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Almost 5 years ago, Grammy-award winning rapper Eve made her musical come back with her fourth studio album “Lip Lock” and one of the standout tracks was her collaboration with Missy Elliott and newcomer N’cho, “Wanna Be”. The track sees the ladies setting hating-ass bitches straight “I don`t care what bitches say, none of y`all can fuck with me, I`m the bitch you wanna be” over a heavy-bass production, showcasing their super tight flows.

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dawn-richardDawn Richard is back with a new track called “Maybe” which is nothing more than a leftover track she has decided to share with her fans and I`m so here for it, she is such a talented artist that never gets her credit but her time to shine further will surely come as she is laying down some powerful seeds with her independent albums.

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It`s been a long ass time since we`ve heard any music from British R&B songstress Jamelia who has blessed us with three amazing albums in the course of her career, especially her “Thank You” album which is her highest charting and selling album to date. The album was beautifully crafted and featured some solid singles including the title track.

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Grammy-award winning songstress Brandy recently celebrated her 38th birthday on Saturday and I thought it would be more than appropriate to post this amazing remix of Brandy’s classic hit single “I Wanna Be Down” which sees the Germany based producer Rascal taking us all the way back to the 90`s with this remix. He has Brandy acapella over a smooth sample of Mtume’s “Juicy Fruit” and adds some boomier kicks and a synth that’s reminiscent of that golden era of music. 

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2016 saw R&B songstress Tweet releasing her along awaited third album “Charlene” which was a simply stunning piece of work that saw her in her elements delivering a honest lyrics with a smokey-sultry vocals. She went on to release an exclusive edition of the album featuring two more tracks, one being “Fool No Mo” which is one of my favourites as the song talks about reflecting on your relationship (a toxic one at that) and seeing and acknowledging the warning signs that it`s not meant to be – hanging onto a dead relationship.
“And I have the right to complain, all the years endured all the pain. You done me wrong and I can`t go on like this….”

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Jazmine_SullivanA couple of years Jazmine Sullivan retired from the music industry to only return to 2015 with the release of her album “Reality Show” but during that time alot of songs started leak and one of them is the Salaam Remi produced called “My Career”. It finds the Philly songstress singing over the drums from Al Green`s “I’m Glad You’re Mine” as she addresses a topic that most of us have dealt with, being so committed to your career that the person you`re in a relationship with starts accusing you of cheating which is not the matter, sometimes we need Stedman Graham (Oprah`s man) in our lives, a man who secure within himself to understand that your career comes first and supports and loves you even more being of your independence and knows where your heart is.

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jazmine-jazzy-bailey-e1329769790574It`s been a very hot minute since we heard any music from Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Jazmine “Jazzy” Bailey, which why I decided to select one of her tunes as a musical gem of today. 3 years she released her single titled “Boomerang (Come Back)”, that she co-wrote with Bobbie Pen and produced by Wow Jones.