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V.Bozeman Shout-outs YMMW

A few weeks back we chatted with rising singer V.Bozeman. The singer who was first introduced to the world on Timothy Bloom’s Till The End Of Time song has been making a name for her self. After being seen on the first season of FOX groundbreaking show Empire V.Bozeman talks to us about the brand new music she has been working on with super-producer Timbaland as well as working on the hit show Empire and what else we can expect from the LA born singer this year. Check out our new interview with the singer below.

YMMW: Last time we had an interview with you, you were working with Cee-Lo Green. Tell us how you started working with Timbaland and what is it like working with him?

V. Bozeman: It was great I met with Timbaland around the time I did Till the End of Time with Timothy Bloom and we’ve always been friends ever since then. He was working on a new project called opera Nior and he wanted somebody to be the other half as far as a singer on that project  and he said my named just popped up and he called me, and said I’m ready for you lets go, because initially he told me I’m going to come back for you I don’t know when I don’t know how but I’m going to come back for you and he did. And that’s how it all happened.

YMMW: we saw you on the hit TV show Empire, How did the opportunity come about?

V. Bozeman: Through Timbaland of course, he is executive producing the music and I did a piece with Cee-Lo called “Race Jones” that I have been sitting on for about a year, and I decided to show Timbaland that piece and he just loved it and he just shot it over to Lee Daniels, and said I think long called my manager I read for the part and here we are now (Laughs). It all happened authentically.

YMMW: What is love was a fan favorite on Empire, did you think the song or the show would receive such a huge response as it did?

V. Bozeman:  You know what I thought that Empire would be huge of course I did, one of my first interviews about Empire I said the show is going to be cultural phenomenon just wait, It was in my gut I just knew it. With everything that Lee Daniels and Danny strong had brought to the table with this series I knew it was going to be big. But I did not think What is Love would be this big I just really didn’t, you know I felt like it was another song about love, but I did forget that love is a universal language so I think that resonated with people. I just approached the song in an authentic way because the lyrics are real so I knew it was a good song, but did I think it would do all of this.. No (Laughs) absolutely not.


YMMW: With now having both what is love and Black & Blue out right now, are you working on a new EP that we can expect to hear soon?

V. Bozeman: Yeah, absolutely, Timbaland and I are working on this new project called opera Noir, it’s him and me, we did a collaborative effort and the first single will be released in May called Smile. This project is amazing, I’m so proud of it and to be alongside Timabland and to share with the world, it’s going to hit the industry really hard, it’s just an amazing body of work I’m really proud of it. Then, following Opera Noir will be my debut album called Music is My Boyfriend so it’s going to be a lot of music coming from me and a Mosley music group this year.

YMMW: With this project Opera Noir, what kind of music can we expect to hear will the vibe be the same as What is Love and Black & Blue or is it a different type of sound?

V. Bozeman: Its timeless sound,  the sound is a lot of old mixed with new because Timbaland brings those ism that he brings to music sonically and it’s just bringing feeling back into music and it’s just going to be one of those timeless records that will always be relevant. I don’t think you guys have ever heard sonically Timbaland like this and that’s why I’m so proud of it, and he’s actually singing a lot on this album that’s people aren’t used to hearing him this way, I’m just proud it, the content, the production is A1 Timbaland is never going to bring you anything that isn’t the best so it’s an amazing body of work.

YMMW: You were first introduced to the world on Timothy Blooms until the End of time and now being on such a huge show such as Empire how does it feel to finally have to world how great a vocalist V. Bozeman is?

V. Bozeman: I just think that empire and what is love, just the platform that it’s on in the first place is huge and thank god I executed that song and people get to see me in the best light on such a big platform. I just think the stars aligned when it came to the situation of Empire and What is love and my brand. My whole mission statement is to touch the heart and the soul of people that’s always what I want to do, when I’m on stage I don’t want people infatuated with how I look or what I’m doing I really want people to connect with the song, the words and the voice because that’s the gift. So I think that it all aligned with the perfect alignment with the Empire situation, for people to really take me seriously as an artist, I came in with Timothy Bloom and that had its run and then I went with Cee-Lo and I was just cultivating over time and to be brought back in such a big way, that’s an artist’s dream.


