Syleena Johnson Talks New Movie Couples Therapy Upcoming Projects and More

Syleena Johnson Talks New Movie Couples Therapy Upcoming Projects and More

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We recently caught up with R&B diva Syleena Johnson as she was promoting her new musical-drama movie “Couples Therapy.” The film was co-produced by Syleena, directed by Tangie B. Moore, and stars herself along with other R&B artists including Leela James, Dave Hollister and Willie Taylor. In our new interview with Syleena Johnson we talked about her new film which aired on BET and how the idea to make a musical-drama came about, we also talked to Syleena about the recent cancellation of R&B divas ATL and more.

YMMW: How did the Idea to turn your current album Couples Therapy into a musical drama movie?

Syleena: It actually wasn’t my idea, it started off as a one hour special we wanted to do a series of videos, but then Tangie wanted to turn into a actual full length movie. I always write stories and she saw that and she turned that into The Couples Therapy movie.

YMMW: A lot of fans were shocked to hear that R&B Divas Atlanta was cancelled, are you done with reality TV or do you have your own show in the works planned?

Syleena:  Well I can’t tell (laughs) just like I kept this movie under wraps for so long I don’t like to talk on stuff like that because then if it doesn’t happen then you have to go and retract what you said. I’ll just say this; there is a lot that is to come. I would like to move more towards scripted material I think reality TV is awesome and it opened up a lot of doors for me to be able to do things like this, but my main focus is always to merge into scripted material. It’s a lot less dramatic and a lot less stressful, and acting has been a passion of mines since high school and it was actually my minor in college a lot of people do not know that about me but I’ve always had a love for acting so I’m really excited about the premiere of Couples Therapy.

YMMW: We know that you were recently on WE Tv’s Marriage Boot Camp, did going through that experience help bring out the best emotions when filming this musical?

Syleena:  Absolutely, the weird thing is when I was filming this movie we filmed it in the summer and my husband and I were actually going through things and I got the call from Marriage boot camp to do it, so the filming of marriage boot camp happened after filming the movie. But the album is based on me being in couples therapy before this concept even happened, my husband and I were in therapy two years prior before the album was even constructed that’s where I got the Idea from, that’s why I named the album Couples Therapy. I just took Ideas and pigged back off Ideas producers helped me write we collectively put together what you hear sonically then Tangie took what she heard and turned into this visual that you will see.

So the concept of Couples Therapy happened years ago because my husband and I literally went through some things and was still going through them during the filming and there are a lot of cool things that go on in the story that touch on real issues and relationships.

YMMW: Earlier you mentioned you wanted to get into more scripted acting, what would be the perfect role for Sylenna Johnson?
Sylenna: Couples Therapy the series (Laughs) Okay! Couples Therapy the series basically my own series and what else they want to give me. But I would to do a series, I think series are so cool I really miss the sitcoms that we used to have as children such as A Different World and Cosby’s and Martin and The Steve Harvey Show. We had so many cool black sitcoms and I am very funny, I don’t know if people know this but I am a very good comic. I feel like my field is in comedy I have to have a role somewhere but, It doesn’t matter I’ve studied all kinds of acting so I would love to do whatever I’m not picky, whatever god sends to me that’s what I will do.
YMMW: What other projects can we expect to see from you coming out this year?
Syleena: Hopefully again couples Therapy the series, more work with Tier 2 films also I have a book that is coming that is called the Weight is coming it talks about body image with women in the music industry, Mommies got soul that DVD is coming I’ve been pushing it and pushing it because I wanted to get the right the right music to it. But Who knows, I know of those things it will be coming and Chapter six we may re-release it with more material and hopefully a harmony tour with Dave Hollister and I and a Couples therapy tour so sky’s the limit there’s a lot of things in the works, there’s another tour called the takeover tour that’s being put together right now that I will be apart of if all goes right. Who knows what’s to come I’m excited for what’s to come I have a good time working in my field whatever they want to give me I will take.
You can check out Syleena’s Musical Drama Couples Therapy On BET. Check out the extended trailer below.


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