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For nearly two decades, AVANT has given us hits such as “Read Your Mind,” “My First Love,” and “Separated”. As Avant released his 9th studio album Can We Fall In Love a two weeks ago, we spoke to Avant about the new project.


YMMW: This Friday you are releasing your 9th studio album Can We Fall In Love, talk about the direction you took for this album, and who you worked with far as producers and songwriters.

Avant: Yea it’s my 9th studio album and the direction I took was basically dealing with relationships. So the way I like to format it is that everybody is home right now but they’re not really talking to each other. They have their devices that are keeping them away from each other and this is the longest you have spent with that person in years, and this is the time you really should have that special relationship going on. What I did with this is album is try to connect everybody, so when they hear the album its more of a conversation they will say “what happened to the love that we used to have?” Is it about the devices or is it about us individually? That’s what I put together with this album. I worked with Travis Sales he’s a great producer he’s my band director and we just found a happy blend as friends and creators, this is how I came up with my album. It’s my 9th studio album and I’m blessed to be able to give people great material which they still listen to and want to cherish I’m just really grateful.

YMMW: As your new album Can We Fall in Love arrives Friday and nearly 2 decades in the game what would say you see the most growth you’ve seen yourself as an artist from Your debut project to releasing your 9th album? 

Avant: The most growth I would say is just pushing through to be in the game for 20 years going through the ups and downs and different companies, now having kids and seeing their perspectives I have a 7-year-old daughter and 17-year-old son. When I first got in the game I only knew about myself and I only cared about myself and now I have to have the songs that I have it’s about the people it’s not even about me it’s about. With the music, you actually help people and to me, that’s my main goal is to help people.

YMMW: You and Keke Wyatt are duets legendary with songs such as You & I, Nothing in This World,  and My First love. Have you two ever talked about doing a duet album? 

Avant: Yes we have. It’s all about the right timing. It’s not as easy as everyone thinks it is because you have two different human beings coming together to think of the right concept and you have to have a conversation with one another about 12-15 songs and you have to really think that out because you don’t want to force that, it can come off as cheesy, it’s a gift and a curse because we have all eyes on us so we can’t come out with anything bad.

YMMW: For years the conversation of the state of R&B and the changes some of the new artists are doing with it. As and R&B icon yourself who has been consistent had had hits for over 2 decades in R&B, what are your thoughts on the way R&B is heading with the new generation? 

Avant: I think R&B is in a great stage actually. If you think about it if R&B would have stayed the same as it did in that era then you would be tired of it. By having this different brand of R&B it’s kind of teaching moment for your kids while they have their brand of R&B you can introduce them to the R&B we grew up on like myself, Joe, Charlie Wilson. We bring back the R&B that the kids need to know about, It opens up that conversation with your kids so they can know this is the R&B that we grew up off of, these are the topics that mattered to us. I think its a beautiful thing because it gives us teaching moments.

YMMW: Recently we’ve seen artists being celebration with the Verzuz series created by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland. If you were asked to go on there who would you like to go head to head with on Verzuz? 

Avant: I don’t get into that. It’s all about the fans, who would you all put me to go against to do that. I do the music for the fans. I think it’s a cool thing what they are doing and they are having fun doing it, but I don’t think you should put artists against each other when I am doing it for the fans. That’s with all due respect, but I understand what they are doing it for though.

YMMW: On this new album which song would you say is the most personable song that you recorded for this album?

Avant: I have a song on the album that I did for the fans it’s called “Nothing Without You,” so that’s the most personal record that I did for everyone. It touches me it’s like I tell everyone if that Maybach that double R sits on the showroom floor and no ever picks it up, it’s nothing without the person who picks it up. So we have to understand our power who we are as people.

YMMW: As we live through this pandemic, making it hard tour right now, what are some of the things fans can expect to see from you will there be a tour for next year or a virtual concert we can expect?

Avant: We definitely are working on somethings, we’re basically working on a tour for next year, and I don’t want it getting to the point where you’re starting to be seen too much. I like the mystique of artists. I still think that means a lot. Right now it’s too much, I can find out what socks you have on or what you ate this morning I don’t know how beneficial that is because once people get tired of you individually, they don’t want to hear from your anymore or see you anymore so I think that can be detrimental to your career so I do like that mystique.

