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Lyrica Anderson has had a wild ride during this season of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood. From Cheating accusation, DNA tests, and cutting off friends, A1 and Lyrica kept strong as they showed no hurdle could stop them. Back in September, the couple released their joint EP Love Scars, now Lyrica heads out solo again as she premieres her new track and video “Typo.”

In the new track produced by hitmaka, Lyrica turns the tables as she focuses on the wrongdoing A1 has done in their relationship. Check out the new song and video below.

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This season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood we saw A1 and Lyrica share the up and downs in their marriage. Two weeks ago Lyrica dropped the first single Ghost where got very transparent. Now, following the televised announcement of their pregnancy, the duo release collaborative project Love Scars, where the production of the project can be seen fully documented on the latest season. Check out the new project below.

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This season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood has not been a smooth ride for Lyrica and A1. While we are all trying to figure out if Lyrica and Safaree really did have an affair, the singer/songwriter may have come clean in her new song Ghost. In the new track, Lyrica admits to the scandal as she sings:

“We’re not going to make it, if we don’t put the time in. / So this time I’m saying, don’t you just up and leave / Don’t you give up on me. I didn’t mean to cheat. / Every good thing takes some time to be, so don’t give up on me./ I can tell you now, I’m not perfect.”

The parents to be will be sharing more of their relationship ups an downs on their joint project Love Scars set to be released on September 28th. Check out Lyrica’s transparent track below.

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This past weekend singer/songwriter Lyrica Anderson released her long-awaited new LP Adia, proving she is a force to recognized in this industry, Lyrica proved she is more than just a behind the scenes girl as her project showcased Lyrica’s strong songwriting skills and the ability to sing more than one genre of music.

Not only did the Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood star drop her new album but Ms. Lyrica also unleashed her Sean Alexander directed clip for her urban pop-driven song Resist.

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Singer-songwriter Lyrica Anderson has finally released her long-awaited debut album “Adia” which is led by her current single “Don’t Take It Personal” and features Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign (Dolla Bills).

The album is named after her twin sister that passed away when she was three years old, she and her twin sister were born premature, her sister fell consistently ill and sadly passed away: “I came up with dedicating the album to my identical twin sister who passed away when we were three, I just want to keep her memory alive.”

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Lyrica Anderson may have pushed back her long awaited LP Adia but the Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood star gave her fans a special gift for waiting for so long. Today the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter released her album cut “Somebody” The song is a warning to those who may not know what they’ve got until it’s gone. “If you don’t appreciate who and what you have, you could easily lose it, him, or her to something or someone else.”

Along with releasing her new song Somebody, Lyrica inlists Tyga for the remix to her first single “Don’t Take It Personal.”

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Lyrica Anderson is in full album mode after announcing that her new album Adia will be released on September 29th, the singer/songwriter unleashed her brand new song “Dolla Bills” featuring Ty Dolla Sign. Produced by her husband A1 Bentley, Lyrica curves her ex as she tells him that she is only focused on her coins.

Check out the Sean Alexander directed video below and catch Lyrica on Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood every Monday at 8PM on Vh1.

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As the new season of Love and Hip-Hop kicked off 2 weeks ago, singer/songwriter Lyrica Anderson dropped her new video for “Don’t Take It Personal” the lead single off her upcoming album Adia. In the new clip, Lyrica walks a thin line between love and the law as she plays an undercover cop trying to get a big time drug dealer and trying to play it cool but her boyfriend is taking it personal. Check out the new visual below.