to show off his brand new Latin artist Veronica Vegas who is ready show the world her spicy Latin flavor. read below the candid interview we had with the new singer.

YMMW: How did you get your start in the music game

Verionca Vegas: I actually 3 years ago I met Polow Da Don and thats how it started we got in the studio and started working on music.

YMMW: You are currently signed to Polow Da Don’s Zone 4 group, how did you and Polo start working together.

Veronica Vegas: I can honestly say that it was just meant to be it was just magical I saw him and said you have to hear my music after that just we just ended up working it was just meant to be it was like heaven sent/

YMMW: Sounds great, with your music having that latin feel to it, who inspired you when grown up?

Veronica: You know what I think there is way to many people to just pin point one person but as far as influences directly i would say my culture and a lot of music my parents use to listen to and my parents were a big influence in music for me in general just because they listened to so much music so to say one person in particular would be unfair.

YMMW: With being Cuban/ and Venezuelan how much of your background will be influenced by your music?

Veronica: A lot because we used a lot of sounds such as afro cuban and cuban sounds mixing it with a lot of Miami bass stuff so I feel like the way I used to listen to music growing up  and stuff from different countries we put it in my music as well I know it’s going to be heavily influenced by my culture

YMMW: being that you are a new artist how would you describe your musical sound to people who never heard your music before?

Verionica: I would say that it’s highly drum driven with a urban undertone and latin infusion it has the latin melodies and crazy drums it’s defiantly live its rhythmic and it has high energy

YMMW: You have a new single titled “Wicked” featuring Pittbull coming out soon, what will this song sound like and what made you want to have pittbull on the song?

Veronica: The song sounds like something thats never really been heard before it has a latin influence but it’s really grimy it sounds dark and bright at the same time because of the drums and the melody of it and the lyrical content on it. We decided to put Pitbull on it because we were in the studio working with him and he heard the song and he said he really wanted to be apart of the record because he liked it a lot so that day he got on the record while we were in the studio.

YMMW: Now that you are on Polo’s Zone 4 label what else can we expect from you?

Verionica: You can expect a lot of greatness being able to work with polo and his genius and doing music and his creativeness and being able to bring my culture along with his culture is basically what you can expect, you’re going to hear a twist of latin some griminess with some urban undertones and great melodies so I feel like its something that’s never been experienced before it’s going to be a shocking experience and definitely a great one.

We will be hearing a lot more from Veronica as she will be releasing her new single with Pittbull very soon and make sure you follow Veronica on twitter at @VeronicaVega

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Dawn Richard keeps giving back to the #hearts with more unreleased material from her leftover Goldenheart sessions.Just a few moments ago dawn unleashed  her new record “Bum Bum”,  but make no mistake, even the leftovers are bringing the boys around in this new record produced and written with frequent collaborator Druski.  Playing off of her Haitian and New Orleans background, the song samples the New Orleans native song, “Iko Iko” and references Sister Nancy’s popular Reggae hit “Bam Bam”.

Dawn is currently headlining her Goldenheart Tour, performing at Yoshi’s in San Francisco on March 20th and The Roxy in Los Angeles on the 26th and working on her 2nd album Blackheart.

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We were the first to give you all a sneak peak into former X-Factor Paige Thomas new buzz single “Lolli” written by Intyce and produced by the Invaders. With no time wasted Paige Thomas has unleashed the full version of her single, we will be hearing a lot more from Paige as she is also planning to release her first official single “Close Up” very soon.

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New comer Cody Kahmar made his  debut on the music scene with the release of “Hear My Call” in 2012. The song, an apologetic love anthem, showed Cody’s vulnerable side. But now he’s back… and he’s turning up the sexy with his brand new single titled “Sex In The City”

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Azealia Banks has been known to come at certain celebrities one example was earlier when she took a shot at Roc nation’s Rita Ora but today she is focusing on her music with her new single “Yung Rapunxel” the first official single off her debut album “Broke with Expensive Taste.” If you are familiar with Azealia Banks then you know her for unique style off rapping mixing house music with rap. Check out what the New York rapper has cooked up with producer Lil Internet below. As much as I like Azealia’s music this new single will have to grow on me right now I’m not really feeling it at all!

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Roc Nation’s own Bridget Kelly is getting her name out there proving to be one of today’s next great acts to keep her buzz ever higher Bridget has snagged Kendrick Lamar for her new song titled “Street Dreamin” which samples Tupac’s “Got My Mind Made Up” produced by Shea Taylor. This new song will not be included on Bridget’s upcoming debut album but you can find it on Funk Flex new mixtape “Who You Mad At? Me Or Yourself?”

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If you grew up in the 90’s and the early 2000’s than you must remember Meelah the former lead singer of the girl group 702, now that the group has disbanded after their last album Star Meelah started doing her own solo thing. With the help from her boyfriend Musiq SoulChild Meelah has unleashed her brand new single titled “More Than Meets The Eye”

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Drake is already off to a great start for his 3rd solo album  “Nothing Was the Same” with the lead single Started From The Bottom already sitting at #6 on the billboard charts and the fact almost everybody is already making their own freestyle to the song, Drake decided to put out a new song titled “5Am In Toronto.”

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Crystal Nicole is official back with brand new music and I couldn’t be more excited for this. For sometime now Crstyal Nicole has been behind the scenes writing songs for artist such as Mariah Carey, Monica, Rihanna, Bridget Kelly and a lot more talented acts, Crystal Nicole made a short appearance to the forefront with her single “Pinch Me” but since then we haven’t heard much from Crystal until today when her brand new single “Sundown” has appeared online and is now available for purchase on Itunes check out the single below.