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It takes a lot of balls to make a song about your ex-girlfriend and then turn it into a cinematic video. That’s exactly  what Big Sean did for his third single ‘Ashley’ featuring Miguel, the Detroit rapper wrote the song about his high school sweetheart before they split up. Big Sean ex plots to kidnap and kill him after being violently attacked in his garage, Big Sean is tied up and taken to a motel. Things get a lot more twisted after that but you have to watch the video to see what I mean.

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This Labor day weekend Big Sean released his brand new video for his newest street single “10 2 10″ off his sophomore album Hall Of Fame.” Big Sean shot the Mike Waxx and Mike Carson directed video in Hawaii check it out below and Big Sean talks about his hometown of Detroit through a horn speaker.

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I hated Big Sean’s debut album, “Finally Famous”.

Sure if you read the review I did on it, it doesn’t seem like I truly hated it. But as I  look back on the album as a whole, the album just didn’t do it for me.

Sure he still had his punchlines  that he showcased on his mixtapes (whether you think they were corny or not is another story). But the beats on the album weren’t that good (“Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay” was particularly God awful) and after listening to the album, I was left with the question of exactly what type of artist was Big Sean? Who was his he trying to target? How would he be remembered years from now?

I still don’t know the answers to that question.

So I was particularly wary of checking out his mixtape, “Detroit” that dropped last year. I was convinced that it would fall into the range of either being horrible (“Finally Famous” the album) or aiight (his previous mixtapes). But at the urging of my friend, I decided to check it out.

And I’m glad I did.

“Detroit” was what his debut album should’ve been. The mixtape had an overall theme that was prevalent throughout the songs. There weren’t any songs that wanted to make me punch a wall. And the beats didn’t make me want to toss my iPod out my car window. Once the year was over, “Detroit” stood tall as being one of my favorite mixtapes of the year.

That’s not necessarily a good thing though.

Now that I’ve seen that Big Sean was capable of releasing a project of that caliber, I expect him to fully back it up with his sophomore effort, “Hall of Fame”. I expect him to make me forget about the mediocrity bullshit that was his debut album just like I expect to see some growth from him as an artist. I expect him to show me that he’s able to pick the right beats that match his style and for me to thoroughly enjoy the album.

Boy was I wrong.

When I review an album or mixtape, I listen to it three times. Three chances for the artist to impress me. After the first listen, I was like “aw ok. I guess. At least it sounds better than ‘Finally Famous’”. After the second listen, I said to myself “God this is just awful!” By the third and final listen I was completely through with Big Sean and ultimately myself for falling into his trap. Once again he tricked me. Got me all hype for a good album only to be treated to this disjointed hot mess.

“Hall of Fame” follows a blueprint that a lot of mainstream albums follow nowadays. Instead of being focused on crafting an album with a cohesive theme throughout the songs, Big Sean is only focused on creating an album with a hodge podge of songs that can possibly pass off as hit singles. Although there are some lines that are suspect (“I wake up and treat the day like Rack History Month”), Big Sean shows that he has some type of lyrical ability and is capable of inserting catchy catchphrases and one liners in his songs. And that’s great if you’re featured on songs with other artists (let’s be real he did shine on “Clique”). But when he’s the main focus of an album, he falters to keep me as a listener interested because of the lack of diversity in his subject matter. We get it: you got money, you trying to get more money, you’re fly, and you love having sex with women. What else do you have to offer?

Despite my displeasure with the album, my biggest WTF moment came when I heard “Milf”. There’s no doubt in my mind that this will be played in clubs across the country and some women will toss their hands in the air, proclaiming that this is their song. But I’m not one of those women. I don’t know what’s worse: the song title, the chorus with the annoying kids, or Nicki Minaj’s verse (seriously what the hell?). Besides the fact that this song may possibly find some mainstream success like “A$$” did (another song I detested), there’s nothing positive to say about this song.  It’s an entire mess and should’ve never seen the light of day.

During a time where the class of new rappers show progression as an artist on their sophomore albums, Big Sean disappoints. After being pleasantly surprised by his mixtape “Detroit”, my expectations were set very high for “Hall of Fame”. While others may be happy with this album and want to deem it a classic, Big Sean failed to impress me & simply regressed back to the artist that I saw on “Finally Famous”: catchy/suspect one liners & subject matter that was in desperate need of a sprinkle of diversity. Maybe third times a charm?

Rating: D

Favorite Song: “10 2 10”



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Only one week until Big Sean will release his sophomore album Hall Of Fame the G.O.O.D music rapper has releases his most talked about recorded titled “Ashley” which was dedicated to his ex girlfriend. In the new track Big Sean raps about the good times he has had with his ex along with apologizing for mishaps in the relationship Big Sean and Miguel have recorded a video for the new single take a listen to the song below.

Song via NB

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With Big Sean releasing his new album Hall Of Fame on the 27th the G.O.O.D music rapper has revealed the official tracklisting to his upcoming album with guest features from Lil Wayne, Jhene Aiko, Nas Kid Cudi, Miguel, Nicki Minaj and Juicy J.
1. “Nothing Is Stopping You”
2. “Fire”
3. “10 2 10″
4. “Toyota Music”
5. “You Don’t Know”
6. “Beware (feat. Lil Wayne & Jhene Aiko)”
7. “First Chain (feat. Nas & Kid Cui)”
8. “Mona Lisa”
9. “Freaky”
10. “Milf (feat. Nicki Minaj & Juicy J)”
11. “Sierra Leone / Greedy Ho’s”
12. “It’s Time (feat. Jeezy & Payroll)”
13. “World Ablaze (feat. James Faunlelroy)”
14. “Ashley(feat. Miguel)”
15. “All Figured Out”

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Just days after releasing his new song “Fire” the G.O.O.D music rapper has released his official video which features a cameo from Miley Cryus in support of his upcoming Hall of Fame album. Arriving August 27.

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Next month Big Sean will release his sophomore album ” Hall Of Fame” just last week the G.O.O.D music rapper revealed the official cover art to his upcoming album, this week Big Sean has released another track from his upcoming album titled “Fire.”

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Just yesterday night Big Sean announced that his new album Hall of Fame is due in stores August 27, with not hesitation the G.O.O.D Music rapper released his first single “Beware” featuring Lil Wayne & Jhené Aiko produced by KeY Wane. Big Sean’s sophomore album will also feature guest appearances from Nas, Miguel, and possible collaborations from Eminem and Adele.

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Still riding the success from his 2012 mixtape, Detroit, G.O.O.D. Music artist Big Sean dropped the debut single for his sophomore offering, Hall of Fame. The track, “Switch Up” features Common and was produced by Million $ Mano, No I.D., and Rob Kinelski. Check out the single below.

Thoughts? From one listen fresh off of my off day nap I don’t hate it. Maybe I need a few more listens to love it. And after loving Detroit, I’m actually looking forward to this album. Hall of Fame is scheduled to drop later this year.