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After impressing a lot of her fans and non listeners with her solo debut album Goldenheart, we were all excited to see what direction Dawn Richard would be taking with her follow up album ‘BlackHeart.’ Before Dawn Richard had the chance to release her video for Riot/ Northern Lights Dawn decided to change things in her camp bycutting ties with producer and songwriter Drew Scott, but to our surprise Dawn hooked back up with her girl group Danity Kane. Since DK reunited people were left wondering what would happen to BlackHeart since contributing to her kickstarter campaign, in a recent interview with Billboard magazine Dawn Richard spilled some information on why she stopped production on Black Heart.

“This was a decision that wasn’t a music decision — this was a personal decision,” Richard tells Billboard. “It came out of left field, and it was hard at first, because the momentum was really great and it would have been perfect to drop ‘Blackheart,’ but I wasn’t looking at it for selfish reasons. My girls asked me to come back, and I had to pay homage to the fact that there wouldn’t be ‘Goldenheart’ if there wasn’t Danity Kane.”

“It’s a respect level,” she says. “If people come to you and tell you that they’re willing to put everything in their lives on hold as well to do something bigger, you have to make a choice whether you want to be selfish or selfless… I’m choosing to put people who helped start my career first. Danity Kane will come first, and it will be fantastic. I believe in this group.”

When Billboard asked Dawn about an upcoming Danity Kane album the singer had this to say.

There is no timetable for an album release, but Richard says that the group has enough material to put out a finished full-length immediately.

The ladies of Danity Kane are expected to make a special announcement next month but until then enjoy the recent footage we caught DK performing their new song All in A Day’s Work.

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Dawn Richard has been quite busy these days.  Aside from recording “Blackheart”, the follow up to the chart topping and critically acclaimed “Goldenheart” album, Dawn has been in the studio lately with the girls of Danity Kane recording, writing, and preparing for a revolutionary comeback.  While in the studio, Dawn decided to do her own remix version of Katy Perry’s newest hit Dark Horse.


“It’s always fun to be in the lab with NoisecastleIII. We were working on the Danity Kane project and decided to randomly take a break and this happened lol… For shits and giggles… Something only the hearts can appreciate. We always do things with our little twist. Done in true heart music form.” Says Dawn

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While Danity Kane may not have released any new music yet, but that does not stop member of the group Dawn Richard from reaching into her vault of music and unleashing a unheard song to her fans. This new song Levitate is from her Goldenheart/Blackheart recording sessions. While most people are saying “Where is the new Danity Kane music” the group are expected to announce a new label deal soon so hopefully after that is announced the new music will come.

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After a year of her debut solo album “GoldenHeart” has been released and a change of management the hearts have a lot to be happy for this New Year day as Dawn Richard video for “Northern Lights / Riot has officially be released. Dawn originally planned to release the visual back in  May but things were put on hold after she parted ways with her production partner Druski. The video picks up where “’86″ left off and marks the second and third chapters in her visual choreography film.

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Dawn Ricahrd maybe back with her Danity Kane girls but she has not forgotten the hearts that supported her solo career everywhere, the singer/songwriter decided to give back this Thanksgiving with a brand new track titled “Love RollerCoaster.” This song is cute showing another side of Dawn still sad that we won’t get anymore solo songs or videos from her but I am happy Danity Kane is back I just can’t wait till they drop their new music next year.

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While working hard in the studio creating music with Danity Kane, Dawn has not neglected her hearts as she decided to release a unheard song titled “Fade” produced by Noisecastle III. In the new track Dawn sings about a love that slipped away. Even though the girls of Danity Kane were no able to perform at 923 scream concert they are still working on releasing their new single “Rage” produced by Stereotypes. Check out the new song from Dawn below.

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This past Monday Dawn Richard released two new  singles “Judith” and “Valkyrie” off her upcoming album BlackHeart, now the singer/songwriter is back again this time with the help of her friend JoJo for the remix of Valkyrie (Art Of War Remix) produced by Noisecastle III. Listen two the ladies collaboration below.

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Dawn Richard slows things down in her new single “Judith” one of the two new songs the singer decided to release today off her upcoming album BlackHeart.  Judith  was inspired by the Gustav Klimt painting “Judith.” “It’s the story of a painting that is priceless and quite iconic being forgotten after being hung in a home too long,” said Dawn. Along with working hard on her second album Dawn has reunited with her girls of Danity Kane and it has been rumored that the girls will be appearing on the 2013 VMA stage to officially announce their comeback.

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Last night at midnight Dawn Richard decided that she couldn’t release not one but two of her brand new singles “Valkyrie” and “Judith” from her upcoming sophomore album BlackHeart due out this October. Valkyrie was written by Dawn and produced by Noisecastle III, check out the the song below  which is a little more upbeat than “Judith” and also  features Dawn’s  beau Deonte.

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Not long after debuting her cover art for her new single “Judith” Dawn Richard wasted no time with revealing the official single cover to her song “Valkyrie” photographed by Solmaz Saberi. “Valkyrie” was written by Dawn and produced by Noisecastle III. Dawn held a contest on her kickstarter asking her fans to help her choose the next single to be lifted off her project “BlackHeart” Dawn will reveal the winning song on August 19th. In other Dawn News it has been rumored that Danity Kane will reunite the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.