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As we continue to shed more light on upcoming artists, we recently caught up with Cimo Frankel. Cimo already has a huge following overseas but now, the dutch born singer is breaking into the US scene. Already making a mark by working with Darkchild and his new song with ARTY. Cimo spoke about what we can expect and more.

YMMW:Back in June, you released your EP Stay the Night, talk to us more about this project and your influence behind it.

CIMO: Some songs are written a long time ago and some are brand new, some are vibey and others are dancy and catchy even though I feel like they go well together. Expect an 80s/90s feel with a modern twist on all of the records.

YMMW:This past summer you headlined a show in London in association with Live Nation, tell us more about that night and what was that experience like.

CIMO:It was amazing, I love up close & personal shows like this. I could really connect with the audience. The guitarist really followed my lead on impulsive modifications to the songs. I felt at home on that stage.

YMMW: As a Dutch-born singer who recently located to LA, what are some of the challenges you have experienced and overcome with making your mark in the US music industry?

CIMO: The US industry is way bigger so that is a huge challenge. On the other hand, for that same reason, there is more room for new artists. It’s a higher mountain to climb but what’s life without challenges.

YMMW: The video game Fortnite which is a massive video game, what was your reaction when you found out your music was going to be featured on the game?

CIMO: That was incredible. It was a song I never expected to come back in such a huge way. I thought the ship had sailed on that song. A big surprise.

YMMW: Just last week your collaboration with ARTY, how did that collaboration come about and what was it like working on that song with ARTY?

CIMO: I wrote the song with Sophie Hintze and my songwriting partner Rik Annema. Him on guitar, me on vocals like a folky pop song. Sophie sent it to Arty’s manager. We met a couple of times in Amsterdam and LA before this release and are working on other stuff now too. It’s fun working with Arty and his team because they really appreciate heartfelt songs and don’t care too much about the whole formulated industry. Arty can turn an acoustic song into an EDM record without destroying its heart.

YMMW: We know you’re working with Darkchild who has worked with everybody from Brandy, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Michael Jackson and more. What is it like working with him and tell us about the music you have been working on with him?

CIMO: It is such an unbelievable honor working with a legend like this. We have been working on a couple of records for pitch that I really love. Pop/R&B stuff. I look forward to working with him again.

YMMW: Tell us about some of the projects you have coming out in the future and what can fans expect to hear to see soon.

CIMO: I am working on solo records that are more moody, I have been experimenting with big Q&A type backing vocals. I also wanna make another dance-able record so I will definitely work on that in the near future too

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Just recently we caught up with the R&B general himself Tank as he shed some more light on his upcoming Savage, in the new interview Tank talks about he got more aggressive with his new album, Tank also discussed if R&b group TGT would ever get back together and who he feels is keeping the sound of R&B alive.

YMMW:  You have a new album coming out titled Savage, What made you come up with that title and what can fans expect to hear on this album.

Tank: Well, the title represents how were fighting for our position in terms of R&B singers, songwriters those with the passion and love left in them. We have to fight for our position a lot differently with the new style of R&B, that’s kind of with the wave and kind of disconnected from the more traditional way of R&B so we got to be a lot more aggressive with our stance, musically, melodically. I’m just taking a more aggressive approach with this album. When I did Sex,Love and Pain 2, and I heard the songs people were responding to, it gave me the confidence to say “You know what lets just push the lines.” every time I do a Sex, Love and Pain album we just push the lines and push the ideas of what people feel  R&B music is capable of and capable of living.Love and heartfelt music can live all these places if it’s done right so we got to fight to get that message out there we got to be savages about that life, and we got to go at them we got to be all at war just like everything else, so that’s what Savage is. Savage is at war, Savage is that statement.

YMMW:  Earlier this year you performed at D.C Pride, which I gained more respect for you not just as an artist but a person as well. What made you decide to perform at a Gay pride event and not paying attention to the negativity that people had to say?

