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Today it was announced that the multi-talented Dawn Richard has signed a new deal with Merge Records. After a few LP’s and EP’s releases with the Local Action label, the New Orleans artist will release her next full-length on Merge worldwide in 2021.

I set out a long time ago to create a lane where genre was optional. Where a Black woman could thrive in electropop and Afrofuturism unapologetically. This record has been such a cathartic experience. To create an immersive story highlighting New Orleans culture through a futuristic lens has just been… a wild-ass ride. I’m stoked to take the wild ride with Merge, and hopefully the world wants to jump on, too. I plan to reshape the way people see and hear New Orleans. Hope you ready? Said Dawn when talking about her new label deal.

When she’s not giving us bops Dawn continues to give her hometown of New Orleans healthy food options with her Eco-Friendly Food/ Art Experience Papa Ted’s

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While touring with her bandmates of Danity Kane, Dawn hasn’t given up on her solo efforts. Today the NOLA singer announced her new project dropping Jan 25th. With the announcement made via Twitter, Dawn also surprised her fans as she released the project first single ” New Breed.”

While premiering the new song Dawn talked about the influence of her new LP, “it’s been 3 years since I’ve released the heart trilogy. I debated about putting out another project because being indie is not easy. I went back home to New Orleans and realized how much this city has shaped me into the woman I am and how much I missed the girl I was before the industry shit. New Orleans has been so much more than just a city for me. So here is a small project about what it means to be a ninth ward girl from jonlee before the industry shit.


new breed Tracklisting

1. “the nine (intro)”
2. “new breed”
3. “spaces”
4. “dreams and converse”
5. “shades”
6. “jealousy”
7. “sauce”
8. “vultures | wolves”
9. “we, diamonds”
10. “ketchup and po boys (outro)”


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D∆WN is already feeling summer vibes. Continuing to give her fans new music the NOLA native released her new song Bonfire. I’m loving the new songs D∆WN has been releasing lately my most favorite being WAVES. I hope D∆WN is planning to drop a new full length project soon showcasing the new sound she has created with her recently released tracks.

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DΔWN is taking a stand for whats right as she calls for gender equal pay on her new track WAVES.

“I promised that I would release new music when I had shit to say,” DAWN wrote. “This is for every woman underpaid, underappreciated, undervalued and undermined… the underdog. ‘get cocky wit yo wave.’” Said DΔWN as she released the track via Twitter.

I really enjoyed this song! DΔWN has always been that artists who continues to evelove musicallly and isn’t afraid to try new sounds. With this new song WAVES  I feel this is the lane she should continue to go with her music. It has everthing that we love about DΔWN’s sound yet, it also has that mainstram appeal that could take DΔWN’s Indie career to the next level.


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D∆WN goes full matrix mode as she debut’s a fashion story to her song “Renegade” off her 2016 LP Redemption. Directed by Randy D. Rosario, D∆WN shows more of her creative style as she took a different approach to the 2 minute clip.

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After teasing fans on her instagram for weeks, D∆WN continues her REDEMPTION trail as she unleashed the Monty Marsh directed video for LA.‘LA’ is such a personal record and visual to me. It explains the parallels of the struggle and beauty I’ve encountered in both Louisiana and Los Angeles,” says Richard.

Fans can expect to see D∆WN on the road this summer as she recently announced her East Coast tour dates in July. Check out the dates and video below.

East Coast tour dates:

July 13 – Our Club, Detroit

July 14 – Pitchfork Festival, Chicago

July 15 – Drake, Toronto

July 19 – Port City Music Hall, Portland

July 20 – Middle East Upstairs, Boston

July 21 – Coda, Philadelphia

July 22 – Knitting Factory, Brooklyn

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With only one week left until D∆WN unleashes her final chapter of her trilogy album, Redemption, D∆WN gave her fans a surprise this morning when she unleashed an early stream of her new project via NPR. The new LP features 15 new songs including her recently released track Vines feat PJ Morton.

Check out the LP below as D∆WN continues making her  reign of  electronic R&B that challenges the mainstream and the underground.

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Just one week after making history for being the first artist to release a Virtual Reality video for her song “Not Above That,” D∆WN returns again this week to give her fans the 2D video experience of her new single which may be included on the singer’s upcoming album REDemption. Check out the standard viewing of the visual below.

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D∆WN is one artist who keeps innovating her self with each video and album. This time the NOLA born singer has done it again when she unleashed her Virtual Reality video for “Not Above That.” D∆WN continues to make history, not only is she the first artists to try her hand at this 3D VR approach she also made history back in April when she gave the fist ever-live YouTube 360 performance which streamed in April.

“Instead of just shooting people in 360, we wanted to make you feel presence in another dimension,” D∆WN told WIRED. “Instead of a VR piece that’s just images, we want to add storytelling to that platform.”

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D∆WN has been keeping her fans happy with all the new music she has been dropping lately, along with partnering back up with Adult Swim free summer music, D∆WN has also unleashed her EP Infrared and her newest dance single “Wake Up.”

D∆WN keep the surprises coming when she unleashed her new visual for Wake Up, the latest single from the singer’s upcoming album Redemption, the last album from D∆WN’s trilogy, following 2013’s Goldenheart and 2015’s Blackheart. inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the Faun and the Phoenix narrate, the new visual is described as “another infectious up-tempo track that furthers her reign as one of the most prolific artists in the contemporary pop landscape.” Check out the new video below.