Depression Is TOO Real

Depression Is TOO Real

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“Attention is expensive to pay, I can’t get by on minimum wage. Been dealing with this venomous rage, since I was under the age, I’ve been under the influence of pain.”-Jhene Aiko

For most of my life I have dealt with depression but I hidden it deep down inside and never really accepted it until recently where things literally hit the fans and my depression surfaced in so many negative situations that could`ve seen me end my life. I have been burnt so many times this year that shit was too much, I could easily seen myself literally floating away and releasing all of this pain but I am blessed to have some good friends who have can I help me accept depression for what it is but not let it have so much power over me because when dealing with limiting situations those are nothing more than test, falling and passing doesn`t matter it`s about pushing forward and learning unseen lessons that show themselves later on in life. Depression won`t get the best of me again and destroy my reality and dreams I want to achieve and a life I want to live, I just need started living.




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