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We recently had the opportunity to chat with Dondria about her latest project A Tale of Hearts, her growth, future projects and so much more! Get into this juicy read.

YMMW: Dondria! Girl you know here at YourMusicMyWorld we are true friend-fffans, Dondattas all of that! How have you been?

Dondria: Yassss. Love you guys! And I’ve been awesome!!

Can you believe ‘Can’t Stop’ was released 10 years ago as of this past June? How have things changed in these past 10 years?

That’s crazy that it’s been that long. Man so much has changed: I would say first and foremost, I changed. I grew up and learned who I was and what I wanted. I became a businesswoman. I took risks, I won some battles, I fell on my face. And I created all along the way.

For awhile, to most, it appeared you were just chillin’ and then The Day of the Don was released in 2017 under Dondria Nicole. What prompted the name change?

I wanted people to understand that I was coming back as a new Dondria. A re-birthed Dondria.

Since then we noticed TDOTD has been re-uploaded under Dondria, will your previous singles ‘Coat Tail,’ ‘2 Good,’ ‘Options’ and ‘Luh Ya’ also be re-uploaded? Those just happen to be some of our favorite bops.

I might. Honestly, there’s so much of the past I’d rather just leave behind but if enough of you want it, I will most definitely re-upload them.

Dondria & BroadwayUnderstood! Now let’s discuss your new record A Tale of Hearts.

We use to watch you and Corey “Broadway” Stevenson singing on YouTube back in the day, what made you two do a joint EP?

Timing is everything. It’s something about this new season we’ve come into. I think Broadway and I both have had our share of life happen to us. We’ve also had an ample amount of time to hone our crafts and really own it. It was just the right time.

Break the EP down for us. What brought about this concept?

I think we’ve always been really good at talking about love, so we just started there. Once we had all the songs done, we just started playing it from top to bottom and talked about how the songs made us feel. With all of the good and bad, back and forth, it was essentially ‘A Tale of Hearts’.

The cover art displays a playing card with the King and Queen of hearts, what exactly does this symbolize for you?

Nowadays, people look at love like it’s a game, like there has to be a winner. But we wanted to bring the awareness back to the original idea. Love takes two people. It can be beautiful, it can be horrible, but it’s nonexistent without the other person.

You sure you two aren’t playing with hearts?

Lol, no I think we’re both pretty focused on music right now and just going with the flow when it comes to love. No playing over here!
Lol, Just thought I’d ask.

The lead single ‘Crush’ smacks! Can you give us a little info on how the song came about?

Thank you 🙂 It was just a vibe. Patrick of First Kontact Music Group played us a few beats and the beat for ‘Crush’ was the last one. Broadway told me that it was “the one” and I knew right away it felt like having a crush on someone back in the day. The rest was history.

Let me say Jeff Adair was the perfect choice to direct the music video. I felt like I was at the party with you all. Who decided on the party theme?

The minute we started writing the hook, I knew it was gonna be a 90’s house party. We had so much fun at that shoot.

We see you just got off of stage from playing Alexis in Who Made the Potato Salad?, how was the experience on stage?

It was a blast. I love acting. Sometimes it’s good to have a distraction from music so you don’t get burned out. That was my third production with The Jonez Entertainment Group and they’ve really become family at this point.

So to you who makes the best potato salad? Thanksgiving is coming up so don’t get in trouble with your answer lol.

Well honestly, I’m more of a macaroni and cheese person. Lol But I love my mama’s potato salad.

Everyone wants to know, so we have to ask, what’s going on with the second album?

I’m working every day. It’s not quite time for the sophomore album just yet but new music is most definitely coming. The joint EP with Broadway is only the BEGINNING!

What’s next for Dondria?

More everything. I barely scratched the surface with all I have planned. Just expect more music, acting, writing: books, poetry, TV and film, a non-profit organization, fitness, cooking, errrrrthang!

Wow! You have so much going on, Any exclusives? You know you love us.