Tank: There wasn’t really a decision to do it, they have never asked me to do it. They never sent me an offer and say we would like you to perform. So that was the difference in this year and any other year. They asked me, and I said absolutely, Why not? My question is, you know why not? Why would I have said no. You know the fact that I am the first male R&B artists to do that, that’s disappointing. You know how many years pride events have been happening and I’m the first? That’s  not cool.It says we have a long way to go mentally as people. We have a lot to learn about love and true love that is. So no it wasn’t a decision it wasn’t a let’s plan this out let’s figure out the statement not it’s like we got a offer to perform at pride, what’s the offer oh, it looks nice let’s go do it and that’s it. The people who talked bad about it, they didn’t talk bad for very long because a true human being stood up for me and they stood up for everything and that’s how it should be. That’s why I said there’s a war going on because where people will be negative, the people with positive energy have to come in with just as much force we got to come in and combat that. If you stand around and let negativity exist, your just as much as the problem. So we got to fight for that. I hope this does inspire change and I hope it inspires growth.


YMMW: We know that TGT had some issues in the past, do you think you, Ginuwine, and Tyrese would ever put those issue aside and come back as TGT in the near future?

Tank: You know TGT is always a conversation away from happening, it’s just a matter of getting to the table and having that conversation. Is it going to happen now, no, but it’s not a conversation anybody’s afraid of having it just has to be the right conversation the motivation has to be right you know I believe TGT is here for the culture you know I don’t believe TGT is needed for my pockets I’m not looking at looking at TGT and then looking at my bank account like Wow this is going to be the most lucrative adventure ever because I’m doing lucrative adventures outside TGT, but TGT is something that inspires other R&B singer and writers, producers and everybody who loves music. We are (the three of us) the best that we have and the amount of people we have touched we are an inspiration to those people. The longevity we’ve had were an inspiration and that’s what this culture needs it needs true inspiration, it needs true love and we offer that. To only do that once is doing a disservice to the people who need to be inspired and who are looking towards us and we  don’t realize it, so that’s why I don’t know what those guys are doing, I just continue to do my part and give back to theR&B community that keeps giving to me. They gave me an opportunity so I’m giving others an opportunity, I’m going to keep doing that whether TGT keeps rocking or not.

YMMW: On Sisterhood of Hip-Hop we saw that you have signed Siya to your label. Being the R&B General, what made you want to sign a hip Hop artists versus not signing an R&B artist?

Tank: Well it’s not versus, I have R&B artists she was only Hip Hop artist that I have signed so it’s kinda the other way around. I just saw that she was talented and that’s it. Everybody else kinda saw other things about her first, she’s an openly gay artist and this and that I just didn’t care about any of those things. She’s gifted and I wanted to help. I’m not in the Hip Hop game and I don’t know much about it but I believe she’s talented and I believe she has what it takes to be successful in this business so Im going to work with her, I’m going to invest my time and money and it was that simple, you see she’s made some moves and she had the sister hood of hip hop and she put out some albums and mixtapes so she’s still on the grind. She’s still pushing to make her way, to garner some mainstream success and that type of thing. She’s still talented, I still think she’s better than any female rapper out right now. She just had to find her way and that’s what is trying to do.


YMMW: With this new album Savage who have you worked with as far as producers and guest features?

Tank: I got some features I got Trey Songz, Ludacris, Candice Boyd on there she’s Ne-Yo’s artist she’s super dope as well as J. Valentine I made him come out of retirement, that’s really dope. Far as producers I have I have Cardiak on there, I have Flip on there, the internz. I got myself on there, you know I’ve been known to produce and write a little bit  I’ve been known to do a dabble in my day. But it’s a pretty tight-knit on there I got my guys on there, guys that I know, my guys that I rock with they do music, we figured out a way to do something really current but really classic and I can’t wait for everybody to hear it, it’s aggressive it’s mean.

