PhotoShop: Mary J. Blige Covers Vibe Magazine

PhotoShop: Mary J. Blige Covers Vibe Magazine

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Vibe is celebrating their 20th year anniversary and what better way to show off their long run of existence than have the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul cover their new issue. In the new issue Vibe talks to Mary J. about everything from her style, her evolution of music who is she liking right now in R&B  and more.

Let’s talk about current R&B. How do you feel when you turn on the radio?

Maybe in 2012, in the middle, I was like, “What is going on? What is this?” Things got worse before they got better. I think things are going in the right direction. I am so proud of what Rihanna is doing.

Wait, really?

Yes. She is speaking to her generation, and she’s living her life in front of them. I don’t even think she’s purposely doing it (7). She’s such a beautiful girl, and I don’t think she knows she’s that beautiful (8). She’s just living her life, and leading her generation, and she has great, great songs. Her career is amazing; and her team, obviously, is amazing.

People give her a hard time because of the whole Chris

They give her a hard time because she’s living her life. As long as she’s having fun and isn’t three minutes away from wanting to shoot herself, good! I want her to be happy. That’s impressive to me. And I love her songs. Adele also gives me hope. God bless Amy Winehouse. She was just the perfect thing.

What about male artists?

Drake is amazing. He is an amazing writer: great songs, great melodies. And Kendrick Lamar has a classic album right now. Classic. It’s like The Chronic. I’m not saying it is The Chronic. But you know how that album felt like a movie, with a beginning, middle and an end? His album has that same thing. I also love Bruno Mars. They need to take him seriously. He. Is. A. Problem. And Miguel is amazing. His voice; his writing. All of his songs are beautiful. He is pure inspiration.

So where is your head at these days? The last album, the last two, were your “Mary’s Happy Now” moment. What about now?

I’m all about making the right kind of music for where I’m at in my life right now, and where I’m going. I’m wrapping my mind around it, and thinking about what people need from me right now.




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