YMMW: Who is one new artist would you love to collaborate on a song with or who are you currently listening to in R&B 

Avant: I really respect my guy Chris Brown, I remember seeing him when he first started so I have much respect for him. It’s a couple of artists, Drake I think he’s a great artist as well. I know how hard this game and build this brand so I have a lot of respect for a lot of artists.

YMMW: To be in this industry for 20 years and all the hit songs you have created, did you ever think that your career would have lasted and had the longevity it’s having?

Avant: I had no idea what I was doing when it came to longevity in my career. It’s funny I tell this story all the time, I did the first album and boom it was finished. Then I had people telling me I needed to work on another album and I’m like wow for real? They told me this is how it goes you had success with that one and then you bring the label something else within 5-6 six months. One thing I can say the music industry taught me was hard work and dedication. If you’re trying to get in the music game you’re not getting in it for a single or an album, you’re doing it for how much you can help people we are literally vessels that’s who we are as artists. That is what we are here for. Once you understand that and what your position is then you will enjoy what making music brings.

YMMW: As music constantly changes do you find it hard as an artist to keep your signature sound that fans love while also making it current for today’s time and new fans?

Avant: You should never have to compromise who you are individually first, the fans remember you for who you are, if you can pick up a few fans through the kids that is fine, but never compromise who you are. I think that’s what happens when you listen to the radio constantly, people start to compromise and now you’re starting to hear one long song. I don’t think that’s beneficial. One of the biggest songs that matter in the world today is Marvin Gay’s what’s going on, it’s still relevant for today. When he made that he didn’t listen to the radio when he wrote that song. He was in the streets and he felt the heartbeat of the streets, and that’s what matters. When you start making records like that, that’s the songs that will stick around forever. That’s what I try to do when I go into the studio.

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Known for crafting hit for a huge range of artists from Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige and more. While creating hits for others, Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony also make up the group Louis York. Since creating the duo group in 2015, the two have released their EP trilogy Masterpiece Theater Act I, Act II, and Act III. Back in October Louis York unleashed their full-length LP The American Griots. A few weeks back we got a chance to speak to hitmakers, Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony as they spoke about their new album and more. Check out the interview below.

YMMW: Right now, in music, it feels like a lot of artists especially new artists are afraid to make a new sound and try something different for Louis York’s debut project American Griots you guys were not afraid to step outside the box. Tell us about the process when making this album and the story Louis York wanted to for the debut project?

Louis York: The reason we joined forces to become Louis York was to operate without fear. Too much is done to please critics rather than move the people. We wanted to add to the solution, not the problem. We approached our debut album, American Griots, with the intention of getting all the music we hear in our heads out into the world. That meant beautiful melodies, poetry, chord changes, horn arrangements, live strings, undeniable hooks, soulful grooves. We are making the music we craved and couldn’t find. It’s light music.

YMMW: As successful songwriters and writing for a lot of artists, how does Louis York create the fresh sound that we heard on American Griots without sounding like anything we heard on the radio?

Louis York: We are fans of music, FIRST. Writing for some of the biggest artists in the world was like getting a master’s degree in music creation. We learned from the very best how to create memorable music that also makes you feel something real. We also are students of all kinds of music so it was our goal with our own album to create something that the world is missing.

YMMW: You both have written and produced many hits for a lot of huge stars, do you both feel that standards are set higher or there is more pressure for songwriters and producers who step out from behind the scene to becoming the artist? 

Louis York: There is definitely a lot of pressure for us to be great but that pressure doesn’t come from outside opinions. As the masterminds behind some well-known songs, it would be ridiculous if we didn’t bring the heat for our own artistry. That’s why we are our biggest critics. We are not interested in repeating trends or being cookie-cutter artists so we work extra hard to be excellent. People know of us for amazing music & storytelling, it’s our job to keep raising the bar. I think we are doing that.

YMMW: I saw you both make a cameo on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood talking to K.Michelle about her country music. Will you both be working with K.Michelle on her country project?  

Louis York: We love K. Michelle and have known her for years. We’ve been talking about her country roots for years so we’re glad the world got to see that side of all of us on Love & Hip-Hop. We’ll absolutely be getting in the studio with her to make that dream a reality…K doing country has the potential to be massive.

YMMW: Speaking of country music, we all seen Lil Nas X break barriers in country music, but we haven’t seen any black women take over country music like that yet, do you guys think black women can break into country music? 

