Terry Bright talks Dawn Richard, OWLS and ‘I…’

Terry Bright talks Dawn Richard, OWLS and ‘I…’

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Your Music My World loves to introduce the world to new artist. We recently sat down with up and coming crooner Terry Bright to discuss his new project, OWLS, his love for Dawn Richard and more.

YourMusicMyWorld: Hello Terry, thank you for taking the time to sit down and speak with us.
Terry Bright: Thank you for this opportunity and letting me share this moment with you thank you!

YMMW: We have been following you for quite some time now, but for those who do not know you, tell us exactly who Terry Bright is.
TB: Terry is a over all entertainer on the rise. I feel like I get better with time that’s one of my reasons why I title my first project owls ! I believe you will get to know more about me when you hear my music!

YMMW: Atlanta is home to some of the biggest talents in the music industry. Is this what prompted your move?
TB: I have a “mentor” by the name of Sean Bankhead who really advises me to really take that risk to move from Houston, TX to Atlanta! But way before that I always wanted to move there because of Laface Records all my favorite artist was sign to that label but ATL felt too small so I moved to LA from Pensacola FL then to Houston, TX.

YMMW: The new single ‘I…’ is definitely a masterpiece! What was your motivation behind the song?
TB: THANK YOU! I represent the Roman numeral for one. Also of nouns adopted from Latin ending in which represents “us”. Also I is how I feel .. I represent what I want to say but I’m afraid to say it ! The song is a narrative at the end the song the character finally reveals what he always wanted to say!

YMMW: Do you write and produce all of your own music or have a team?
TB: I write all my songs no co-writes ! Myself and best friend Rick Rose work well together for vocal arrangements! But other than that I’m just one band man ! And I would love to have like a manger and big team behind me but I know every artist have to show and prove themselves so I’m putting in my work a team will come!

YMMW: When listening to your music, I definitely hear one of my favorites Dawn Richard. What artist would you say are your biggest inspiration?
TB: YOU SAID IT !!!! A lot of artist such as Usher, Aaliyah, Brandy , Paramore, TLC, Ray Charles to name a few ! But Dawn watching her story on MTV… I related to her I been a fan since then ! She is one of favorite artist that inspires me the most and that I wanna make the most proud!! I met her before were kinda like friends in a way . She even saw my music video that I shot my myself she loved it but I wanna have that impact on someone like she been to me!

YMMW: What is the most difficult thing about being an independent artist?
TB: Trying be heard but not trying to follow the same sound! I just wanna be something that people would love to experience! I will always wanna give some kinda lesson is my music and live shows.

YMMW: What is the significance of owls?
TB: The mystery behind it and owls are lowkey just like me I’m very shy lol! Owls were used for sending messages and that what I’m going to do!

YMMW: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
TB: Hopefully with a son! Lol or twins. Alive and healthy working on being the next Will Smith and THE better Terry Bright from 5 years ago.

Let’s have a little fun.

YMMW: Salad or burger?
TB: BURGERS ! But i don’t I think about to go vegan

YMMW: You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
TB: Orange because I love oranges

YMMW: What’s your favorite ’90s jam?
TB: Everything TLC

YMMW: If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?
TB: A GATOR! Just because they been around since the Dino age and a Owl ” no rules lol”

YMMW: We have a new single, what’s in the works for you?
TB: visuals and I about to get back to acting and I wanna get on a tour i working on doing festivals.

OWLS will arrive February 16,2017
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