YMMW: Along with being an amazing singer/songwriter you are also an actor. Can we expect to see you in any upcoming films anytime soon?

Tank: We’re working on some stuff, we always keep things close to the chest until it’s press time, but we’re working on some things. I started auditioning for a couple of things and I love that, as well as putting things together on our own and getting our own things shot so, you’ll be hearing some stuff pretty soon. Keep your eye out.

YMMW: If you could choose any dream role as an actor what kind of role would that be?

Tank: Any action role that Arnold Schwarzenegger played (laughs), from the predator to anything you name it, but if Arnold Schwarzenegger played it and he was shooting stuff and fighting people, that’s what I want to do.

YMMW: In support of your new album, you’re also heading on tour. Instead of going the traditional route and picking opening acts you’re actually giving local talent the opportunity to open up for you as well. What made you decided to do this?
Tank: It’s my process it’s what R&B money is all about giving out the opportunity for the next generation of R&B artists. It can’t stop with me, It has to live on and continue to live on and the only way it does that is that the people within my space and have this platform use it to bring the next generation of R&B artists, singers, and producers along. That’s my approach, I just believe that. Nobody handed it to me there was no old school R&B act outside of Ginuwine who would school me and help me out and show me these things. If it wasn’t for Ginuwine I don’t know where I would be. So the way he paid it back to me I had to pay it back to somebody else. That’s why I’m here, It doesn’t hurt me to give someone this opportunity to sing. It doesn’t take away from me it only adds. To be able to say Aw man I remember that kid opened up for me on my show in Nashville and now he’s one of the top R&B artists in the world, or to say that young lady right there wrote a song for me and it was amazing and now she’s had the hot 100 song. That’s what I’m looking for. That’s where my longevity lies, to be apart of helping R&B music continue and live on.

YMMW: When it comes to the new R&B artist today, who in your opinion is keeping R&B alive?

Tank: Well R&B is alive it’s just different, it’s just with every generation it evolves. You can’t say what Bryson Tiller is doing isn’t R&B music, you can’t say that what Bruno Mars is doing isn’t R&B music. It just evolves, everybody has their opinion about it. The thing that I remember about R&B was the feeling and the emotion that’s connected to it. So that’s the part of R&B that I’m apart of keeping alive. Its not the R&B that I’m making everybody do, because that’s not everybody’s style of R&B that’s my style of R&B. So I have to keep R&B alive, I mean my style of R&B, the R&B that I love. The R&B that made you do something, the made you call and ask for forgiveness or made you call and ask to come over one of the two. That’s my job, so for the cats that’s singing R&B now and doing their part, I congratulate them I love it. It evolves, it changes, I salute them. Being able to tell your story and express yourself musically in a successful way is tough to do, it’s hard. To be able to have success at what you love I commend it. So R&B is alive, they are covering it up saying that this is pop and this is that, man those people are singing R&B music, that’s where it all starts.

YMMW: While working in the music industry for a while collaborating with everyone from Aaliyah, Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland and more. Who is one artists that you have not yet worked with that you would like to get in the studio with?

Tank: That’s a tough one I worked with some really cool people. I don’t know, I guess I’m just excited about giving the opportunity to the next R&B artist. I’m ecstatic to see who the next person is and if I’ll be apart of inspiring and helping that growth. Im more excited about. I just signed Dante, Dontay, Duntea signed to my label. That’s what I am excited about, I’m excited about helping growth through careers and making some new dreams come true.

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A few weeks ago we caught up with singer/songwriter QUIÑ, most known for her collaborations with G-Eazy and her breakout EP Galactica. We spoke to the rising singer about being a new comer in the Industry, and how she came up with the term Fantasy Soul.

While currently on tour with JSMN, Quin also spoke to us about hitting the road and her feelings on introducing her music to listeners who may not heard her music. Things got a little deep as we talked about her thoughts on the music industry and mainstream music artists.

