New Music: Kirby Releases New EP “Sis. He wasn’t the one”.

New Music: Kirby Releases New EP “Sis. He wasn’t the one”.

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Today, singer and songwriter KIRBY releases new EP “Sis. He wasn’t the one”. The 10-song EP is dedicated to documenting the thorny and complex side of relationships for women struggling with unequal partnerships, unrequited love and complex feelings of self-worth.

KIRBY shares candid stories of lows in modern love based off of her own experiences, songs that she would detail in private for therapeutic means, rather than shun those experiences, KIRBY delicately encourages us to bring our hurt into the open, rather than conceal out of shame. “I guess it was just on my heart to tell those stories and not just start with how it ended.” The EP’s 6th track, “Lately”, is one of the best examples of the artist’s “commitment to soul”, a standout featuring acclaimed artist BJ The Chicago Kid. The track is underscored by backing containing plucking guitar strings, choral-esque harmonies and xylophone taps of the oldies, KIRBY gives name to moments of weakness in relationships. ‘I get lonely /that’s when you call me/ I see it so clearly/ All that I want for me is you” she sings, tapping into the vocals and song structure of musical predecessors like D’Angelo.

BJ The Chicago Kid’s melodic voice beautifully compliments KIRBY’s, creating a luxurious soundscape that’s as smooth as honey. The exhilarating, elastic funk of the previously released “Coconut Oil” and the anthemic, retro R&B of “Boyz II Men” showcase the breadth and scope, and another highlight is the EP’s opening track, “Love Song”. The song is a delicate ballad and a whisper of a track just shy of 2 minutes. Still, KIRBY manages to pack a swelling, affecting instrumental into a track that communicates its mournful tone, sprinkling in piano notes amongst orchestral strings, transporting the listener.


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