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Four years after releasing her sophomore album Friends & Lovers and giving birth to her first child in 2016, the R&b songstress returns as she celebrates motherhood with her third studio album, named after her child, NYLA.

The 16-track album includes songs like “Old Times” while Maroon 5’s PJ Morton serves as the lone feature on the album. Later this fall Marsha will accompany Maxwell on his “50 Intimate Nights Tour” this fall. Stream Marsha’s new album below.

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A few months ago Marsha Ambrousius unleashed her cover of reggae legend Dennis Brown’s classic Have you ever, for a 30-song VP Records tribute which was released June 3rd. Along with recording the song the Floetry member decided to drop the video to the single, which premiered on Billboard yesterday.

When speaking about the video Marsha told Billboard, that the visuals were intended to be “nostalgic.” “Have you ever been in love before?” she adds. “Didn’t realize I hadn’t until now. Funny how it takes the music you listened to growing up to remind you that everything is as it should be.”

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With only one more day till Marsha Ambrosius will debut her sophomore album “Friends & Lovers” the follow-up to her debut Late Nights & Early Mornings. Marsha’s new album features appearances from Dr. Dre  and Charlie Wilson, with production from Pop & Oak, Da Internz, Eric Hudson, and J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League.

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A few months ago Marsha Ambrosius unleashed her video for ‘Stronger” her  cover to Sade’s “Love Is Stronger Than Pride.” The song will appear on Marsha’s sophomore album Friends & Lovers, which also features contributions from Charlie Wilson, Pop & Oak, Da Internz, and J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. Marsha posted the full tracklist to her new album via instagram.

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I have been waiting forever for Marsha Ambrosius to finally give us some insight on her sophomore album, seems like we have been talking about this project for 2 years now. After releasing her video for Run the songstress has finally revealed the official album cover for “Friends & Lovers” which is due out in stores July 15th. Marsha’s new album will feature  production from Pop & Oak, Da Internz, Eric Hudson, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, and more. The album will be available for pre-order on June 23, and Target will carry a deluxe edition with three additional tracks. Hopefully now that things are moving along we can expect a radio single to be released soon.

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After debuting this single a while back singer/songwriter Marsha Ambrosius has revealed her brand new video for “Run.” In the ballad Marsha sings about everyday life struggles from addiction to family issues Marsha uses her voice to show that people can overcome obstacles and move on with their lives. Her sophomore album Friends & Lovers is due later this year featuring production from Da Internz, Pop & Oak, and Diplo.


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Grammy-nominated songstress Marsha Ambrosius has just premiered her newest track titled “Run” which is lifted from her long-awaited second album “Friends & Lovers” which is slated to be released later this year, it will follow up her stunning solo debut “Late Nights & Early Mornings”.

Here`s what she had to say about it: “This one is PERSONAL, not like anything I ever done prior wasn’t. EVERYTHING is personal. But this one… Vulnerable!!! Wide open!!! “… Run… I run into the new and better you oh how did I let you go… So stubborn, so cold…”

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With today being Valentine’s day, Marsha Ambrosius picked the perfect time to release her brand new video for ‘Stronger Than Pride.’ This new song will appear on Marsha’s sophomore album “Friends & Lovers.”Not only did Marsha Ambrosius make this classic Sade song her own but she also  self-produced the track. I love what Marsha did for this song and I’m glad she didn’t wait to release the video for it as well. We all know Marsha never does a typical video so check it out below.

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R&B songstress Marsha Ambrosius recently returned back to her hometown in London a few weeks ago to give an amazing homecoming concert before the holidays. Marsha delighted the audience with classics from her Floetry days, solo hits and gave fans a preview of what will be included on her sophomore record ‘Friends & Lovers’ hitting stores in the approaching months.  After her performance we sat backstage with Marsha to talk about the upcoming album, her view on the Neo-Soul label and much more.

Check out the interview below.

Sope: So I’m sitting here with Marsha Ambrosius who just got off stage and killed it so how does it feel for you to end 2013 with a show at home in the UK?

Marsha: Well I’ve always made it a habit to end my year here, you know I want to be home with the family for Christmas anyway and what better way to do it then celebrate by doing almost every song that has made me who I am toward the end of the year. And I get to celebrate before I go back to work, so it’s a great send off, a great homecoming and I get to eat all my mum’s cooking.

Sope: And it kind of leads in to my next question because in some ways your success in the states has surpassed the success you’ve had here (UK), why do you think that is and what’s your overall opinion on how R&B and Soul is represented and received over here?

Marsha: Well for me, it’s because I really removed myself, it wasn’t that I was aiming to surpass the level of success, I pursued my career in the United States, so it was only right that I would be acknowledged just a little bit more than I am over here but that was done on purpose with purpose. I went over there to be acknowledged as an Urban/R&B songwriter and producer, there weren’t many avenues to do that here in the UK. So it’s not that I was aiming to be bigger, but so be it I just go where the work is.

Sope: Last year you dropped your mixtape ‘Hors D’Oeuvres’ as a teaser for the fans which included ‘Fuck & Get It Over With’ – So I want to know if sonically are the songs from that indicative of the sound that we’re going to hear on the new album? 

