Wisdom And Knowledge

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“All fear does is keep you from the highest version of yourself. You are afraid of how great you can be, not if you are great. The truth is courage, but you need the fear to introduce you to the courage, just like you need the lie to recognize the truth.

It’s all spiritual. It’s all about becoming the version of yourself that God created. You have to start listening to that intuition, that positive voice that’s within us all. It’s real! You don’t trust it because the other part sounds more believable. We’ve been taught that realistic is negative. It’s too good to be true. No, it’s too good not to be true! You change your thinking, you change your life. You got to prove to yourself that you are already what you want to be.” -Brandy 

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 I`ve decided to use this platform to celebrating some of the most impactful females of all time, so every month I`ll be putting post up a post on two females, talking about the impact they have had on me and the music industry and culture.
I want to start off the post celebrating Missy Elliott, who is truly one of the most amazing on the face of the world as she has displayed unshakable commitment to her craft and to her own truth. She fearlessly throws herself into her music allowing her listeners to connect her even more, holding nothing back. Her delivery is so sassy, soulful and raw – showcasing so much passion and personality. She is so fierce and a rare breed .

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I have nothing but love and respect Lauryn Hill and what she represents and what she has done for the music, especially with her solo debut album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”  which continues to inspire me to this day. That album is extremely personal as she draws alot of her life at that time, creating art with her truth and helping millions of people around the world to deal with theirs.

What made me love her even more is when I came across this clip of her giving a speech to some high school students when she was 25 years old, she spoke such wisdom. You can watch the rare video footage below.

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necolebitchie4“I still have so much time. I don’t want to rush just for the sake of saying, I got married. If I stood next to a woman, the same age that got married and divorced, guess what, we are both in the same boat. It doesn’t make her a better woman than me because she jumped the broom at one point, and it doesn’t make me a better woman than her just because I chased success before marriage. AT the end of the day, we both learned from our experiences and our choices. So to answer your question, just because I haven’t gotten married yet, doesn’t mean I never will. I still have a very positive outlook on what the future holds and I’m so proud of the woman I’ve become as I navigated adulthood. I went from having this long list of wants to just, ‘I want to marry someone I admire and who will walk in purpose with me.’