YMMW: You identify your music as Fantasy Soul, tell us what does Fantasy Soul mean to you and how did you come up with term as your sound?

 QUIÑ: Fantasy Soul music to me means a lot because I am the one recording back from my imagination and my Imagination is very fantasy- landy. So I decided to come up with the term because every time some one would ask me what kind of music I made it was all very like, it sounds like this and it’s really that, and people couldn’t really relate to. So I was like let me just come up with something and it just kind of came to me and I experimented with it. So now when people ask I say I make Fantasy Soul music and that was enough, and I just rolled with it. It’s fun, my mind lives in a fantasy world and my soul just writes it all out for my imagination.

YMMW: Who were some of your influences in music growing up?

QUIÑ: I really loved Celine Dion and Sade, Michael Jackson. Everyone who our parents listened to basically, I wasn’t really inspired to make music so I feel like back then I was just more inspired general and I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up till I was like 19. As a kid I was just more amazed by the voice and the things that it can do. Subconsciously they were inspiring me to do what I am doing now but I didn’t even know it. So it wasn’t like I had that one person who I said I’m going to be just like this when I grow up, but I knew that by the time I got to middle school. I could do the same runs as these people and it was like oh, I can sing too, but I didn’t think I would ever make it a career. So they did inspire my voice a little bit, but I didn’t even know it, so it was all the people we grew up with like Destiny’s Child, TLC, India Arie, Alicia Keys, Songs in A minor was a really big deal for me that was like the car album for so long (LOL).

YMMW: On your debut EP galactica, you called it the first chapter into a universe you created, with your first EP being released back in 2016. Is there a new project that is on the way?

QUIÑ: Yes so, there’s a new project called Dream Girl. With galactica was kind of like the where and this is kind of like the who and the what happens there. So this is the second chapter of a way bigger situation that I am kind of freestyling. So it’s called Dream Girl and it’s going to becoming out really soon, summer time and it’s touches all aspects of dream girl because when you look at it and simplify it, Dream girls fall in love too and they’re like everyone else’s dream girl. We have feelings too. I kind of put all of my love songs into this one, which explains the simplified version of a Dream girl but then in a more complexes version. This is also me becoming my own dream girl. It’s who I exactly want to be and the things that it takes to get there, including the things from galactica. So I kind of what them to coexist with each other, they are very much siblings and this one is kind of explaining more of the girly side of things and how I get around through my dreams and the whole falling in love. All this stuff is very much real stuff.


YMMW: With Dream Girl coming out soon, what would you say is most different with this project than galactica

QUIÑ: Well this one I feel is more relatable because it has more love songs, but also I had my friends on here too. With galactica it was all me. So I have some cute features. I just think it’s more relatable honestly, because not everybody can relate to space travel. So when you dumb it down in a good way, like now I’m talking to my bad bitches, I have a song called BB and it’s really just talking about how “sometimes they get a little funny and now you wish you had a bad bitch on your side.” So I really simplified it a lot so it’s just like very specific moods instead of being so broad and spacy. It’s just more like all right now im just in a sticky situation and that song is featuring Syd from the internet. Were all genuine friends on this project, so it ended up being really cool and working together. The whole project is very dream girly, that’s how I can best explain it.

YMMW: You’re currently on tour with JMSN, what do you enjoy most about the tour life and performing your music in front of fans and new listeners?

QUIÑ: I think it’s just the face that I am the new kid in school right now, the show is fun and everyone loves it and it’s just funny because they expected to know who I was or confused as to why they didn’t know who I was, it’s because I am brand new. I really here to just introduce myself because no one is supposed to know who I am this is new you know? I think the best things is being able to introduce myself into all of these cities is a real blessing and being able to spread the word to people who actually know it is whole other feeling, it’s just like Oh My God, you know the words and your singing along with me. The best part is that I’m embracing these little times right now because it only gets bigger and bigger. Right now is so important because people want to know the words and by the end of the show they are singing along with me. So that is really important and just me being able to express who I am I’m really grateful for that opportunity.

