YourMusicMyWorld Interviews:Keri Hilson

YourMusicMyWorld Interviews:Keri Hilson

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503147-keri-hilson-aloft-portrait-617-409Alex: You named your new album “No boys Allowed” what was your inspiration behind this new
album, and what can fans expect to hear on this that is different from “In a Perfect World”?

Keri:The inspiration behind the new album stemmed from stories my girlfriends as well as my personal instances I’ve had in relationships. What it basically means is no bullshit. No more games, drama, or excuses from boys and only wanting real men. After a while it became a compilation of everything women really want to say. In regards to differences, the main difference in this album is the maturity level; since “In a Perfect World,” I’ve grown personally and professionally and I think that’s apparent in this album.

Alex: Besides Ne-Yo,Timbaland and Polo Da Don who else have you collaborated with on this album?

Keri: So many talented people have collaborated with me on this album – to name only a few, everyone from Boi-1da, J. Cole and Chuck Harmony to Kanye West, Chris Brown, and Ester Dean.

Alex: How many of the songs did you write or co-write on?

Keri: I wrote or co-wrote on all of the songs.

Alex: With In a Perfect World going Gold and getting great reviews, did you feel as though there
was a lot of pressure of making your second album even better?

Keri: Not really – that kind of pressure doesn’t really make its way into my creative process and I’ve been able to keep the first album completely separate from this one.

Alex :Have you ever written a song for an artist that you wished you would have kept for yourself?

Keri: Not at all; all the songs that I’ve written for other artists we worked to create something that molded well with them. The music I keep for myself comes from a more personal place and everything is written from my own knowledge and experiences.

Alex: With 2 albums under your belt now, can fans expect to see Keri Hilson Headlining her own tour?

Keri: From your mouth to god’s ears, hopefully soon!

Alex: With your solo career going as good as it has been, are you still writing songs for other artists?

Keri:I love collaborating with other artists so I would never completely block off any songwriting opportunities.

Alex: In your video “the Way You Love Me” and in Trey Songz “Yo Side Of The Bed” we saw a little bit of your acting side, can fans expect to see Keri in any upcoming film projects?

Keri:I never rule out any exciting opportunities so you never know!

Alex: With a successful songwriting and singing career, Will we see Keri Hilson moving her brand into managing your own artists in the near future?

Keri:With so much going on right now as a singer/songwriter, I’m planning to focus all my energy on that right now as I build my career.

Alex: Are there any artists that you haven’t had the chance but would definitely love to collaborate with?

Keri: Lauryn Hill. She’s been such an inspiration to me and has played such a role in my singing career that it would be a complete honor to work with such a legend.


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