Interview: Jessica Childress Talks The Voice, New Album, Following Her Dreams And...

Interview: Jessica Childress Talks The Voice, New Album, Following Her Dreams And More

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R&B singer/songwriter, Jessica Childress got her start on season 4 of the Voice, since then Jessica has been spreading the world with her rock n’ roll energy. Just recently we caught up with the singer/songwriter as she talked about quitting her job to follow her dreams,life after the Voice and Jessica even shed some light on her debut album which is dated to arrive this fall.

YMMW: You made your debut on season 4 of The Voice, how has life been as an artist since being on The Voice.

Jessica Childress: It’s been such a learning process! You think that being in the music business is about artistry and performing and it is – but there’s SO much more to it than that. And I’ve been learning a lot about all of those other things that make music a career!

YMMW: Your debut album will be released this fall, tell us a little bit about the direction you are taking with this album and what can listeners expect to hear on your debut LP?

Jessica Childress: I wanted it to be an aural snapshot into who I am as an artist and a woman in the world. It’s definitely soul music – but it’s also a little disco, a little R&B, a little singer/songwriter mixed into the soul music profile. It’s got a stripped down, raw feel to it that I think that mirrors who I am as a person.

YMMW: Before releasing your debut album, you are planning to release the 4 song remix EP, Far Awaynext month, where there be any songs on there that will give fans a glimpse of what to expect on your debut release?

Jessica ChildressYeah! The remix EP is 4 remixes of the song Far Away from the album. It was really fun to hear the different dj’s take on the song.


YMMW: Before auditioning for The Voice you took a leap a faith and quit your job to pursue a career as a singer. What advise would you give an aspiring singer who may be afraid to take that leap in life?

Jessica Childress: I would say make a plan, weigh your options and then jump! A lot of times, preparation can make you feel less fearful about taking a big risk. If you have a plan in place and some money saved, you just have to do it. Don’t wait until it “feels right” because for a lot of people that feeling may never come. Wait only until you have your plan in place, then just do it! Courage isn’t a feeling. It’s an action.

YMMW: How would has evolved most about your sound since releasing your EP Don’t Forget My Name.

Jessica Childress: My sound now is less vintage and more modern. It’s still got some vintage flair but it’s definitely something new and fresh-sounding.

YMMW: With a new album on the way, when can listeners expect to hear the album lead single?

Jessica Childress: The first single Far Away is already out! You can listen to it anywhere.

YMMW: Besides your upcoming album, what else can we expect to see Jessica Childress this year.

Jessica Childress: Playing lots of shows. Eating lots of tacos. Drinking a scotch or two. Dancing salsa.



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