YMMW: I really enjoyed your EP galactica, it was great to hear an artist do something different and not put out the same music as everyone else. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine the other day, and I was saying how it seems like the some people in mainstream music are scared to be different where as indie artist aren’t afraid to be different with their music. What are your thoughts about the industry as a whole and how a lot of artist are doing the same music and not even trying to be different?

QUIÑ: I personally think it’s just a vibe of insecurities across the board, I don’t think some people are all the way ready to take the risk. I think that now people are ready to get a little more involved in what’s cool right now, but its just a movement happening that you’ll see progress song but I think that its been so stagnant on the radio lately just because people are afraid to be different and I think even going back to the last question, its cool to be able to be an example of comfortability no matter what and it kind just back these people through each show it’s just little more comfort to be themselves.

Some people are afraid to dance and I see that and I think that’s just a little example of what’s going on in the industry too. It’s like we’re the ones with the tastes we are the creators; we’re the ones who make the music. They just need to put a little more trust in that because we’re the leaders of everything right now, so if you give them basic stuff to listen to the majority of people who don’t even know what their taste is will think that’s what’s cool. But if we come out and they just would play it already then we would be able to change the flavor of the world. So I think it’s just a matter of time and a little bit of risk takers in the industry, and there are some really good people out right now, just like streaming wise, the people at Apple music and spotify, they have really amazing taste and have really been helping a lot of kids like me out. I think that’s what its going to come down to, were just going to knock the radio out the water and they are just going to do what we say because streaming is going to be the new flavor of choice. Right now it’s just kind of like who wants to listen to the radio now anyway you know? So we just need to take over. The take over is happening, it’s just a slow process, but I have faith that the industry will get it together. They need us so they just need to not be afraid.



YMMW: Being a new artist yourself, do you think when new artist come out that they should already have an identity of who they are instead of relying on the label?

QUIÑ: I think if you don’t know who you are then you need to figure it out before you do anything. I worked underground I can say that ive been just developing myself and I’m just really grateful that I wasn’t some kid out here signed to a label and then figuring myself out as I go. Even though I’m always figuring my self out as I go, but it’s good to have that private boot camp time to yourself, when your really training to know who you are and what your flavor is, so you can come fully confident. It is a confidence thing, if you go into a label and you think some one else’s opinion is better than what you think you should be doing then you have it twisted. So it’s good to go in there with a full on shield of this is what I do, this is what I need. Y’all have to tools so how are we going to work together, because this is not y’all thought it was going to be. I’m going to need what I need because I have what you all need, so lets work it out you know? That’s how it has to be, because the second that somebody gets a little leeway and try to make you something that you don’t feel comfortable with that’s game over for you. So you just have to be confident and strong in your ways already. We’re all striving for our best but, you just have to know what you came to do, you got to at least know what the mission is. I’m happy that I am where I am right now.

YMMW: You worked with G-Eazy on a couple of songs, what was it like working with him?

QUIÑ: It was cool; he’s really a friend of mine. I remember I was playing a song I had written with my friend Nash and it I was playing it for some friends in the car after a studio session and they we’re just like play it again! It was this really cute love song and I was like Aw, you guys really like this so, G pulled me to the side and said he was getting his album together and he really loved the song. I told him to talk to Nash because he made the beat, and so he did and he was really diligent about getting it on there so, throughout all the picking and choosing the songs on the album they kept it on there. They ended up naming it Thinking about you and that was the song that ended up on his album. We had wrote that song a while ago, what happen was he came out to LA to record his piece for the song, so ours was kind of separate so I came to do a couple of little things to it, so we didn’t really have a writing session together because my part was already written. It was just very natural and genuine and sweet and we didn’t even have to record it together because I had already made it so he just kind of added to it and we got it done and I’m super grateful for him to be on there with me.