YMMW: How would you say your sound has changed from when you released Poison to the music you are working on now?

V. Bozeman: I feel like I’m forever evolving into a better singer and creative person every day, I’ve always been a little left-of-center, like you can think about poison and what my album is now it’s still left-of-center but it’s still cool, and that’s what is so special about me and Tim, because he’s a little left-of-center but he knows how to make it cool, and  think I have evolved as a songwriter, a performer, vocally I have become stronger. So with that, I think I’m the same I just evolved to become better.

YMMW: What is your current label situation right now are you signed with Timbaland’s label or do you have another label you are signed to?

V. Bozeman: I’m signed to Mosley Music/Epic records, that’s the current situation; I’ve been signed to Tim for about a year now and Epic records for about 6 months or so. With Epic I’m fairly new, and to have two albums which is amazing.

YMMW: Earlier in the interview you said your debut album will be titled Music is My Boyfriend, do you have a potential release date for that album?

V. Bozeman: That should be out at the top of 2016, because we have to push out Opera Noir first. So you have Empire, then you have Opera Noir, then you have my album. And that’s the perfect set up for an up-and-coming artist, to finally be put out there. It’s just done in the right way; I love the fact that I’m not just being thrown out there prematurely or anything like that. Everyone’s going to be able to see the rose coming to bloom your going to see that happen.

YMMW: With Empire now being picked up for season two will you be a part of the new season?

V. Bozeman: Yes, I will be, I’ll have a much bigger role and we will start to film in august, I’m so excited I can’t wait to see what these writers are going to write about in the second season (Laughs), it’s going to be I’m sure full of drama.

YMMW: With your new albums and filming the second season of Empire, what else can we expect to see from V. Bozeman in 2016?

V. Bozeman: I’m doing a lot of modeling, I’m getting a lot of scripts coming in through CAA, so a lot of modeling and acting, I’m doing a lot of shows everywhere. I’m going to Canada, I’ll be going to Indonesia to do a couple of shows, so I’m doing a lot of shows in between time, just getting ready for this Opera Noir run with Timbaland.

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marsha-new-652x367-e1419285709822R&B songstress Marsha Ambrosius once again returned to London this past week for what is slowly becoming a Christmas traditon – a homecoming concert for the holiday season. Marsha captivated the audience with a consistently stunning and awe inspiring vocal performance. Audience members were treated to the debut showings of material from her latest critically-acclaimed album ‘Friends and Lovers’, in addition to past offerings from her catalogue. But the major surprise was when her former Floetry bandmate Natalie Stewart shockingly appeared on stage and proceeded to join Marsha in a rendition of their debut single ‘Floetic’.

Naturally when we went backstage to conduct our interview we had to ask about the prospects of a full-scale reunion, and you can now read what she had to say on the matter amongst other topics below:

Sope: Last time we met, the album wasn’t out so how has it been touring and promoting this new album?

Marsha: It’s amazing to see the smiles on people’s faces when the intro of each song from the album comes on. The setlist tonight was constructed fanwise and it was really just a seamless journey of all the music I’ve created, starting with ‘Friends and Lovers’, then going to ‘Late Nights and Early Mornings’ and then back to Floetry where it all started. It’s just crazy, it’s new music all over again and I get to hear people sing it back to me now that they know the new songs.

Sope: A lot of great R&B albums came out this year and Friends and Lovers could arguably be seen as one of the best if not the best to drop this year so what did it take to create such a complete and cohesive body of work and how was the overall creative process?

Marsha: It’s what I take pride in saying I do for real. I can concentrate on making a body of work and songs that makes sense to each other. They don’t have to necessarily have to be the same key, same tempo; it’s the emotion that I will emote because of what I’m going through in my life. That’s what makes it make sense to the listener; from beginning to end you can hear where that relationship went to. So I just tell you from the ‘Friends and Lovers Intro’ then by the time you get to the end its ‘OMG I Miss You’. So it’s a whole journey full of music that I went through at the time so it just makes sense as an album.

Sope: One of the standouts on the album was the amazing duet with Charlie Wilson ‘Spend All My Time’ so how did that collaboration come about?

