The Real Problem With Katy Perry

The Real Problem With Katy Perry

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Katy Perry had a rough 2017 with the weak response to her current album “Witness” which is honestly her worse album to date, it was her Joanne(Lady Gaga).Everything about that era was very rushed and over-produced and uninspiring and extremely poorly put together and felt soul-less.

Her “Teenage Dream” album was hands down her greatest musical moment, producing five number one singles, which makes it the second album in history after Michael Jackson’s Bad to rack up so many number-ones on one album. She needs to take another break from the music scene and comeback when people are yearning for more and comeback with material worthy of her talent and material that pushes music forward and stop entertaining the stupid beef with Taylor Swift, make music her main focus and work with the best of the best to be able to bring out the best out of her.

And she needs to be more transparent as sometimes her persona and image can feel too forced and put on to draw attention but I know her heart is in a good place but she needs to let the gimmicks fall by the wayside and get back on track.


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