YMMW: What can we expect to see coming from you next in 2017?

QUIÑ: Let’s see, so Dream Girl is coming out in the summertime, I’m going to be traveling, I have afropunk coming up in Brooklyn in August I have some cool visuals coming out for the project and I’m just going to keep continuing to travel and spreading the word and introducing myself to everyone because there is so many people in the world.

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R&B singer/songwriter, Jessica Childress got her start on season 4 of the Voice, since then Jessica has been spreading the world with her rock n’ roll energy. Just recently we caught up with the singer/songwriter as she talked about quitting her job to follow her dreams,life after the Voice and Jessica even shed some light on her debut album which is dated to arrive this fall.

YMMW: You made your debut on season 4 of The Voice, how has life been as an artist since being on The Voice.

Jessica Childress: It’s been such a learning process! You think that being in the music business is about artistry and performing and it is – but there’s SO much more to it than that. And I’ve been learning a lot about all of those other things that make music a career!

YMMW: Your debut album will be released this fall, tell us a little bit about the direction you are taking with this album and what can listeners expect to hear on your debut LP?

Jessica Childress: I wanted it to be an aural snapshot into who I am as an artist and a woman in the world. It’s definitely soul music – but it’s also a little disco, a little R&B, a little singer/songwriter mixed into the soul music profile. It’s got a stripped down, raw feel to it that I think that mirrors who I am as a person.

YMMW: Before releasing your debut album, you are planning to release the 4 song remix EP, Far Awaynext month, where there be any songs on there that will give fans a glimpse of what to expect on your debut release?

Jessica ChildressYeah! The remix EP is 4 remixes of the song Far Away from the album. It was really fun to hear the different dj’s take on the song.


YMMW: Before auditioning for The Voice you took a leap a faith and quit your job to pursue a career as a singer. What advise would you give an aspiring singer who may be afraid to take that leap in life?

Jessica Childress: I would say make a plan, weigh your options and then jump! A lot of times, preparation can make you feel less fearful about taking a big risk. If you have a plan in place and some money saved, you just have to do it. Don’t wait until it “feels right” because for a lot of people that feeling may never come. Wait only until you have your plan in place, then just do it! Courage isn’t a feeling. It’s an action.

YMMW: How would has evolved most about your sound since releasing your EP Don’t Forget My Name.

Jessica Childress: My sound now is less vintage and more modern. It’s still got some vintage flair but it’s definitely something new and fresh-sounding.

YMMW: With a new album on the way, when can listeners expect to hear the album lead single?

Jessica Childress: The first single Far Away is already out! You can listen to it anywhere.

YMMW: Besides your upcoming album, what else can we expect to see Jessica Childress this year.

Jessica Childress: Playing lots of shows. Eating lots of tacos. Drinking a scotch or two. Dancing salsa.


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Leela James is back and better than ever! Leela’s leading single “Don’t Want You Back” earned the singer an #1 as the song climbed up the Urban AC Charts. Just yesterday we caught up with Leela James as she spoke about her new album “Did It For Love.”

Calling it one of her most vulnerable projects yet, we spoke to Leela about the direction of her new album and the inspiration behind it. Leela also spoke about her upcoming tours with Daley, Maxwell, and Ledisi.
YMMW: You new album “Did it for Love “ will be released this Friday, so far you have unleashed a few songs from the album.  In the tracks we’ve have heard so far you are being vulnerable with your experiences of  love with all the ups and downs that comes with it. What is one that you would say that you did for love that has been the biggest inspiration for your new album?

 Leela James: Having my children has definitely been one of my greatest musical inspirations. The hard work and sacrifice you make to maintain the balance of working on music, having a relationship and raising kids has inspired my music–all of it, the good, bad and the ugly!

YMMW: What are you most excited for the fans to hear when they listen to your sixth studio album “Did it for Love.”

