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It has been quite a while since we heard any new music from singer/songwriter Elle Varner, but, she is hoping to turn things around in 2018. To celebrate her 29th birthday, Elle dropped a brand new song titled Casanova.

While Elle has been very quiet about her music comeback lately, I just hope we can expect to hear more music from Elle.

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Elle Varner may have had a rough start when it came to her releasing music to lead up to her sophomore album 4 Letter Word, but today the singer/songwriter may have found the perfect lead single. Collaborating with 50 Cent, Elle Varner has unleashed her new single titled “Birthday” which she premiered on Billboard.com

“Imagine if your lover treated you like everyday was your birthday! We captured that fun and sexy vibe on this record,” You can certainly add this one to your go-to collection of ‘Birthday’ classics.” she told Billboard. Check out the new song below.

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Singer Elle Varner has been teasing that her new album would be arriving soon but no news has been released, while her fans wait for some official music to be released Elle unleashed this new freestyle titled “The End Of The Beginning.” Showcasing her bars instead of her raspy voice we are all used to.

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Elle Varner seeks out revenge in the visual for her new single “F**k It All” produced by  Pop & Oak, The song will be featured on Elle’s upcoming sophomore album, 4 Letter Word, due in December. Find out what Elle Varner is capable of when she finds out her man has cheated on her.

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With all the craziness that is going on in Ferguson MBK singer/songwriter Elle Varner is using her talents hoping to bring some type of healing to others with this new song titled “One Love.”

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Another day, another track from the beautiful and talented R&B songstress Elle Varner, titled “Fuck It All” which serves as the fourth single lifted from her #4LetterWord series that allows her listeners to experience her new musical approach which sees her displaying amazing vocal growth and also showcase what a lyrically beast she is.

“Cause I could be a whole lot of things, go on and clip my wings. Be a piss drunk bitch of a whore, running around hoping maybe you’d save me, throw you a few curve balls, act like a broken doll. Just say f-ck it all…,” she sings about the aftermath of a break up, which sees her drowning in her emotions. Her vocal deliver once again finds her channelling Amy Winehouse, especially from “Frank” era.

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Elle Varner has just unleashed another buzz single called ‘Little Do You Know’ which follows up her previous buzz singles “See Me Tonight”, “Cold Case” which all serves as teasers of what`s to come from her sophomore album “4 Letter Word”: “The album is a beautifully gut wrenching body of songs that I went to a very vulnerable place to create. The title is open to interpretation, hence the symbols used in the campaign – “>$@!” It’s whatever you feel when you experience the album. Does “>$@!” stand for love? Pain? Life? That’s for the listener to decide. 4 Letter Word has the kind of range that can’t be embodied by a single word or phrase.”

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After announcing her sophomore album and her plans to release 4 new songs, Elle Varner surprised her fans again when she teamed up with Complex magazine to premiere her brand new song titled “See Me Tonight.” In the second song to come from her 4 song series Elle airs out her man’s dirty laundry by calling him out for his deceit. Check out the soulful production below.