Louis York: A black woman can and WILL break into country. Nashville is diversifying every day. It’s taken a long time and it ain’t easy but it will happen. We are at the frontlines of that effort. We live in Franklin, TN and moved our company Weirdo Workshop here to be a part of that change.

YMMW: Now that American Griots is out what else can we see coming from Louis York? Can fans expect a tour?  

Louis York: American Griots is still only our debut album. We will definitely be touring this music, and sharing our stories. We also have many new projects mapped out in our heads so there is always new art coming! This is the beginning of the journey.

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Epic Records’ new songstress and Ne-yo’s protégé Candice Boyd has been making a name for her self recently, writing songs for Tamar Braxton, Flo Rida, and more. The singer recently made waves as an singer with her Epic records debut single “Damn Good Time.” We recently caught up withe Candice as she talked about upbringing in music, her Epic records debut and her recent tour stint with Ro James. Candice also let us know about what we can expect with her new music and what is to come.Check out the interview below.

YMMW: For those who may not know who you are yet. Tell us who is Candice Boyd?

Candice Boyd: Candice Boyd is an R&B singer, I grew up in a church home, I am a realist, relatable, and she is a real R&B singer. That’s who Candice Boyd is.

YMMW: Before catching the eyes of Ne-Yo and LA Reid, you were working behind the as a songwriter, who were some of the artists you’ve written for?

Candice Boyd: I’ve written for a lot of artists but if were speaking on the terms of placements, I have placements with Nicki Minaj, Tamar Braxton, Pleasure P along with Flo Rida, but I’ve written for a lot of artists. It’s a gamble.

YMMW: LA reid singed you to a deal on the spot which says a lot about your talent. How did it feel to get a label deal right on the spot?

Candice Boyd: It was a blessing and a little overwhelming, you know in a good way. It was also humbling just because of the roster, the new Epic roster right now is crazy, and it’s surrounded by people that already have leverage, that have a fan base and a following. For Him {LA Reid} to sign me, you know just underground coming out that was really a blessing.

YMMW: Before getting signed you released a few songs out, one of those songs that caught my attention was lesbian, it was my introduction to Candice Boyd

Candice Boyd: Yes Lesbian was one of my first songs being signed to Compound U, it was written by Ne-Yo and that was the kick off. That was the start of everything and it goes along with the music that I even write for myself, its raw, uncut, and it’s real, it’s relatable . For those who may not heard it, it’s about a woman who’s in a heterosexual relationship but she still likes to be in a relationship with a woman, so that’s what Lesbian is about.

YMMW: What have you learned the most about yourself and how has your musical sound developed since releasing your earlier music compared to your music now?

Candice Boyd: I feel like my sound has grown because me working with a lot more mainstream artists and not so much by myself being locked in the studio like most artists like to be. Like me working with Ne-Yo, Eric Bellinger, and French Montana, it’s making my sound more adaptable and kind of gives the people what they want until I can give them what they need. I can fit more and I can adjust to the sounds on the radio more, instead of it being so far left, or so R&B, or so churchy. It’s like okay this is what the people listen to now, now I’m actually in the studio with these mainstream artists they can teach me something, they can teach me different things I may not know. Sometimes I feel like people who do all the runs and all the singing it can be overbearing to an ear that isn’t really ready for that. I just feel like I need to be around more mainstream artists, and because I have been, it has made my sound more eclectic, more poppy, more radio ready. That took some time it did not come over night.

YMMW: Ne-Yo has played a major part in your career as a singer what advice has he given you as a new artist making a name for herself?

Candice Boyd: That’s a good question; Ne-Yo was just like hey be yourself, that’s the reason why we like you. Don’t change don’t try to conform to the world just be yourself, and that’s what going to make people look at you. He would tell me things like its okay to be yourself and the sky is not the limit. We start at the sky and we go from there. He’s just really motivational.


YMMW: Your single Damn Good Time with French Montana has received a good response from fans and radio stations. How did that song come about and did you expect such a good response once the record was released?

Candice Boyd: It was a song that was sent to me, the track was pretty much already done, the idea was there, but, the lyrics weren’t Candice, the lyrics weren’t tailor made. So Ne-Yo went in there he revised some things, and he actually said hey, Candice why don’t you come write the second verse. So I came with the second verse, Rodney Jerkins and his team had a lot to do with the productions, and we made it my own, then we presented it to LA Reid and he absolutely loved it. Before this was due to be the single we were already talking about the video before French Montana came along. I remember having to re-write the treatment. So it was already something that was destined to do well and rise, according the LA Reid. So we kind of expected it French Montana came in and sprinkled his magic. It was a blessing for him to add his creativity and his sound.

