Jessi Malay Talks New EP Give Me Life Being a Blogger and...

Jessi Malay Talks New EP Give Me Life Being a Blogger and Music Artist

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Get use to hearing her name a lot because singer/blogger Jessi Malay is here to let music lovers everywhere she is here to stay, we recently caught up with the singer who is now opening up for Danity Kane on their No Filter Tour. While some people may be familiar with her from her super popular fashion blog “My White T” but Jessi is more than just a fashion sensation she is also an artist who is on the rise. Check out our new interview with the artist as we talk about her transition from Fashion blogger to music entertainer.

YMMW: Many people know you as a popular fashion blogger, how has the transition been from Fashion Blogging to becoming a recording artist?
Jessi: Music and performing is actually my first passion in life! I started touring with performing groups when I was a kid, then at 14 joined a girl group called No Secrets, and we signed to Jive Records. From there, at 17 I signed with Warner Bros Records as a solo artist and was with them for almost 4 years before deciding to negotiate out of my contract. At that time I made the decision to go back to school and about a year and a half ago, graduated from UCLA. Since then I’ve been really focusing all of my attention on my music and fashion blogging.. What I love about blogging is that it’s a way to be creatively expressive on a daily basis and the turn around time is quick. With music, it’s a much longer process. It’s amazing how well people have taken to the blog, and now that I’ve finally just released my debut EP, I’m hoping people love the music just as much if not more!
YMMW: Tell us more about your new EP Give Me Life, what producers and songwriters did you collaborate with to create this project?
Jessi: Give Me Life is made up of 9 tracks, 4 previously released, and 5 brand new ones that talk about love, lust, and everything in between. I actually made the decision to work with one team on the whole project so that we could accomplish a consistent, cohesive sound from one song to the next. I collaborated with the production team BPM, which is made up of producer Brian “Deep” Watters, singer/songwriter Mika Lett, and singer/songwriter/vocal producer Phillipe “Whitey” Bianco.
YMMW:  Since being a big internet sensation with your blog My White T, do you feel like that platform has helped you grow a fan base when it comes to your music?
Jessi: Absolutely! Fashion blogging is such a great way to connect with other bloggers and fashion enthusiasts in general, and is this whole new community I’ve been able to connect with! What’s also great about blogging is that people can feel more connected to you on a personal level and on a daily basis. So now that I’m releasing my music, I feel like people will be more inclined to really give it a listen because they follow my daily life and the process I went through to get here.
YMMW:  On your new EP “Give Me Life” which song do you feel is your most personable song that fans will know more about Jessi Malay
Jessi: The most personable song on the EP is definitely ‘Thing About Love’ which is about when you meet that person that changes your life forever, then realizing even though that love can be so good, it can be so bad, and knowing that if you don’t leave, it’ll ruin you.
YMMW:  What music artists do you currently listen to that have influenced you to sing?
Jessi: I mean, is anyone on the planet not inspired by Beyonce? She’s everything and more.. I respect that woman immensely and love how she can be taken seriously as a boss and   a sex kitten.
YMMW:  In the past you have had previous records deals with Jive Records and Warner Bros with being signed what have you learned after going through those label situations that you bring into your current solo career?
Jessi: During my time at Jive and WBR I learned everything I know about the  music industry and the formal steps to take to make, release, and promote music. I learned what it takes to be at the top by witnessing the hustle of my label mates. I also got to experience what it’s like to tour and perform for 20,000 people, how to use social media as free and effective marketing, and met a lot of really amazing, talented people I am still friends with and work with till this day.
YMMW: What do you hope listener will learn about you after hearing this EP?
Jessi: I hope listeners will understand how passionate I am about my music and everything I do artistically.. My team and I really put our all into this project and we did everything from  the music, to the music videos, to booking this tour with Danity Kane completely on our own. I love what I do.. I know it’s a blessing to be able to make music my career, and I hope people can see that.
Make sure you all download Jessi new EP Give Me Life which is available on Itunes Now!


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