Kirby Releases New Single Break Her Heart For Me

Kirby Releases New Single Break Her Heart For Me

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Kirby told us how she is tired of men acting like boys, now the singer/songwriter is back again with her follow up single “Break Her Heart For Me” taken from her forthcoming EP “Sis, He Wasn’t the One”, a part two to 2020’s much-celebrated “Sis” EP. KIRBY’s efforts to detail the trappings of relationships are once again unmatched on “Break Her Heart for Me”, her falsetto vocals yielding and soulful to match the candor in her lyrics.

“”Break Her Heart For Me” is the post-break-up warning to all my ex’s: I know we might be over, but don’t forget how much I know. It’s my ego’s way of trying to woo a lover back with ultimatums. Yes it’s petty… but when you learn someone’s not perfect they seem to portray themselves as such in their next relationship, and you’re tempted to call their bluff. So instead of posting screenshots on my IG story or leaving comments on his pictures from my burner account, I decided to write a song about it. A heartbreak anthem – sung with a lot of “I wish a n**** would“ energy. It’s like a beautifully sung ransom letter.” Said Kirby about her new single.

The “Sis, He Wasn’t the One” EP is just the latest step in KIRBY’s ever-expanding catalogue, and her newest foray into showing listeners her original sound as the “granddaughter of soul.” With a coveted support slot on the John Legend’s forthcoming US tour this autumn (live dates here) expect to hear much more in the coming months.

“Sis, He Wasn’t The One” EP tracklist

1) Love Song
2) Leon Pt. 2
3) Break Her Heart For Me
4) Coconut Oil
5) Boyz II Men
6) Lately
7) Wish I Loved
8) Blame The Internet
9) First
10) Friends


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