YMMW: You’re currently recording your debut album, what kind of music can we expect to hear on your epic records debut.

Candice Boyd: I have a lot of relatable songs, you probably won’t hear a lot of love songs, you’ll probably hear a lot about my transition into an artist, where I came from, how I deal with niggas, how I deal with certain situations. I’m really not in that love space right now; so don’t expect any of that. You can expect more songs like damn good time, more vibey more, live songs… I’m a live singer, so anything that I record, I record it so that when I do sing it live I will be able to . A lot of live bands stuff, so you can just expect that rawness, that realness real singing.

YMMW: I’m definitely excited, we all love a good love song but not all of us are in the love space. Sometimes you need that raw edgy say it your face song to express your emotions

Candice Boyd: Right, like tell me how to get over this guy, you know I have that antidote with my music.

YMMW: Right now you’re on tour with Ro James how has tour life been and what city has been your favorite to perform in so far?

Candice Boyd: Well, yesterday was actually the last day for me on the tour with Ro James. It was nothing short of a blessing, we were on tour about a month, and the last day was New York. But, my favorite city would have to be LA. LA showed out for me, that was my favorite city because that’s where I was most comfortable, but being in different cities and having people, connect with me the way the did, not knowing the words never heard of me or seen me, they’ve shown me a lot of love. Portland was the first city and they turned out for me, definitely Oakland turned up, Huston turned up, Dallas was amazing. We had a good time there was no city that was like, were not messing with Candice Boyd, my music can be raw and aggressive but if there is a story behind it and a purpose behind it and good intent behind it, they’re like Ok, I feel her. It was dope!

YMMW: Do you have a new single that we should expect hear soon?

Candice Boyd: Yes I do! It’s called “Make Me Over” and it is a song that we had for a while now, just waiting for the right time to put it out. It’s another one that LA absolutely loved, another one that was written by Ne-Yo and everybody loved it Compound U, the whole label, and we loved it. It’s definitely more of a ballad, slow type of movie score type song. I’m excited about that. I see great things for it, I see us overseas with it, and it being bigger than we thought it could be. That’s definitely coming, were actually working on a video treatment for that now. It’s going to drop sooner than you think.


YMMW: On your debut album, will there be any guest feature? What producers and songwriters have you worked with so far?

Candice Boyd: Well the album is not finished yet, you know that goes until the deadline. Were going to keep recording, today’s songs are better than the last songs. That’s just the way it goes I just want everything to be great. Were taking out time, but I am going to be releasing a EP very soon, about 4-5 songs to give you a teaser of what’s going to be on the album.

The producers I worked with, I kind of open to work with different producers but its been kind of close knit. Which is a good thing, to help me gather my sound and get it together. I worked a lot with Kore Piece from Compund, DjCamper. It’s been a lot of dope musicians more so than producers. It’s going to make the sound even better.

 YMMW: With you creating your album and your EP, what else can we expect from Candice Boyd?

Candice Boyd: You can expect more shows. I live for performing live and just a good feeling. Not just because I’m on stage performing in front of people, it’s just a better way to connect and be more relatable, more touchable. I like to be all up in yo grill. I like to feel just as well, that’s why I know the people like to come to shows. You can definitely expect more of that. I also feel like my brand is bigger than music so were going to be doing it all.

Check out Candice Boyd new single “Make Me Over” below the follow-up to her hit single “Damn Good Time”


Make Me Over is a different side of me that I don’t always let people see. This record gave me an opportunity to expose my “frans” (friend + fan = frans, my nickname for my fans) to situations I know they can relate to.”–  CANDICE BOYD

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Last week Sinster 2 opened up in theaters, before the movie hit the big screen we caught up with the films lead actress Shannyn Sossamon to talk about her role in the movie and her experience with working on FOX summer hit Wayward Pines.

YMMW:Your new movie Sinsiter 2 is hitting theaters this Friday; tell us a little more about this movie and the character you play Courtney Collins.

Shannyn Sossamon: The Sinster 2 picks up where the first Sinster left off, with the deputy is obsessed to figure out the mystery of the ghoul and who his next victim will be. I’m playing Courtney who is a mother with two twin boys and I’m on the run from their very abusive father, and we end up in a little house in a creepy remote location which also includes a little church, and this is a great place for the ghoul to plant himself next. We also get to meet some of the past ghost children who the ghoul has taken and we also get a little more into the lane of the ghoul and a little more back story of him.