Marsha: ‘Spend All My Time’ with Charlie Wilson was a dream duet, it was on the wish list, and it was something where I guess you had to play all your cards. Like I worked with Michael Jackson, Prince loves me, get Charlie Wilson on the phone and see if he does this song with me *laughs*. And all he could do was say no and fortunately he said yes so I didn’t have to use all my “I did this and I did that”. I’ve always loved Charlie and he’s always been supportive of me and my career so it made sense that we did this song together.

Sope: Any other dream duets you have in mind? I would personally love to hear an Anita Baker duet.

Marsha: No not at the moment but we’ll see what’s good; I want to go into movie scores and stuff. Funny story about Anita Baker – I don’t know if she might not tell people but she definitely shut me down though. We were at the BET Awards and I was like “Oh my God I would love to do a duet with you” and she was like “Girl I ain’t singing with you and all that *imitates Marsha’s singing voice*”. And I was like she just shit on me! *laughs*. No but it was said in jest and she is the songstress but when Nat – The Floacist actually named me The Songstress, my uncle to this day curses me out because Anita Baker is the songstress and that’s it for him, he doesn’t care what I’ve ever done in my career. He kind of liked me after he saw me live *laughs* this is my uncle we’re talking about! I don’t know we’ll see but the Songstress and the Songstress should collide at some point.

Sope: Have you started thinking about the next album? Or are you still planning to release more singles from this one?

Marsha: Hmm I’ll possibly shoot a bunch of videos for a bunch of things. I hate the fact that you have to service what would be singles for radio to pick it up, and then they possibly spin it a couple times. Then you wait for the next week where they’ve spun it 20 more times and then there’s this slow build of what is R&B music if we’re not doing the Shurmda dance or Drake isn’t on it. It’s not getting played in that rotation where I’m supposed to give listeners what they want and you have to wait for that. Like John Legend ‘All of Me’ didn’t happen overnight, it took a year for that record to be where it was at. But it was a piano ballad so it can live, it’s just when and that’s just one artist, one of our urban division got to live with a piano ballad. And a couple years prior to that, I got to do it with ‘Far Away’ so it’s about waiting your turn in this hamster wheel where people want to do the same thing. For me I’m about putting out more and more content, so you’re forced to pick one of a million rather than just waiting on that one for a whole solid year, so I just keep on creating the music.

Sope: You’ve been releasing music over a decade with much success in a variety of facets for one being with Floetry, your solo success and accomplishments as a writer and producer for other artists. Do you find it challenging to stay relevant in this industry especially in a climate where it’s especially difficult for R&B artists to prosper? Unless you’re Sam Smith or Adele…

Marsha: I absolutely understand what you’re saying, fortunately for me I’ve become one of these unicorns that paved the way for said Sam Smith’s and Adele’s to create a UK import of Soul. Let Jessie J tell it or all these other artists that were admirers of what Floetry did from the UK to overseas. Natasha Bedingfield and these other people will still make reference to what was done, that can’t be taken away, so with me making myself relevant – I don’t need to. People reference my songwriting and my style, if you ever hear a certain song and someone says “that sounds like some Marsha shit” that means I’ve done my job, someone is trying to imitate and mimic what I did 10, 15 years ago. I’m going to continue to do different things and become the Quincy Jones I set out to be a long time ago.

Sope: Now this was an unplanned question but I have to ask about this Floetry reunion tonight! What happened, how did this happen and what does this mean for the future?

Marsha: Being on that stage tonight again with Natalie, reintroducing Floetry possibly to people who only knew as me as Marsha Ambrosius the solo artist just made sense. It’s just time, Nat and myself today was the first time we had seen each other in 8 years. 9 years since a Floetry show but as you see on stage, we don’t miss a beat and you don’t forget. Even rehearsing it today, we were laughing at eachother because we were kids when we did this shit the first time. So why wouldn’t we do this shit again, why wouldn’t we give this back to our fans – it’s cheating them.

Sope: So this is you basically indicating a potential reunion tour or reunion album?

