Kehlani Drops Her New Song – Toxic

Kehlani Drops Her New Song – Toxic

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By now we all heard the news about Kehlani and YG’s recent breakup but now, Kehlani is putting those feelings into song as she debuts her new track “Toxic” produced by G.Ry.

All of this love is toxic / All these kisses and hugs ain’t no shit / You a damn drug, you’re toxic,” she sings before addressing her ex. “I was this way for you / Put the pussy away for you / Thinkin’ I would wait for you / And that damn Don Julio made me a fool for you.” Sings Kehlani on the new self penned track.

Last month, Kehlani revealed that she has finished recording her new album, which follows her 2017 debut SweetSexySavage. She is also planning to hit the road with Justin Bieber on his “Changes Tour,” starting May 14 in Seattle.


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