YMMW: For those who may have seen the first Sinister, what would you say is more different from the first one in the sequel?

 Shannyn Sossamon: Well, to be honest, I haven’t seen the entire first movie because I am not a huge fan of horror and I don’t like to be scared (Laughs). So I saw enough of the first Sinster to get the gist, and when it started to get really dark, I couldn’t handle it. So I’m just a bad horror film audience member, but there are differences for sure, what I’ve been hearing is there is differences in that it’s not the exact same formula as the first one it kind of does its own thing, and it goes a little further with the ghoul rather than just re-creating the same beat as the first one with the same family.


YMMW: What was it about the script of sinister 2 that made you want to sign on to do the sequel?

Shannyn Sossamon: I met with Ciaran Foy the director of this film and I really wanted to work with him weI met with Ciaran Foy the director of this film and I really wanted to work with him we talked for a long time about the story and I realized very quickly, how important it was for him to make the characters real and the story very grounded and that the horror was happening on top of that. I remember him, saying that the true villain of the story was the father, and I thought that was really smart. I was excited to work with him and I wanted to help him make the movie great. talked for a long time about the story and I realized very quickly, how important it was to him to make the characters real and the story very grounded and that the horror was happening on top of that. I remember him saying that the true villain of the story was the father, and I thought that was really smart. I was excited to work with him and I wanted to help him make the movie great.

YMMW: Along with working on this new movie sinister 2, you also played Theresa Burke on Fox’s mini series Wayward Pines, when you first signed on to do that show did you think it would have been an instant hit as it did with the viewers?

Shannyn Sossamon: We didn’t know that was a very nutty show and we all were pleasantly surprised at how much people liked it, not because we didn’t like it you just never know with a show like that. It was an odd show, but I thought all the actors did an incredible job and I’m really proud have been in it.  Did you like the way it ended?

YMMW: I did, but I’m hoping for a season 2 a lot of left unresolved and I would love to see how it got to that point.

Shannyn Sossamon: Yea, they could go for a second season because they definitely left it very open ended.  wayward-pines-hyden

YMMW: Besides working on Sinster 2 and now that Wayward Pines has wrapped what else are you working on that people should look out for?

Shannyn Sossamon: Well, I’m in Atlanta, GA right now doing a part for season 3 of Sleepy Hollow so we will see how that goes the first episode airs October 1st on FOX. It’s going to be fun the character I’m playing is a little different then what I’ve been doing lately so I’m excited about that.

Make sure you all check out Shannyn Sossamon in Sinster 2 which is in theaters now.

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A few weeks back we got the chance to chat with singer Deborah Cox, in our new interview with we spoke to Deborah about her upcoming album which will be titled “Work Of Art” and her new single Kinda Miss You. Along with her new music Deborah also talked about being inspired by Whitney Houston when recording for her new project. Deborah also gave us some new about her new original Broadway show playing Iconic singer Josephine Baker.

YMMW:  What was it like getting the opportunity to re-create Whitney Houston for the Lifetime Biopic film?

Deborah Cox : It was an honor, when Angela approached me about doing it I just wanted to make sure she was represented well and that I recaptured the essence of her when she performed live on stage. We didn’t have a lot of time to do it but it gave me a tremendous amount of respect for her because a lot of those songs were in a very high range and high key and a lot of vocals and we had to do everything in literally in two days. They were pretty powerful songs so I had to approach it delicacy and make sure I did it right I just hope she’d be proud.

YMMW: You’ve managed to keep a successful career in the music business, did you find it easier establishing a career when you first hit the scene or maintaining or staying relevant in today’s music?

Deborah Cox: The industry has changed and my love and passion for music hasn’t so that’s why I’m still in it and why I still do what I do. What I do love just sort of the way things have change as far as social media is concerned, is that I love the way I am able to stay in contact and engaged with my fans and the people who have supported me. You know I think  when I first came out there wasn’t much of a presence online, it was more about showing up to the radio’s and doing shows it was a different thing. But now we have so many different social media portals to keep everyone updated with what’s going on and further more and we can expose more music and show all the fans all the behind the scenes things I enjoy that part of it. Of course I think we would have to find a better model of getting songwriters and producers paid from music heard over the internet, I think their starting to realize we all have to find a way to work together.