You just got a lot of exclusives lol. I love you for sure!!!

As always D, it has been a pleasure talking to you. Thank you for being true to yourself and not conforming to fit in. Can’t wait to see you conquer all of your endeavors.


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Dondria is back to remind us how good R&B music feels. The songstress has released her latest single ‘Stranger’ from her joint EP A Tale of Hearts with her long time buddy Broadway coming very soon.

The First Contact Music Group production is so smooth and D’s vocals are like melted butter on this track. Definitely a favorite.

Sound off in the comments. Are you feeling Dondria’s new track?

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Dondria. The singer went live on her Instagram last night to announce she had a surprise coming at midnight. During the countdown she discussed her upcoming projects and how we will hear a lot from her this year.

Dondria Duets 4 consists of 8 remixes and 2 original songs, with ‘Shattered’ being the stand out track.

Are you feeling it? Sound off below and download the mixtape here.

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Dondria Nicole has been busy getting her name back in the people’s mouth! The singer released her EP The Day of the Don last year and promises new music this year. The R&B diva starts her 2018 with the fourth installment of Dondria Duets, where she takes her favorite male songs and remixes them.

Today she releases ‘Best Part’ which appears on Daniel Caesar’s Freudian as well as H.E.R.’s B-Sides.

This is definitely a good sound for Dondria. We look forward to hearing more from her this year!

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It’s a so so def affair. Dondria Nicole and Da Brat take it back to the 90’s on an all new track ‘Old School Love’ in celebration of the birth of hip-hop.

Dondria took to instagram to challenge her fans to name every sample in the track.

The singer recently released her EP The Day of the Don last month to rave reviews.

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It appears 90’s R&B music is making it’s way back. Last week June’s Diary blessed us with a remake of ‘Stay’ and today Dondria Nicole releases her rendition of ‘Weak’, which she says is one of her favorite 90’s song.

Many recognize the track from SWV’s 1992 debut album It’s About Time, and the youngsters may remember JoJo’s cover that appeared on her self-titled in 2004. Press play and listen to the Soufwest produced track below.

Dondria is currently gearing up for the release of her EP The Day of the Don.

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Dondria Nicole is here to remind us that no one is irreplaceable! The grown (and sexy) diva has dropped the official video for her latest single, ‘Options’ from her forthcoming release The Day of the Don.

Dondria first emerged unto the scene and won our hearts in 2009 with her smash ‘You’re the One’ showing off her young and powerful vocals. She proves the vocals have gone no where, but comes off with a different approach. This time around she serves confidence, bad b***h and a side of slay.

Speaking with BET, Dondria reveals why she chose the concept of the Dwayne Griffith clip

“Instead of having different options of men in the production, I chose to include different hair, makeup, and wardrobe options,” she added. “More fitting for a young Queen!”

The Day of the Don will feature 6 tracks and will be released this Valentine’s Day.

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This past Tuesday, Dec 13, family and friends gathered to celebrate NeNe Leakes birthday.

Guests included Cynthia Bailey, Kenya Moore, Dondria Nicole, KeKe Wyatt and more.

Not only did KeKe, Dondria and Sa’mira perform ‘Long As I Live’ they gave a sample of Dondria’s hit ‘You’re the One’

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Dondria Nicole is back on the scene with new music. The ‘You’re the One’ singer, has just released yet another single ‘Options’ from her new EP The Day of the Don, arriving ealry next year.

‘Options’ is that “let me toot my own horn really quick” type of song. It’s basically saying, “Don’t forget, I have options too. So you might wanna straighten up or you can be replaced.” –Dondria Nicole

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DONDRIA WELCOMES CHRISTMAS WITH HER NEW SINGLE: “AIN’T NO WAY” (Written and produced by Tiyon “TC” Mack (Justin Bieber, Tamar Braxton) and Clint Productions). A video for the song will debut on December 18 followed by her new single in the first quarter of 2014.