Leela James: I’m excited for fans to hear another side of me. “Did it for Love” is very vulnerable and I completely expose myself through the music. Fans will also see a different side of me vocally; the songs are more intense than anything I’ve done in the past.

YMMW: Along with your new album arriving this Friday, you’ll be kicking off your new tour with Daley on April 7th what can fans expect to see from you on this tour?

Leela James: The shows are going to be very high energy, filled with great music!

YMMW: A few years ago we saw you hit the reality TV scene on R&B Diva’s what have you learned most about your experience on that show and would you ever do reality television again?

Leela James: I learned that reality TV isn’t based in reality, but I would do it again depending on the situation.

Leela James Image PC Meeno

YMMW: As a successful artist who’s stayed true to her R&B roots, what are your thoughts of live stream award shows such as the Grammy’s that don’t give the proper representation of R&B when it comes to the live award show presentation.

 Leela James: It is unfortunate that there are so many politics involved that these award shows aren’t always about the music.

YMMW: Your single “Fall For Love” was a major success gaining over 10 million views on YouTube and being one of everybody’s wedding songs. On Your New album you’ve done it again with your track  “All Over Again” in a time where hardly anyone in music are doing romantic ballads. How do you feel when you release these romantic ballads and see that they become so successful?

Leela James: When I finished recording “All Over Again,” we were sitting in the studio listening to it and I had that “Wow” moment. I didn’t know how it would come out and it was like “Fall For Love” on steroids! Listening to it was so inspiring it made me want to renew my vows. It felt really good so I can’t wait for people to hear this one.

YMMW: Not only are you kicking off your own tour in April you will also be joining Maxwell on his Summers’ tour. What are you most excited about going on tour with Maxwell and Ledisi?

Leela James: I’m so excited to be back on the road with some incredibly talented artists. It is really all about good music so I’m looking forward to being on stage and having fun!

YMMW: You acted along side Syleena Johnson in her 2015 film Couples Therapy; will fans get to see you doing any more acting in the future?

Leela James: Yes, that’s the plan!

YMMW: With two new tours kicking off this spring/summer and your new album arriving Friday, what else is in store for Leela James?

Leela James: I will definitely be putting out more music; I’m back in the studio recording. I’m also working on a worldwide tour and TV/film are still on my bucket list!

Leela James new album ‘Did It For Love’ Is now available on all digital retailers, you can aslo check out Leela on the road this spring as her new tour with Daley on their  nationwide tour. Tickets are available now.





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Last week we had the opportunity to catch up with June’s Diary as they kicked off their 5 city tour in Philadelphia last week. During the interview we talked to the ladies of BET hit show Chasing Destiny about the new music they have been working on and what fans can expect, the second season of the hit docu-series, and the lessons they have learned from Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson. Check out the interview below.

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A few weeks ago we caught up with Grammy award winning singer Mya as she released her new EP Smooth Jones. In the new interview we talked to Mya about her latest EP entitled Smooth Jones, which she called the last appetizer in her EP series before unleashing a new album.

Also spoke about her decision to go independent after being singed to a major label for so many years,her favorite songs from her new EP, and taking a stab at rapping on her album cut Elevator. Mya get’s very candied with us as she talked about what she misses from today’s music and the industry it’s self and what new artist she would love to work in the studio with. Check out the new interview below.

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Last week we spoke to rising singer Natasha Mosley who’s most known for singing on Jeremih smash hit “All The Time” along with Lil Wayne. Now with her own LP RoseHall which is now available on Itunes, Natasha spoke to us about the dual meaning of her LP,  working on new music with producer Zaytoven, and more. Check out the interview below.

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A couple of weeks back we chatted with  actor/ singer Tahj Mowry, Tahj who recently dropped his debut single Flirt,  spoke about  wanting to be different in the music industry when it comes to his music.  Tahj also talked about some of his musical inspirations growing up, the new diversity that Television is now showing on our screens again and his desire to one day dance with Janet Jackson.

