New Music Asiahn – Gucci Frames

New Music Asiahn – Gucci Frames

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Singer/Songwriter Asiahn first caught our eye with her EP love train 1 & 2, with her new deal with Motown records Asiahn is back with her brand new song “Gucci Frames” featuring Grandmastervick.

Gucci Frames” looks back on the people we’ve all left behind, the friends whose toxicity dragged us down, the hangers-on who always want to be there for our highs but never feel like staying for our lows. Asiahn says, “Like, no, you weren’t a great friend to me before, so I don’t want you to be a great friend to me now. This is me saying: ‘I’m so sorry, I can’t see you with my Gucci frames on!’” Check out the new song below.


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