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Sevyn Streeter shows off her acting skills once again as she plays several different characters in her video “D4L” featuring The-Dream. In the Mike Ho-directed clip, Sevyn shows off her different personas Trixy, Ms. Streeter, and Kitty.

“My song ‘D4L’ is all about keeping the spice in your relationship,” Sevyn told Billboard. “I think it’s sexy and exciting to switch up your looks and give your man different sides of you, do a little role play! I wanted to visually show the different sides that can live within any woman for her man.” Check out the visual below off Girl Disrupted, which is due early next year.

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Since dropping her Gucci Mane assisted single “Prolly” a few months back Sevyn Streeter has been on a hot streak, dropping a single every month until the release of her  debut album Girl Disrupted.

Today Sevyn takes a different approach to her song release, as she has debuted her official first single “D4L (Down For Live) featuring The Dream. Sevyn Streeter’s Girl Disrupted debut album is expected to arrive early next year. Check out the new single below.

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With her new album Girl Disrupted due out in January Sevyn Streeter is treating her fans by releasing a new song and video for each month. After unleashing her Gucci Man assisted single “Prolly” last week, the singer songwriter returns this month with the visuals to her sultry R&B track “My Love for You.”

In the new clip Sevyn & her dancers are seen showing off their smooth dance moves choreographed by the legendary Fatima Robinson, before meeting up with her bae. While premiering the new video on Complex today, Sevyn talked about her debut LP.

“My album Girl Disrupted is a musical reflection of my current mindset! Through this album, I was able to become a more honest, confident, fearless, outspoken, sexier, smarter version of myself,” Sevyn told Complex about the upcoming project. “Both ‘Prolly’ and ‘My Love For You’ were birthed from this place.” She went on to explain how the song is meant to remind us that love is out there for everyone. “‘My Love For You’ is a reminder of the kind of love we truly deserve, a declaration to your teammate, your partner, your best friend. We have all kissed a couple frogs thinking they were the one. But that shouldn’t make us jaded. Let’s celebrate love!” she said.
Check out the video below.

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Just hours after releasing her new single My Love For You, singer/songwriter Sevyn Streeter unleashed a sneak peak into the first look of her new video for the seductive single. The visual is expect to be released this Monday.Check out the preview below.

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Just a month after debuting her Gucci Mane-assisted track “Prolly,” Sevyn Streeter is back with a her new seductive single “All My Love”(My Love For You). Sevyn has a lot more to give all her fans that have been patiently waiting on the release for her debut album, which is now titled “Girl Disrupted.”

In a previous interview with Hot 97’s Nessa, Sevyn dished about the upcoming plans she has for her new music,  “All My Love” comes out next month, what we’re doing is leading up to the album releasing a song and a visual each month.” Check out the single below which dropped exclusively on Apple music.


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Earlier this morning Sevyn Streeter made her press rounds at Power 105.1 popular morning show ‘The Breakfast Club’ during the interview the Atlantic records singer/songwriter talked about her new single ‘Prolly’ featuring Gucci Mane. Sevyn also gave more information on her long awaited debut album which is now being called “Girl Interrupted.”

The interview took an interesting turn as Sevyn was asked about whether the color of her skin has ever held her back – as an artist and writer, as well as her breakup with B.o.B., cheating respectfully, being a bit of a savage and more. Check out the fun and interesting interview below.

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With only a few short days after releasing her new single ‘Prolly’ this past weekend, Sevyn Streeter wasted no time with giving her patiently waiting fans the official video for Prolly which serves as the first single off her upcoming debut album “Girl Interrupted.”

Sevyn’s long awaited debut album Girl interrupted will features productions from The Dream and Bangladesh with features from Gucci and Ty Dolla $ign.

In a recent interview with Fader magazine, Sevyn had this to say about her recent album title change.
“The title GIRL INTERRUPTED perfectly depicts where my head was while creating the album and where I am at this point in my journey. If you define the words “GIRL” and “INTERRUPTED”, you’ll see this…”GIRL: A female child.” I am no longer in that space or mindset. Naive, blaming others for where ” I ” am. I’m now confronting my issues. I’m acknowledging bad decisions that I’ve made, choices that I’ve made, people that I was involved with, perhaps that I shouldn’t have been. I’m just scrutinizing myself on a higher level. If you define the word “INTERRUPTION.” you’ll see this: Stop the continuous process of (an activity or process). So for me GIRL INTERRUPTED is a good thing, not a negative thing. I needed to be interrupted, to stop, pause, take a look, self-analyze and keep it moving”.

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It has only been a few hours after releasing her new single “Prolly” Sevyn Streeter had another surprise for her fans, the It Won’t Stop singer just announced that the video for her new single featuring Gucci Mane will debut this coming Monday, as if that wasn’t enough Sevyn also gave a quick preview of the upcoming visual.

If you haven’t heard Sevyn’s new single listen to it  here.

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Sevyn Streeter came baring gifts early! Instead of waiting for tomorrow the singer/songwriter unleashed her long awaited new single “Prolly” featuring Gucci Mane, the first single from upcoming debut album Girl Interrupted . Sevyn is currently shooting a video for the song. Check out turn-up anthem below.

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Last year Sevyn Streeter kept us all happy musically when she unleashed her latest EP Shoulda Been There Pt 1. Since then the singer/songwriter has been working hard in the studio crafting her long awaited debut album.

Just yesterday Sevyn dropped the first snippet into her new single “Prolly” featuring Gucci Mane. The new single is expected to be released this Friday. That’s not all Sevyn Streeter has in store, as she will be making her acting debut in the TVOne original movie ‘Ringside’ set to premiere next month! Check out the clip below.