Sevyn Streeter Debuts Prolly Video Feat Gucci Mane

Sevyn Streeter Debuts Prolly Video Feat Gucci Mane

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With only a few short days after releasing her new single ‘Prolly’ this past weekend, Sevyn Streeter wasted no time with giving her patiently waiting fans the official video for Prolly which serves as the first single off her upcoming debut album “Girl Interrupted.”

Sevyn’s long awaited debut album Girl interrupted will features productions from The Dream and Bangladesh with features from Gucci and Ty Dolla $ign.

In a recent interview with Fader magazine, Sevyn had this to say about her recent album title change.
“The title GIRL INTERRUPTED perfectly depicts where my head was while creating the album and where I am at this point in my journey. If you define the words “GIRL” and “INTERRUPTED”, you’ll see this…”GIRL: A female child.” I am no longer in that space or mindset. Naive, blaming others for where ” I ” am. I’m now confronting my issues. I’m acknowledging bad decisions that I’ve made, choices that I’ve made, people that I was involved with, perhaps that I shouldn’t have been. I’m just scrutinizing myself on a higher level. If you define the word “INTERRUPTION.” you’ll see this: Stop the continuous process of (an activity or process). So for me GIRL INTERRUPTED is a good thing, not a negative thing. I needed to be interrupted, to stop, pause, take a look, self-analyze and keep it moving”.


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