Keyshia Cole Drops An Unapologetic Single “YOU”

Keyshia Cole Drops An Unapologetic Single “YOU”

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It’s been a hot minute since we heard any new music from Keyshia Cole, but the unapologetic singer makes her musical return with the release of her newest single titled “You” which sees her teaming up with rappers Remy Ma and French Montana, it serves as the lead single from her forthcoming album that will follow up her 2014 album “Point of No Return”.

Cole bares all on this drum driven mid-tempo number as she speaks from experience as she tells her ex that is tired of being disrespected, played around and being lied to and she is done with the relationship“You picked the wrong one, yeah yeah. You picked the wrong one, baby. You just played me for the last time, I’m done fuckin’ with you.”

While it`s great hearing new music from Cole, nothing about it sounds new, it`s just same old, same old stuff but I do appreciated her honesty but I really wish she would push on forward with a different approach to her music but props to Remy who actually killed the track for


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