Marsha: Sonically possibly not but you probably will be able to have things that derive conceptually from that mixtape. It was really about the concept whether that was ‘Fuck & Get It Over With’ whether that was ‘Expect This Shit’, it was something that gave my pen more freedom to deliver a message. I was less abrupt with the first album – it was a very cookie clean cutter version of what this album is. This one is cutthroat, no holds barred – I’m telling you like it is. So I’m going really 13 years back when I didn’t know it was crazy to say you know ‘all you gotta do is say yes’ take off your clothes, let’s get it on. I didn’t realise I was saying that because I was just songwriting and it just came out as a very bold statement from a female. I just ran away with my pen so with ‘Hors D’Oeuvres’ it was really an introduction to me being as bold and as unspoken as I can be.

Sope: Well I already know you revealed this at the end of your show but for the people who are going to watch this. Do you have a set release date for the album and what producers/artists have you been working with?

Marsha: Well you know release date is coming up. As I said with ‘Late Nights & Early Mornings’ I was like yeah it’s coming out in December, yeah it’s coming out in February – It came out in March. So I’m not going to break anyone’s heart by telling you the exact date, just know it’s coming at the top of next year (2014) and it features Charlie Wilson, Jill Scott & Ne-Yo. Producers – I’ve kept the same team consistent really for the past 13 years, its myself, Andre Harris, Eric Hudson, The Internz, Pop & Oak – so it still has like I did with the first album in keeping a cohesive sound. It’s songs you play 1 through 14 seamlessly because they marry each other.  The album plays like a movie and that’s what you can expect.

Sope: Your debut album got Grammy nominations, critical acclaim and recognition on Billboard, so are you now feeling the pressure to match the last album’s success or top the success of the last album?

Marsha: No because I wasn’t really aiming to be Grammy-nominated or critically acclaimed, I was just trying to put my album out and it’s the same thing with the second one. It’s giving it away to the people, whether that sells 2 copies or 2 million. I get to give away my heart and tonight proves if it’s just the IndigO2 audience today that buys my album I’ll be alright because I know they really care. So who knows? Grammys, number one’s, Soul Train Awards, BET Awards –all that stuff is nice but it’s also better to hear the crowd sing your songs back to you.

Sope: Well I’ve also noticed since your ‘Far Away’ video you’ve acquired a reputation for steering away from the generic R&B video by tackling issues such as suicide, child abuse and financial stability, why is it so important for you to do that?

Marsha: Because not many people can and not many people will, I feel it’s a necessary move on my behalf to speak for those that just can’t do it. It’s something to be a female in this industry and have a voice and not really care about who’s telling you not to – whether that was my fashion sense, whether that was the style of music that I made. Anyone can do a regular video – stand in the rain, fall to your knees and do a spin. I feel like with the platform that I do have and the rapport I have, whether that’s my twitter followers, whether that’s Instagram likes, whether that’s Facebook friends – it’s all marrying each other via social media. It’s trying to speak to that fan or that person that just lost their Grandma or that person that was attempting suicide. I have all of this music now that lives and breathes through people that genuinely care about what I do and say so when it comes to the videos; I have to tell these stories.

Sope: Now a few years back you released a mixtape hilariously titled ‘Neo-Soul is Dead’ so I want to know how do you feel about the Neo-Soul label and movement today and what genre do you feel defines you as an artist?

Marsha: I always wanted to kill the term because I feel it was like a double negative. There’s nothing new about Soul – Soul has been here and it will stay forever. It’s like Nas saying ‘Hip Hop is Dead’. It’s something that people feel as though if your one thing, your just one thing, it’s monotone , its I’m a black female that sings so clearly I have to be Hip Hop, I have to be Neo-Soul, I have to be Jazz, I have to be something that you can label me as. So it was me taking my music back, I wanted to create a mixtape that almost did the parody version of what people thought they were going to get from me. So I had fun in the studio that day and before I knew it took a life of its own and now there’s this infamous mixtape deemed ‘Neo-Soul is Dead’. And I wanted to proclaim that at the top of a mountain because I was tired of people expecting generic. And I know from the beginning of my career that’s nothing I’ve ever been.

Sope: Now we all know you’ve written for Michael Jackson, Jazmine Sullivan, Kelis, Solange and the song you penned for JoJo ‘25 to Life’ is personally one of my favourites  you’ve written – so are you currently writing for anyone or are you completely devoted to ‘Friends & Lovers’ right now?

Marsha:  Umm no, I completed the album some months ago and I’ve completely submerged myself in the writing and production end of things. Whether that was Sonna Rele who opened for me this evening – we worked with each other via Ne-Yo, whether that’s Daley who was also on stage with me today. I was just in Hawaii with Dr Dre and I was working with the whole Aftermath camp. Alicia Keys and myself have a song that we did for the ‘The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete’. Yeah so there’s all these little things that I get to sprinkle outside of me being just the artist, I can celebrate it tonight and go on stage but for the most I’m in someone’s studio writing for whoever.

Sope: Now you opened the show with a Sade cover so I want to know is that going to be on the album?

Marsha: Absolutely, that’s going right on the album. I had to; I mean even with the first album I did ‘Sour Times’ by Portishead .I feel anytime I do any cover for an album I want it to feel like home and Sade just reminds me of my mum playing that album ‘Stronger Than Pride’ will come on. At the time I didn’t know how emotionally connected I was to that lyrically, even melodically. It just reminds me of how music felt when I was that young, it was pure, it wasn’t about the trend, it wasn’t about the popular feature – it was just about the music and I wanted to bring that back with the album, so that’s what I’m doing.

Sope: Well we have to wrap it up now, so is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Marsha: I want to tell my fans that I absolutely love and adore you, be patient with me as usual. Friends & Lovers will be out very very soon so look out for it. I’m absolutely excited about this next project and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

Interview by Sope Soetan (@SopeSoetan)