Avant Releases 9th Studio Album “Can We Fall In Love”

Avant Releases 9th Studio Album “Can We Fall In Love”

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With 2 decades in the game, singer Avant has released this 9th studio album “Can We Fall In Love” The anticipated album from one of R&B’s most recognizable voices is available now on all streaming and download platforms, via the MO-B Entertainment/SRG ILS Group/UMG label imprint.

“CAN WE FALL IN LOVE”, is an open-letter with raw honesty and intensity. Returning once again to add his signature style, producer Travis Sayles. Featured songs such as “You Don’t Love Me No More” reminds us of the challenges of maintaining adversities in relationships, says Avant. “I was having a spat with my lady,” he recalls. “It’s so many cell phones and distractions that take away your attention from a relationship. It makes you feel like, “Am I here for the kids, the bills–what is it?’ I don’t feel that presence of love anymore. I was going with that. I wanted to make sure it had a hip hop feel to it. I could’ve made it a full R&B song, but I didn’t want to make another “Separated” either. I wanted to include old school R&B, with the harmonies and notes where they were placed with the horn. It gives you a feel of authentic soul music.”


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