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2016 saw R&B songstress Tweet releasing her along awaited third album “Charlene” which was a simply stunning piece of work that saw her in her elements delivering a honest lyrics with a smokey-sultry vocals. She went on to release an exclusive edition of the album featuring two more tracks, one being “Fool No Mo” which is one of my favourites as the song talks about reflecting on your relationship (a toxic one at that) and seeing and acknowledging the warning signs that it`s not meant to be – hanging onto a dead relationship.
“And I have the right to complain, all the years endured all the pain. You done me wrong and I can`t go on like this….”

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cover“Oops (Oh My),” singer-songwriter Tweet makes her triumphant return with her third album which is simply titled “Charlene”, which a follow up to her 2005 second album “It`s Me Again”. The album features 15 tracks inducing her singles “Won`t Hurt Me”, “Magic” and “Neva Shouda Left Ya” and the album features work from longtime friends and collaborators such as Craig Brockman, Charlie Bereal, Timbaland and Missy Elliott.

“I wanted to give up. People sending me tweets, saying they wanted me back, that kept me. It inspired me. It told me maybe I made a difference in someone’s life and I shouldn’t stop. I was inspired by that.”