Marsha: There’s a basic potential for a bunch of things. I’m all about sustaining legends and we have Floetry at our disposal, we just have to continue to prove points on being the underdog, being the people that pioneered and paved the way for the UK. I think its perfect time for us to do it now, we’re both grown, we’ve done things outside of eachother and it’s just that much easier to come back and give back. But I will need a teleprompter for all these lyrics that I don’t know anymore *laughs*. So who knows we’ll see.

Sope: Anything you want to tell your fans?

Marsha: As always, I do this for you. Sometimes selfishly I’ll sing ‘OMG I Miss You’ in shows to myself but that’s because it’s my favourite song and I do let you know when I’m having a moment. But I do this for you and you’re voices never go unheard, I know what it is you want and I’m at your service.

Watch to see the exciting Floetry reunion below…

Interview by Sope Soetan (@SopeSoetan)

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8405_10200636421808598_518341161_n-e1364836013633This past weekend our West Coast writer Lindsey caught up with singer Bobby V. during his headlining Tru Hollywood show in LA. During the interview Bobby talked about the rumors about signing to Nicki Minaj label, working with K.Michelle on his current single “Put It In.” Bobby also talked about his new EP Peach Roses and more. Check out what the pint size singer had to say in our new interview below.

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Daley-500x3311A couple weeks ago I was granted the opportunity to get on the phone & interview Britain’s newest rising star Daley. The Manchester-born vocalist gave me some insight on everything from his humble beginnings to his own personal music interests and much much more.

This is certainly an interview it’s imperative you hear…

Part 1

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If for some reason you are unfamiliar with this gifted individual here are some clips worth getting into:

Written By Sope Soetan (@SopeSoetan)

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bozeman-e1348515149358This past week I got the chance to talk to an up and coming singer who I was very excited to talk to, The girl from around the world V.Bozeman. Some of you may be familiar with V for her work on Timothy Bloom’s single “Till The End Of Time” and sharing the stage with Cee-Lo Green performing his Grammy award winning single Fool For You. Check out the interview we had with V as we talked about R&B going Indie and what her original music will sound like.

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192-e1328551402783We Spoke to Grammy Nominated producer Clinton Sparks a few weeks ago about his Grammy nomination for his work on Lady gaga’s Born This Way album, we also talked to the DJ about his up and coming projects that he has lined up for this year as well as his new mixtape and upcoming album. Check out our 2 part interview below and leave me your thoughts.
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IMG_0047-e1326792286364Last Thursday Lauriana Mae headlined her first show at SOB’s night club in NYC, We got the chance to talk to the Atlantic Records songstress backstage after her show. We talked to Lauriana about life after being on Diddy’s starmaker and her current EP Love Mae her 3 track EP which she collaborated with producer Kawmae. Check out as we talked to this rising singer about her unique Jazz style of music and more.

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LIL_MO_PS_I_LOVE_ME_CD_COVER1-e1320643581501A couple of weeks ago we chatted with singer Lil Mo who just released her brand new album “P.S I Love Me” which hits stores November 1st, In this interview we talked about some of the things she has in store for this album such as guest features some of the producers she worked with and the message she wanted fans to know when making this album. We also talked a little more about Mo’s life such as her hiatus from music and what an underrated artists really means to her.
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Jaiden-Picture-1-600x400I got the opportunity to talk to Singer/Songwriter Jaiden he has worked with almost everybody in the industry from Jay-z, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Chris Brown, John Legend and more. A while back he released his mixtape “The Cure Suite 1 and has been on tour for BET’s Music Matter’s tour, With Jay-z and he is right now currently on the road with Chris Brown’s FAME tour, during our interview we got to learn more about Jaiden and his musical upbringing and even talked about his new project which is now available for download “The Cure Suite II.” Check out the interview below and leave me your thoughts

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lI caught up with Houston rapper Lil play the man behind Ludacris hit “My Chick Bad” since then the world is now knowing more about Lil Playy with his new single “Birthday Dress” which has been getting great reviews and his recent mixtape “Tour Bus Musik” Lil playy is not stopping with his recent feature on Kelly Rowland’s Work It Man Lil Playy is setting up his feature showing the world a different side of Houston rappers.