Is Ariana Grande The New Mariah Carey?

Is Ariana Grande The New Mariah Carey?

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oBP.1280x720Ever since Ariana Grande made the transaction from acting to launching a pop career, she has drawn alot of comparisons to the legendary diva Mariah Carey, who she also credits as her idol, saying “the best singer on the planet”.

What actually sparked the comparisons was when she recorded a version of Carey’s song “Emotions” which is one of the hardest songs sing and actually do justice, her version was almost close to the original, she hit similar notes and also showcased her solid whistle register – which became Carey`s signature vocal register ever since she came on the music scene with her classic single “Vision Of Love” .

Since then, Ariana has continued to showcase what a huge influence Carey has on her, especially with her vocal styling and has people calling her “the next/new Mariah Carey” and even saying that she is better than her as a singer, only the ignorant would even think that she is anywhere near as good as Mariah, let alone better than her : She has a much more richer, husky, smoother, lighter and colourful with great vocal control and perfect execution .
And for your information I love both singers but I`m just stating facts.*

Mimi is the blue print of this shit, same thing goes for artist like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Tina Turner, Lil Kim, Missy Elliott and many others who came before artist of today, because they are on completely different levels as they had to fight their way to the top – breaking down so many boundaries for artists to express themselves freely and boldly.

Using them as the foundation of inspiration but this generation is quick to disregard that fact and they go out their way to disrespect these artists without fully understanding that artists like Grande, Usher, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj among others who would not be where they are today without those artist paving way for them as they won`t be where they were without artists that came before them. It`s time for people to educate themselves on music and stop letting the media feed them bullshit which is based on popularity not the history of music.


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