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brandy-london-jen-kao-black-origami-fold-dressWhile returning to London after 4 long years to perform at the UK Live music showcase Musicalize , Brandy caught up with press from various outlets and YourMusicMyWorld was in the building. During this new interview we flipped the script on Brandy by asking her some questions that a lot of people don’t really ask her. Check out what B had to say and find out what music acts Brandy would join forces with for a R&B super group.

Sope: Hi Brandy how are you today? Enjoying your stay in London?

Brandy:  I love London. I need time here to work and play because such it’s a great place and I want to see everything. I want to sing and do everything.

Sope: Well I’m going to take a unique turn and ask questions that aren’t so generic.

Brandy:  Good! I’ll take that turn with you.

Sope: In recent years Mary J. Blige and Alicia Keys have celebrated albums deemed as iconic in their catalogue by performing the entire album as a concert and since your ‘Never Say Never’ and ‘Full Moon’ albums are often seen as classics, would you ever see yourself performing one of those albums as a full-length concert?

Brandy: That’s a great idea and I didn’t know that they did that so I should *speaks to herself* “Get on it lady!”

Sope: My choice is ‘Full Moon’ but it’s your choice. The ‘Like This’ song is my favourite.

Brandy: *Sings snippet of ‘Like This’*. Yeeees what you know – you look a little young to know about that song!

Sope: Tyrese, Tank & Ginuwine have had huge success with their group project ‘Three Kings’ recently so would you consider doing something like that with two other females and if so who would you pick?

Brandy: You know I had that idea a while back and it was so funny, I asked around to see who would be interested and I didn’t get a lot of good responses because I definitely reached out to those artists who are solo artists and you know solo artists want to stay solo artists so I completely understand and respect that. But I don’t know who do you think would be a good suggestion?

Sope: I would pick Tamia.

Brandy: Tamia! She’s awesome. I almost cursed that’s how amazing she is.

Sope: Tamia & Melanie Fiona

Brandy: That’s such a cute group. Melanie Fiona is amazing and she’s so sweet.

Sope: My final question is and this may throw you off a little but ‘Brokenhearted’ is one of your most often covered songs by YouTube artists and aspiring artists, so I’m just wondering why haven’t you performed that recently and would you consider putting that back in your set list?

Brandy: I need to actually perform that song. A friend of mine has been trying to get me to perform that song for a while and I need to just go head on, buckle down and do it – no excuse!  I definitely will consider that. There are a lot of songs I need to do.

Sope: I could give you a list but we don’t have time! ‘Put That On Everything’, ‘Follow Me’  but that’s unreleased.

Brandy: See! – All those things. I just need to do a whole two hour concert huh?

Sope: ‘How High’ even.

Brandy: I wrote ‘How High’ and that’s a special one because I actually penned that one so I feel great about it!

Sope: And you did your thing on that especially in the rap.

Brandy: Thank you, you liked the rap? I got to Bran’Nu back to life because you know she’s gone but I got to bring her back.

Interview by Sope Soetan (@SopeSoetan)

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Last night Brandy had her first concert in London in over 6 years  and the house was packed! Brocka performed a string of her hits and even some new songs from her album Two Eleven. During her set Brandy got a little emotional from the crowd while singing her song “When You Touch Me” from her Full Moon album. Check out the clip below and look out for our interview with B coming later today.

Video Via trueexclusives

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Across the water singer/songwriter Jessie J is celebrating the release of her new album ‘Alive’ performing at this years Itunes Festival. To give the concert goers their money worth Jessie J brought out R&b sensation Brandy to perform their duet song “Conquer The World.” Check out both ladies belting out the big ballad.

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Next week Jessie J will release her sophomore album “Alive” which will be available everywhere expect the US, and while her singles have not been very outstanding the most anticipated collaboration from her album has leaked. Jessie J’s and Brandy’s most talked about song “Conquer The World” produced by Claude Kelly  has hit the internet last night.

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Last week Friday Brandy performed in front of a sold out crowd at the TLA here in Philly and boy did the stars come out that night, including a special performance from new comer Luke James Philly’s own GoGo Morrow  and Jazmine Sullivan who did not perform but came out to see her favorite singer Brandy perform.

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Last night Brandy came back to philly to give her fans the best show ever at the TLA. During her set Brandy performed a lot of her past hits such as He Is, What About Us, Angel In Disguise, Baby, and then some of her new songs from Two Elven Do You Know What You Have, Let Me Go, Put It Down, Wildest Dreams and more. Check out some of the footage from last night if you were not in the building.

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While the promotion for her comeback album “Two Eleven” was a little disappointing Brandy still continues to plug her album with her latest stop at the BET Honors award show. Unlike her most recent appearances decided to finally five Put it down and Wildest Dreams  a rest and  gave us a vocal slaying performance for her song “Without You”  I’m hoping Brandy decides to finally release this song as a single because she really killed this performance her vocal ability while singing this song was truly magical but we can only wait and cross our fingers B and her team start doing more with this album.

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With only 2 days away until the 2013 BET honors awards show airs on television, Brandy has taken the time to share a short clip of herself performing her song Without You which will air on television Feb. 11th at 9 PM. Hopefully after this performance Brandy will finally release a brand new single which is long overdue. Check out the clip below.

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While Brandy has yet announced a new single from her new album Two Eleven she still finds some type of way to keep her fans happy. Brandy has released this new behind the scenes clip of herself singing His Eye Is On The Sparrow during the day of her show at the Best Buy Theater in NYC. If you live in Philly or don’t mind traveling to Philly Brandy will be in town performing at the TLA March 1st, tickets go on sale tomorrow.

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Brandy has been a bit busy lately after her recent engagement to her long time boyfriend Ryan and filming BET’s hit series The Game, Brandy has also been rehearsing for some upcoming concert dates supporting her new album Two Eleven. In this new clip Brandy is seen performing one of my favorite songs on her album “Scared Of Beautiful” written by Frank Ocean. Check out the clip below.

I love Brandy with all my heart but I really wish she would do more promotion for this album it was a very solid release for her not to promote it I haven’t heard anything about a third single at all but hopefully we will hear something soon because with Lady Gaga, Beyonce making their highly anticipated return to music Brandy’s comeback might be short lived but I’m hoping Brandy and her team does not let that happen