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With only a week left until new comer August Alsina drops his debut album ‘Testimony’ the New Orleans native gives his fans a insight into his life with his new album trailer.  In the trailer August describes how every song on the album is a piece of him, not only does August give his fans a look into his life but he also previews some of the songs that will be included on his debut album arriving in stores April 15h.


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Last night August Alsina made his Late night Television debut on The Aresnio Hall Show, with only a few weeks until August will release his anticipated debut album ‘Testimony’ the singer performing a medley of his singles “Make It Home” and “I Luv This Sh*t.”  After his great performance August sat down with Aresnio about his journey to stardom and a little about his brother. Check out the amazing performance and interview below.

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August Alsina is heating up the bed room with his new sexy Jasper Cameron-produced song “Kissing On My Tattoos” which will appear on his upcoming debut album “Testimony” due in stores April 15th. Something about August he has not let me down when it comes to his music it just keeps getting better, which is why I can’t wait to hear his debut album. Check out the single below.

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Right now August Alsina debut album ‘Testimony” is available for pre-order along with the free track Benediction featuring Rick Ross which comes with the album pre-order. Check out the full song below and make sure you all support August Alsina when his albums drops April 15th.

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With his debut album arriving in stores April 15th August Alsina blessed his fans with a two minute preview of his new song titled “Benediction,” which pays tribute to his late brother and also tells his story of survival. The song which features Rick Ross will be available if you pre-order his debut Testimony on iTunes this Tuesday.

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After having much success of his 2013 EP Downtown: Life Under the Gun, August Alsina is ready to unleash his full debut album ‘Testimony,’ due out April 15th. August Alsina dedicated his new album to his late brother Melvin, Testimony features guest appearances from Yo Gotti and  Jeezy, with production from Eric Hudson, Drumma Boy, Jasper Cameron, and The Exclusives.

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August Alsina is ready to claim 2014 as his year, with leaving 2013 with much buzz with the release of   EP Downtown: Life Under the Gun, August Alsina is now working on releasing his debut LP Testimony. Today the New Orleans native has unleashed his new single titled “Make It Home” featuring Jeezy and co-written by The Exclusives and produced by The Featherstones. August channels all his struggles that he experienced growing up into his new single. Check out the song below.

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August Alsina is not leaving the new year without giving his fans his last visual for 2013, today the New Orleans native has unleashed his brand new video for “Don’t Forget About Me” produced by Eric Hudson. The video portrays the importance of loved ones being taken care of prior to his current successes.

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1116-e1337146493709As we continue to bring you all the hottest up and coming talent we recently talked to New Orleans singer August Alsina who recently released his brand new mixtape “The Product,” during this interview we talked to August about his upbringing in music along with what inspired him during making this mixtape. Check out the interview and leave me your thoughts.

1. For those who ma be new to you how Did you get your start in singing
At about 14-year-old, I discovered my passion for music with the help of Lauryn Hill’s “Sister Act 2”. I later started posting videos/clips of me singing on YouTube. Eventually they caught a buzz, & I’m at this point now…Just grinding.

2. We just listened to your new mixtape The Product which shows a lot about who you are as an artist, but how would you describe your sound as an artist?
I just do music & I don’t really like to give the “R&B” tag because there’s some shit that comes along with it that ain’t me (IE: manicured, Perfect Angels etc.). I just do what makes me feel good. I stay true to my background & where I come from and I speak real life stories that young niggas like myself actually go through.

3. What made you made your mixtape The Product?
Product: A substance that is produced during a natural process. This mixtape was more of tastemaker to the public for me. It allows people to get a feel for me, see if they fuck with it & either get hooked or say it’s wack! Real similar to the way you’d push some work in the streets. Thats the way my team and I are doing it.

4. New Orleans is well known for being the hometown of Louis Armstrong, the Young Money record label and Lloyd – to name a few – is it a competitive place to start a music career?
Not at all…It’s never a competition thing for me. I do what I do & stay in my lane. It’s more so a motivation to me to surpass/reach the success that all of them have had. Knowing that we all come from the same place & background, they show me that it’s possible

5. You just released the video for Sucka which has been described as an “anti-love jam”, tell us a little bit more about the meaning of this song?
“Sucka” is simply a song that describes the ‘sucka’ ass niggas that are unfortunately apart of planet Earth. A situation happened that inspired it so I partnered up with my homey/writing partner, Sean-Pen of the Exclusives, and made it happen. Hoping to spread the awareness to the ladies of the Bitch-Ass-Ness that goes on with some of these dudes out here and hopefully inspiring these “SUCKAS” to change their character.

6. You released your mixtape ‘The Product’ which holds a personal significance to you since the departure of your brother who was gunned down in New Orleans in 2010. What do you think he would be most proud of you about this new project and what you are doing right now in your life?
He’d be proud of me being “Self Made” and staying true to myself through it all. As of now, I’m just working in order to reach the next level.

7. What was life like growing up in New Orleans and how do you think it influenced your music?
Growing up in New Orleans gives you a different feel/demeanor than anybody in the world has. I love my city and I hold it close to my heart. If it wasn’t for New Orleans, I wouldn’t be who I am now and my music wouldn’t sound the same. The culture, the way we do things, the negative & the positive, is all influential to myself and my music.

8. Now that your mixtape is out what can we expect to see next from you?
You can expect to see me in these streets, working 10 times harder than before. Working on new music, new ideas… My mind never stops! You gotta outwork these other dudes. I’m about to re-release The Product with no DJ too, because that’s what the fans are asking for. I might throw on a new track too. Plus, you’ll hear a collab with me and Juve droppin’ before Memorial Weekend. That will be the first single from the next mixtape.