YMMW: Before we start the interview I want to say congratulations on your new single dropping

Tahj Mowry: Oh, thank you so much it’s still crazy, I don’t think it hit me yet (Laughs)

YMMW: So tell us a little more about this record and the producer you worked with on it.

Tahj Mowry: This is my first single “Flirt” and we also dropped the video for it on Vevo and people really like it so I’m really excited about that and my producer’s name is Excel Beats and he’s like sort of the other half of my brain musically, we just get each other in the studio and he’s also like one of my close friends in life as well, so it’s a great musical partnership that we have and were all about being different and I wanted to have this future funk-ish sound and I wanted to make something new, fresh, unique and colorless and genre less and this is the sound I came up with. Flirt is just a flirty spring/summer record, I thought it was a perfect first single for me, it explains me to a T. People just love the vibe of it because it’s so different and it’s funky and it leaves you in a pretty good mood.

YMMW: Most people know you from hit TV shows such as Smart Guy and ABC Family Baby Daddy, when did you start singing and when did you want to take it seriously as a career?

Tahj Mowry: Well, first I’m a firm believer, it’s all about timing and God’s plan In my life I just leave everything up to God when stuff happens it happens. For a while I was working on Baby Daddy and I didn’t get the time to focus on my music and about a year ago during hiatus from the show I was like you know what I’m going to go to the studio put in the work I’m going to write these records and I wrote primarily wrote all the song on my project so that’s something I really proud about because I’m not just another actor trying to become a singer, this is something I’m really passionate about because I am a songwriter, singer, dancer and I am a musician and I want to showcase that and I think now is the time for me musically, I have a good chunk of time off from filming Baby Daddy so I’m just all about music right now.


YMMW: In your music we hear some prince influences, who were you inspired by musically growing up?

Tahj Mowry: Definitely Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Usher Brandy, I grew up listing to those guys and I wanted to take from all the genres and the artists I love and create something that was a definition of me musically, and I think that’s what my sound is and I think I have a very distinct sound, some people may not like the sound or the song but at least they can appreciate that it’s something new. I feel like a lot of the stuff on the radio tends to start to sound the same or they the same song over and over again. I’m trying to bring some real music back that’s why I like people like Bruno Mars, Jhene Aiko, Miguel and Lorde, people who aren’t afraid to do something new and go outside the box and that’s what I’m trying to do.

YMMW: You have a new EP arriving as well; tell us about this new EP and what fans can expect to hear when this new project drops.

Tahj Mowry: The EP is going to come out in the summer, and the album is primarily done as well, but I’m going to do the single first, then drop the EP in the summer and have a second single off of that EP. I’m really excited about that for people to really get a story of my songs, I’m riding this single wave right now it’s something really fun for me It’s new. So I can’t wait for people to hear more of my content because, like I said I am writing most of my stuff and it’s a new venture for me artistically and I can’t wait to share it with everybody.


YMMW: Do you find it difficult some people look at you as a singer after being known as a successful actor?

Tahj Mowry: Yeah, I feel like it’s starting to happen right now and I realize it might take time because people are used to one thing and now I’m jumping into something else, but overall I’m an entertainer and I am an artist and singing dancing and acting are all of the ways that complete me artistically. So I’m just doing another side of my artistic love and I think that’s what art is all about. People are realizing this is something I’m passionate about and they see that I’m making good music.

YMMW: Being a child actor who grew up when black sitcoms were on the air, and now we are beginning to see more black actors and shows on prime time TV do you think it’s more of a  trend for now or a change that’s here to stay?

Tahj Mowry: I would hope it’s a change that’s going to carry out for a long period of time. I hope it’s not just a trend, I think people realize what people do what to see and shows like Empire are things people what to see and that’s why shows like that are doing well and I think they should do more shows like that. So I think it’s a great time we are seeing a lot more African Americans on network television and it’s about time!