YMMW: You recently put out your new single Kinda Miss You, tell us a little more about this song and what we can expect.

Deborah Cox: Yes! We will be premiering the behind the scenes footage in a couple days from my album shoot I think this song is really reflective of where I am, I really missed the audience and the recording world and it’s great to be back on the scene and stuff, this is giving people a little taste of my personality outside of singing the big ballads. This song is the appetizer to the big meal to work of art that will be out in the summer.

Screen-Shot-2013-06-17-at-8.58.55-AM-1YMMW: An announcement was recently made that you will play Josephine Baker in a new original Broadway Musical, what can you tell us about this musical and what was it like being able to play such an amazing icon on an original musical?

Deborah Cox: Well this musical will be out in the spring of 2016, but we wanted to announce it to give people sort of an inside look to remind people of a great American Icon she was. she was trendsetting, the first black woman to take her career over to France she was doing a lot of revolutionary things in her time which set the bar very high. For me being able to portray this woman is really rich and her story is very fascinating there are things in her story that I don’t think people will be able to believe, but she defied so much so I’m really excited to portray this role on stage

YMMW: Along with scoring a new Broadway musical you are also planning to release a new album, what producers and songwriters have you been meeting with to work with?

Deborah Cox: While this new project has some familiar producers that I have worked with before and some new ones and Kinda Miss You was produced by the Rascals who just won a Grammy for their work with Toni Braxton & BabyFace it was really great working with them. I don’t want to reveal all of the details (Laughs) so I can leave a little something, the pros and cons of social media I can’t reveal it all (Laughs). Just know the album will be called “Work Of Art” and people will be pleased it’s going to be a lot of great songs that people to hear me Sang and I want people to know that they won’t be disappointed.

YMMW: When you went to record for the Whitney Biopic film did it give you any inspiration when recording for your own album?

Deborah Cox: Good Question, it actually did, when I heard the song Work of Art it reminded me of when Whitney did great songs like All The Man I need and Saving All My Love For You, the big power ballads and that’s why I got into this business and why I am a singer today it was hearing those divas sing songs like that, which made me want to be a singer and made me want to sing songs like that. Like I said previously this album will have a few songs like that as well, where people will enjoy the vintage Deborah with me standing up and just sanging.

YMMW: We’ve seen some of the R&B we grew up with in the 90’s such as Faith Evans, Angie Stone, Syleena Johnson and more re-introduce themselves and music on reality television. Was Reality Tv ever something you considered doing?

Deborah Cox: Well I think on depends on how it’s done, for me it’s always been about I want to respect something that’s positive. I think a lot of the times people have good intentions but things kind of take a turn for the worst, and I don’t want to be involved in something that shows off negativity and women fighting. If I did a reality T.V. show it would be more behind the scenes or day in the life of time of thing, I don’t want people to see me going at it with another artist or my peers or that kind of thing, that’s not what I’m into. I’m more into empowering I’m inclusive I’m about the movement and equality of women and I rather more focus on those things.

YMMW: Who are you listing to right now that you would love to do collaboration with?

Deborah Cox:  Ooh that’s a great question, everyone knows I love Jazmine Sullivan, Maxwell, there’s a lot of up and coming artist as well. For me it’s really about the opportunities with people that I might meet up with at an award show or something. Because I am a fan of different type of music and artists so I can’t just pick a particular one but a lot of the times you find yourself as an artist put in different situations, like most recently when I did the Grammy foundation performance in LA and I met up with Aloe Black, and that brother is so cool and relaxed with just a vibe and tone in his voice and we got a chance to talk and stuff backstage. So those types of encounters I like because it changes your view when you meet an artist for the first time.

YMMW: Your first single Kind of Miss you has a very upbeat feel, what direction are you heading towards with this new album, will this new album be strictly for the fans or will this album be re-introduce who Deborah Cox is to those unfamiliar but know you did the music for the Whitney Huston Biopic film.

Deborah Cox: You said it very well, you couldn’t have explained it better, and that’s exactly what I want to do with this new album “Work Of Art” I want to re-introduce myself to the new people who may not know me and I also want to please the supporters and fans who have been there over the past 20 years. I’ve been in this business for a long time and I just want this album to reflect all the influence I have had over the past 10-15 years which is a little bit of dance music and a little bit of soulful penned songs.