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Jazmine Sullivan and Bryson Tiller star in their own episode of the hit HBO show ‘Insecure’ as they debut the video to their new video for the lead single off the Vol 2 insecure soundtrack. Set in the same apartment building that Issa Rae lived in, Jazmine throws a party with some friends while trying to have fun, Jazmine notices her phone blowing up as her man repeatedly text’s her phone with messages showing off his insecurity in the relationship. The new visual features cameos from the actors who play in the show, such as Issa Rae, Natasha Rothwell, who plays the very funny Kelly, Sarunas J. Jackson who plays Molly’s new love intrest Dro and Amanda Seales


Not only is HBO’s Insecure one of the hottest new show out speaking volumes to us Millennials when it comes to love, work, and friendships. While the acting is on point, the music is on point as well.Fresh off the Season 2 premiere of “Insecure,” Jazmine Sullivan and Bryson Tiller team up on the title track for the soundtrack

In the new song Jazmine and Bryson go back and forth with their relationship issues. Earlier tonight, Bryson kicked off his “Set It Off Tour” in Atlanta with H.E.R. and Metro Boomin. Check out the new song below.

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“Queen of Hip-Hop Soul” Mary J. Blige has just dropped her 13th studio album simply titled “Strength of a Woman” which follows up her highly underrated album “The London Sessions” which saw her delivering a solid vocal performance over British electronic beats and the writing was stunning.On this album she delivers her most rawest and most personal material to date, she is in so much pain yet she rebuilding herself into a even stronger version of herself, not letting her divorce from her husband (Martin ‘Kendu’ Isaacs) of nearly 13 years break her.

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Jazmine_SullivanA couple of years Jazmine Sullivan retired from the music industry to only return to 2015 with the release of her album “Reality Show” but during that time alot of songs started leak and one of them is the Salaam Remi produced called “My Career”. It finds the Philly songstress singing over the drums from Al Green`s “I’m Glad You’re Mine” as she addresses a topic that most of us have dealt with, being so committed to your career that the person you`re in a relationship with starts accusing you of cheating which is not the matter, sometimes we need Stedman Graham (Oprah`s man) in our lives, a man who secure within himself to understand that your career comes first and supports and loves you even more being of your independence and knows where your heart is.

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With the New Year arriving tomorrow I could not leave you all without naming the rest of my top 10  songs that made my musical journey this year. If you missed part one check it out here.

1. Jazmine Sullivan – Mascara
When Jazmine Sullivan announced that she would be returning back to music, I couldn’t have been more excited. The Philly Songstress first came back on the scene with her Meek Mill, assisted single “Dumb,” Jazmine then continued to release music leading up to the release of her anticipated 3rd album. One song that really caught my attention that Jazmine Sullivan released was Mascara. While the song was inspired by how most women we see on instagram are consumed with the superficiality of their looks, Jazmine uses her sweet mesmerizing vocal range to make you even forget she’s preaching to young women in the song. Mascara is definitely one of my favorite songs on Jazmine’s 3rd LP Reality Show that will never get old.

2. Aleesia Cara- Here
Canada shows that it has no signs of stopping to produce some of today’s hottest new talent and Aleesia Cara definitely made her mark this year when she dropped the anti party anthem Here. While most people her age who love to go out and Turn up 24/7 Aleesia Cara was the voice for the people who rather enjoy a nice night at home rather than the club. What stood out most to me about this song was the fact that this young girl was able to create such a great song and not afraid of saying I rather stay home than go out, while we are used to hearing songs about turning up in the club and flossing our bands, it was great to finally hear somebody sing about something else for a change. The song was able to set Aleesia in the right direction in her career, as Here became her first top 10 single on the chart, and she even joined Taylor Swift onstage as a surprise guest at the 1989 World Tour in Tampa, Florida. If you enjoyed Here, you should definitely check out Four Pink Walls, Overdose and Outlaws.

3. The Weeknd – Go Tell Your Friends
Now I will be the first to admit I was not here for The Weeknd when I first heard about him in his mixtape days in my opinion his songs were long as hell and something you needed to be high for. Even when he announced his first major LP I still was not interested. As time moved on and The Weeknd’s sound began to evolve I became a little more interested in his music. Being the music lover that I am, I decided to check out The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind The Madness I was pleasantly surprised at how much I have grown to like The Weeknd’s music, and one song I will say is my favorite from his sophomore album is Go Tell Your Friends. Something about this Kanye West produced track embodies everything about the word smooth.

4. Tamar Braxton – If I Don’t Have You
With Love and War being such a huge success Tamar Braxton really had a lot of pressure when creating the follow up album. Tamar first tested her fans reaction when she released Let Me Know Featuring Future; which received a lukewarm response. Then a few months later Tamar came back stronger with her official lead single If I Don’t have You from her 3rd studio album Calling All Lovers. The song was a huge success for Tamar as it scored her another Grammy nomination for Best R&B Performance. Tamar Braxton really put in a lot of hard work this year and it is definitely paying off.

5. Trey Songz – Slow Motion
One thing I can really appreciate from Trey Songz is that he will defiantly deliver a hot R&B song, which he did with his single Slow Motion, the lead single for his Re-released album Trigga. The song earned Trey another top 10 hit on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts coming in at #9. The song was a great summer sexy R&B song that had a lot of people saying, “We can take, we can take, we can take our time, baby in slow motion.”

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Before hitting the road for her Reality Show tour, singer/songwriter Jazmine Sullivan hit up America’s new favorite daytime talk show The Real to perform an acoustic version of her song “Forever Don’t Last” from her new album, Reality Show. Check out the performance below.

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jazmine-sullivan-reality-showAfter a long 3 year hiatus singer/songwriter Jazmine Sullivan is back with her long awaited brand new album “Reality Show.” The Album will officially be released on January 13th, while we wait for the album to hit stores Jazmine Sullivan teamed up with Complex magazine to give her fans the first listen to her new album, with  productions from Salaam Remi, Key Wane, Da Internz, DJ Dahi, and more.

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Jazmine1With her new album Reality Show coming out January 13th, Philly’s own Jazmine Sullivan sat down with Vibe Magazine to pay homage to Whitney Houston by covering one of her most popular singles “I Have Nothing” from the Bodyguard Soundtrack. Check out Jazmine Sullivan put her own twist to the song below.



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-1 7.37.41 PMJust a few days after releasing her new song “Mascara” Jazmine Sullivan unleashed the first look at the cover of her album cover “Reality Show.” Jazmine’s new album is expected to be released January 13th and will feature the singles “Dumb” “Stupid Girls” and the newly released single “Mascara.”

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jazmine-mascaraJazmine Sullivan keeps the music coming with her brand new album Reality Show coming in 2015, Jazmine unleashes a brand new song titled “Mascara.” In the new song which Jazmine Sullivan’s call her favorite from her album she sings about keep up with appearances and making sure no one sees her flaws. Check out the new song below.